Intex Washing Machine Price List

Intex Technologies is an India-based multinational company which manufactures electronic products, home appliances, UPS, and other consumer durables. Founded in 1996, the company has been going forward since with a Rs 6200 cr revenue. Headquartered in New Delhi, Intex is especially known for its availability to the economic class people of the country.

An Intex Washing Machine is targeted towards those customers who look for budget range products. The washing machine price range varies from around Rs 5000 to Rs 14000. When considered, its costliest model Intex WMA60, it comes with top loading, fully automatic technology, 6kg capacity, Leak Protection, and Auto Balance feature.

Additional features of the standard Intex Washing Machine include Air Dry, Auto Soak, Pulsator, Child Lock, Fuzzy Logic, Memory Backup, Auto Balance System, and Auto-weight technology. Also, these washers come with a transparent window, Digital display, and maximum spin rate of 700 rpm. These high-end models would cost around Rs 13500.

The Intex Washing Machines come with 1-year product warranty and 3 years motor warranty. However, the warranty does not cover any damage to the exterior body and plastic parts but only interior and manufacturing defects, if any.

Washing Machine Market Scenario in India

With washing machine being defined as a utility product rather than a luxury product, the washing machine market in India has been observing significant growth over last few years. Crowded with a wide variety of brands, the washing machine market in India caters to the need of both urban and semi-urban sector in the country. Unraveling the rejuvenating opportunity for one to experience a wide array of washing machines ranging from front loading to fully automatic to semi-automatic.

Different national and international companies have been significantly influencing the Indian washing machine market. Some of the most prominent brands that offer washing machines include LG, Samsung, IFB, Siemens, Kelvinator and so on. However, the India-based Intex has been able to offer feature-enriched washing machines at an affordable price.

About Intex 

Being one of the most renowned smartphone, consumer durable and IT products manufacturer, Intex came into existence in the year 1996 under the leadership of Narendra Bansal. Being INR 6,200 crore enterprise, the company offers quality products in the domains of mobile phones, smartphones, LED television, audio equipment, consumer durables, security cameras, refrigerators, washing machines and so on. Having its headquarter in Delhi, the company is present across the globe today with its diverse range of products. It has more than 13,000 employees, and with that, the company strives to serve its customers with cutting-edge products.

Here is the Intex washing machine price list that is economical in price along with their specifications details:

Intex fully automatic Front Load Washing Machine:

Intex front loading washing machine WMF60SD: Branded as a washing machine that is engineered to be ‘tough on stains, great for clothes’, this fully automatic washing machine has been adorned with 6 kg capacity and other features that will leave one amazed. The presence of the 3D curved stainless steel drum adds to the softness of the fabric. The Intex washing machine comes equipped with 12 wash programs in order to gratify the needs of the user. These wash programs are namely cotton, eco, sportswear, innerwear, wool/hand wash, duvet, mix, synthetic, baby care, quick 15, rinse + spin and spin only.

Offered at an affordable price of Rs 23,000, this washing machine comes with LED display. Which makes it easier to see the ongoing process, error code alarm, delay start and so on. The inclusion of toughened glass makes the load door sturdy and guarantees effortless wide door opening as well. Paving the path for one to keep the children away from it, the washing machine features child lock safety as well. Effective cleaning is ensured with the presence of powerful motor and hot/cold option.  

Intex front loading washing machine WMFF60BD: Unraveling the rejuvenating path for one to do laundry with convenience yet in an effortless manner. This Intex 6 kg washing machine protects the clothes from being damaged in compliance with the auto balance system. Whereas the smooth curve drum with curve holes ensure softness of the valuable clothes. Engineered to be adept at eliminating deep-seated stains and dirt, it comes with the recirculation pump that can provide a powerful wash every time.

Presenting the customizable washing options like jeans, normal, quick, gentle, baby and so on, it literally protects the shine of your favorite clothes. It offers an economical price of Rs 23,490. This washing machine unleashes the opportunity for one to have a temperature range of 20 degrees to 95 degrees in a bid to ensure the clothes are washed at the perfect temperature. Other features include door lock display, child lock display, progress indicator, fault check display, and memory backup.

Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine:

Intex top load washing machine WMFT75BK: Equipped with a 7.5 kg capacity, this Intex washing machine has been made available at a mid-budget price of Rs 21,500. Assisting one to have fresh and effectively washed clothes daily, this device comes adorned with Swirl wash and 6 wash programs that efficiently deal with the stains of the clothes. Having PCM body, it is elegant in its appearance and takes pride in having toughened glass lid.

A happy washing experience is guaranteed with the presence of superior quality features like anti-wrinkle, dual magic, memory backup, digital display, and more. Making the daunting task of doing laundry even more convenient, this Intex washing machine has been manufactured to work in low water pressure and comes with delay wash feature as well.

Intex top load washing machine WMFT65WH: Catering to the need of having different wash programs tailored for different types of clothes, this Intex washing machine comes with 6 wash programs that have been designed to efficiently wash different type of clothes. The unique structure of the pulsator facilitates dynamic and multi-directional water flow which in turn ensure quick and efficient removal of stain and dirt.

Coming with 5 years of warranty on the motor, the washing machine is an absolutely elegant addition to the home. The presence of dual magic filter adds to that. Helping the clothes to have their softness remained, it can function in low water pressure as well. It is offered at Rs 17,500 only.

Intex top load washing machine WMA62: Branded as an ‘intelligent washing machine’, this washing machine features 6 kg capacity along with the innovative features that will leave one awestruck. The carefully crafted pulsator paves the path for detergent and water to go through the cloth while the powerful water flow ensures effective washing even under unfavorable circumstances like low water pressure.

In a bid to help the user to prevent an accident with the child playing nearby this Intex washing machine incorporates child lock function. The 12 wash programs gratify the washing requirements as the type of load. What further adds to the convenience is the presence of intelligent auto restart feature and delay start time. Besides ensuring brighter clothes, the magic filter literally takes away the lines which otherwise would require being done manually. It comes at the reasonable price of Rs 14,990.

Semi-Automatic Washing Machine:

Intex semi-automatic washing machine WMSA85GR: Marketed as a washing machine that comes with ‘design you can’t just resist’, this model amalgamates superior quality efficiency, aesthetics, and sturdiness as well. Apart from the classy finish, this has been adorned with features that ensure a comfortable washing experience. Featuring 3 wash programs such as normal, heavy, and gentle. This washing machine has been engineered to make the daunting task of drying convenient. Besides keeping the textures of clothes intact, it washes clothes to perfection. It has been made available at the cost of Rs 14,990.

Intex semi-automatic washing machine WMSA80CR: Making the act of washing more delightful than ever, this Intex washing machine comes with the 8 kg capacity and carries magnificent features. Paving the path for one to have customized care for clothes with the help of 3 wash modes. This Intex washing machine comes with auto soak function that helps the clothes get soaked uniformly. Besides being equipped with highly effective turbo dry, the device guarantees better spinning efficiency with the help of 10 minutes spin timer. While freedom from rust comes with the plastic body, the single water inlet makes sure that the clothes are soft as they are usually. Offered at an economical price of Rs 11,500, this Intex semi-automatic washing machine comes in two colors i.e. Cherry Red and Lavender.

Intex semi-automatic washing machine WMSA80LV: Featuring 8kg capacity, this washing machine is engineered to offer productivity and efficiency in its highest form. Drying the clothes is easier with the Turbo Dry. The incorporation of efficient lint filter coupled with single water inlet ensures bright and beautiful clothes. Helping the clothes to have the care that they deserve, the washing machine has been manufactured to feature 3 wash programs. Made available in Cherry Red and Lavender, the device embellishes itself with a plastic body and transparent lid. It costs Rs 11,500.

Intex semi-automatic washing machine WMS76FT: Unraveling the opportunity for one step ahead of the conventional practice. This Intex washing machine makes the task of washing clothes convenient than ever with the help of features like wheel castor, water balance SD basket, collar scrubber, and so on. Besides assisting the user to save a few hundred bucks in the electricity bill with smart power saving technology.

This Intex washing machine functions in compliance with the salt water technology. The beauty of the saltwater technology is that it ensures reduced noise as well as vibration. Designed to be durable, this device has been designed to be shock free as well. It comes at the cheap price of Rs 11,000.

