Kelvinator Refrigerator Price List

Kelvinator is a US-based brand which is owned by the Swedish home appliances company Electrolux. The name Kelvinator is taken from a scientist named William Thompson, who developed the concept of absolute zero. Kelvinator manufactures ice-boxes and domestic refrigerators. Founded in 1914, the brand has been a household name internationally and in India too.

Kelvinator Refrigerators price range varies from Rs 8000 to Rs 17000. With an idea of reaching more masses of India, Kelvinator makes mid-range, and economical refrigerators. The company makes single door and double door refrigerators with Frost Free technology. Also, it does make only top freezer models.

The refrigerator market in India

The refrigerator market in India has been generating more demand than ever in last few years as result of rapid urbanization and continuously improving standard of living. Dominated by global multinational giants, the refrigerator market has already seen the introduction of cutting-edge technology and innovative features. Some of the most prominent companies that have earned reputation in the Indian market include Samsung, LG, Hitachi, and Whirlpool among others. However, the US-based Kelvinator has been one of those brands that people can rely on on without any doubt. Catering to the need of keeping vegetables and food fresh, they have launched refrigerators that come at affordable Kelvinator refrigerator prices and are a fusion of performance and aesthetics.

About the company

Upholding the combination of talent and technology, US-based Kelvinator came into existence when N. Wales came up with the concept of introducing practical electric refrigeration for Home of Copeland and Goss. During its initial days, it operated under the name of the Electro-Automatic Refrigerating Company after obtaining financial support from Arnold Goss. It was only in 1916 when the company changed its name to Kelvinator company in honour of Lord Kelvin who discovered the absolute zero. Today the brand name Kelvinator is owned by Electrolux.

Here is the list of refrigerators offered by Kelvinator at a competitive Kelvinator refrigerator price along with their specifications:

150-Litre Capacity Refrigerators:

Smart Chill KW161EBR: Ensuring less consumption of electricity, this 150-litre refrigerator comes with 3 Energy Stars and deploys a plethora of smart features to deliver the best performance. Incorporation of the humidity control feature guarantees that the vegetables stored remain fresh for the longest time possible and the excess moisture lock adds to it. Offered at an affordable Kelvinator refrigerator price of INR 10,600, this product runs in compliance with a powerful compressor that saves energy as well as delivers efficient performance. It comes with 5-year of warranty for the compressor.

Smart Chill KW163PTHR: Using Direct Cool technology, this refrigerator has been engineered to cater to the need of having optimum cooling while using energy in the most efficient manner possible. Relying on energy-saving compressors, the refrigerator guarantees reduced the amount of noise. The thick PUF insulation literally eliminates all the worries regarding the robustness of the door and longevity of freshness. Offered at an affordable Kelvinator refrigerator price of INR 11,100, this device is designed to perform stabilizer free operations as well.

170-Litre Capacity Refrigerators:

NUTRICOOL KN183ESG: Unraveling the rejuvenating opportunity for one to have space and separate chambers, this 170-litre refrigerator features outstanding technological features that will leave one astonished. Powered by the best-in-class compressor, this refrigerator also unleashes the benefits of the advanced PUF insulation technology which keeps the food fresh for long hours. Made available at an affordable Kelvinator refrigerator price of INR 11,100, this product has the capability to modulate the level of moisture in a bid to provide freshness to the food and vegetables stored within. Featuring 3 Star Energy rating, this refrigerator has also been embellished with features like antibacterial gasket, glass cover crisper, transparent egg tray, and so on.

Direct Cool KW181PTQR: Presenting an affordable solution to the problem of storage and freshness for a long time, this 170-litre refrigerator brings to the table its humidity control technology. Priced at an inexpensive Kelvinator refrigerator price of INR 11,300, this product comes with 1-year standard manufacturer warranty and limited extended warranty of 4 years.

Other models offered at affordable Kelvinator refrigerator price with a capacity of 170-litres are:

KW181EBR (INR 11,100)

KW181ESG (INR 11,100)

190-Litre Capacity Refrigerators:

NUTRICOOL PLUS KS201EBR: Promoting smooth and efficient preservation of food and vegetables, this 190-litre refrigerator intends to add to the convenience of the user by bringing forward the benefits of energy-efficiency and humidity control. Available in Burgundy Red, this refrigerator bags 3-star BEE. While access to fresh fruits and vegetables has become easier with the humidity control, the robust compressor adds to the unsurpassed performance. Priced at a cheap Kelvinator refrigerator price of INR 11,700, this product withstands low or uneven voltage conditions as well. Adding elegance to the interior with painted door finish, this comes with chrome type handle, glass cover crisper, wire shelves with trim, and so on.

Direct Cool KW181PTQB: Being one of the best in its category, this refrigerator ensures huge savings with its 3-Star BEE rating. Besides retaining the original flavor of foods with humidity control, this refrigerator has been adorned with chrome handle and transparent interior that adds to the visual appeal quotient.  Made available at an economic Kelvinator refrigerator price of INR 12,300, this product also comes with thick puf insulation and is able to operate without the stabilizer.