Other models offered under the Intex semi automatic washing machine series are:

WMS76ST (Rs 10,750)

WMSA72DR (Rs 10,000)

WMSA72DB (Rs 10,000)

WMS65ST (Rs 9,990)

WMSA62DB (Rs 9,000)

WMS62TL (Rs 9,000)

WM75ST (Rs 7,499)

WM65 (Rs 5,400)

SA ActivDry Series:

Intex Washing Machine WMSA85AB: Featuring 8.5kg capacity, this Intex washing machine carries the gifts of modern technology yet appears to be aesthetically pleasing and elegant at the same time. Besides paving the path for one to experience the magic of washing, this device comes with the active dryer that assists one getting clothes dried in no time.

The incorporation of the unique pulsator facilitates one with the opportunity to have dynamic multi-directional washing and multiple bubbles that go deep inside the fabric in order to offer fresh clothes free from odor. Ensuring perfect dissolution of detergent, the waterfall technology takes the clothes through a rigorous rinsing process that guarantee a shine on the clothes. The user is also facilitated with a wash basket in order to pre-wash the delicate clothes. This Intex washing machine is priced at Rs 16,990.  

Other models offered under the Intex Sa ActivDry series are:

Intex WMSA80AB (Rs 15,990)

Intex WMSA75AB (Rs 14,900)

Why buy Intex washing machines?

The prime reason that compels a huge number of buyers to go for Intex washing machines instead of other brands is the fact that these washing machines amalgamate innovative features at an affordable price tag.

Here are some more reasons that make these washing machines stand out in the crowd are:

#1 Active Dry Technology: While most of the washing machines are engineered to wash the fabric carefully, Intex has gone a step ahead to introduce the Active Dry Technology which allows the clothes to be washed at ease.

#2 Lint Collector: The presence of lint collector guarantees that all the lints are collected as the clothes go through the process of being washed. It functions with the help of single water inlet.

#3 Innovative Features: Intex washing machines offered at economical price bring with them a plethora of innovative features that include the anti-wrinkle feature, dual magic, memory backup, digital display and so on.

Where to buy Intex washing machines in India?

Intex washing machines can be easily purchased from authorized Intex dealers and physical stores spread throughout the nation. However, one can also compare the prices offered by different online stores like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, so on and so forth. Which is why you are browsing the BesPriceOn. We keep you updated where the best price of the machine you desire is available at.

Discounts offered by online retailers in festive seasons make the washing machines even more affordable. It is highly recommended that one purchase washing machines from authorized offline/online dealers in order to avoid unforeseen circumstances.

Where can I find the complete list of latest Intex washing machines? Right below. 

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Latest Intex Washing Machine Price List in India 2018

Intex Washing Machine Price ListPrice
Intex WMS80TG 8 Kg Semi Automatic Washing MachineRs. 9499
Intex WMA62 6 Kg Fully Automatic Washing MachineRs. 10499
Intex WMS76FT 7.6Kg Semi Automatic Washing MachineRs. 9999
Intex WMS80 Semi Automatic 8 Kg Top Load Washing MachineRs. 10900
Intex WMS65ST 6.5 Kg Semi-Automatic Washing MachineRs. 7490
Intex WMA60 6 Kg Fully Automatic Washing MachineRs. 13500
Intex WMS62TL 6.2 Kg Semi Automatic Top Load Washing MachineRs. 9390
Intex WMS62 6.2 Kg Semi Automatic Top Load Washing MachineRs. 7199
Intex WM65 6.5Kg Semi Automatic Washing MachineRs. 4590

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

  • 1. How do you wash pillow covers in washing machine?

    Can you follow these are 5 steps to easy to clean your pillow covers in washing machine. 1.Remove the pillow cases. 2.Put the pillows into a washing machine. 3.Add the detergent and start the wash cycle. 4.Dry the pillows in a dryer. 5.Hand wash and air dry any memory foam pillows.

  • 2. Should I buy Intex Top loading washing machine or Intex front loading washing machine?

    Most high-end top-loaders are better at cleaning, gentler on fabrics, quieter, and use less water than agitator washing machines. And they spin faster, removing more water, which cuts dryer time. So, if you’re looking for efficient washing with less water and electricity consumption. Then, we suggest you go with a top loader.

  • 3. What type of electricity do combination washer/dryers use?

    The washer/dryers use standard 110 Volt/ 60 Hz electricity. This means you have to plug into a standard electrical plug like any other home appliances. They don't require any special wiring or plugs.

  • 4. What if I want a Hard water to Soft water conversion?

    This can be done by attaching a seperate Water Softener to the tap that is connected to the inlet pipe.