NUTRICOOL PLUS KP202PHG: Priced at Kelvinator refrigerator price of INR 18,000, this 190-litre refrigerator has been adorned with elegant appearance and unmatched quality performance. Coming with 2-star BEE certification, this product carries with it the advantages of the humidity control technology. Being supported by the powerful compressor, the refrigerator also has been equipped with the thick PUF insulation which is known for making the door sturdy and keeping the refrigerator constantly cool.

191-Litre Capacity Refrigerators:

NUTRICOOL PLUS KP202PQR: Unraveling the rejuvenating opportunity for the user to experience the top-class features, this 191-litre refrigerator has been furnished with toughened glass shelves, PCM door finish, insulation foaming and so on. Besides ensuring minimal noise, the robust compressor has the capacity to save energy while providing the food with optimum cooling. Both the twist ice tray and center lock facility have been added for the sake of offering a convenient experience to the user. While the transparent interiors add to the appearance of the refrigerator, the 5-year warranty literally takes all the worries away.

235-Litre Capacity Refrigerators:

NUTRICOOL PLUS KP242PMX: Being one of the top-quality frost-free refrigerators that Kelvinator offers, this 235-litre refrigerator tackles the widely faced storage issue while offering optimum cooling. Offered at an inexpensive Kelvinator refrigerator price of INR 21,200, this refrigerator leaves little amount of carbon footprint with its 2-star BEE certification. An efficient humidity control technology has been incorporated in a bid to lock the excess amount of moisture in a compartment which in turn keeps the stored food fresh. The 5-year warranty offered on the compressor is the reflection of the unsurpassed quality that the company looks forward to offer.

245-Litre Capacity Refrigerators:

MAGNACOOL ULTRA KO255LTPR: Catering to the need of having adequate amount of storage and space, this 245-litre refrigerator has been engineered to offer efficient cooling while consuming less amount of electricity. Some of the outstanding features with which this model adorns itself include VCM door finish, veg water draining board, cosmetic box, jumbo vegetable box and so on. Coming with 5-star BEE energy certification, this refrigerator assists the user in having less amount of electricity consumed. On the other hand, the presence of the aesthetically rich design guarantee addition to the interior space. Besides offering 10 years of warranty on the compressor, the refrigerator adorns itself with multi-purpose chiller that can provide the food stored with a temperature range of -2 to 3 degree Celsius. The Kelvinator refrigerator price of this device starts at INR 18,000.

Other products offered in the same category are:

MagnaCool Ultra KO255LTCR (INR 18,000)

MagnaCool Ultra DLX KO255LSTCB (INR 18,000)

Why choose Kelvinator refrigerators

Kelvinator is a celebrated name in the domain of refrigerators. Here is why thousands of people rely on Kelvinator refrigerators offered at economic Kelvinator refrigerator price:

BEE Energy Certification: Most of the refrigerators offered by Kelvinator come with BEE energy certification which means they consume less amount of electricity.

Stabilizer-free Operation: In a bid to ensure top quality performance, Kelvinator refrigerators have been designed to operate even during uneven voltage conditions.

Cutting-edge Features: Inclusion of cutting-edge features like veg water draining board, powerful compressor, humidity control technology, and so on adds to the convenience of the user.

Comparing the starting model of low price with high-end of the lot, capacity varies from 150 litre to 235 litre, single door to double door, and 23 kg to 41 kg weight. The high-end model comes with Frost Free technology, Reciprocatory Compressor, Door lock system, Anti-bacterial gasket, toughened glass, and 1-year warranty. However, compressor comes with 5-year warranty period. The company specifies that the warranty only covers manufacturing defects, but not any physical damages or mishandlings.

In case of any queries or complaints, one can contact nearby customer service and for Kelvinator refrigerator spare parts, you can go to Kelvinator service center or buy them online.

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Latest Kelvinator Refrigerator Price List in India 2018

Kelvinator Refrigerator Price ListPrice
Kelvinator KWP163SG/SH/EBR - FDA 150 Litres Single Door 3S Refrigerator Rs. 9299
Kelvinator KW203PMH-FDA 190 Litres Single Door Refrigerator Rs. 11690
Kelvinator KWE203/EBR/EMH/ESH 190 Litres 3S Single Door Refrigerator Rs. 10680
Kelvinator KW203PSH 190 Litres 3S Single Door Refrigerator Rs. 11690
Kelvinator KW203EFYR/G 190 Litres Single Door Refrigerator (Geometry)Rs. 9699
Kelvinator KA242PMX 235 L 2S Double Door Refrigerator (Pixel)Rs. 19831
Kelvinator KW163PT-HR 150Litre Single-door RefrigeratorRs. 10790
Kelvinator KS203ESG 190 L Single Door RefrigeratorRs. 10799
Kelvinator KP202PHR 190 L 2S Double Door Refrigerator (Gulmohar)Rs. 15650