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Company Introduction: Intex Technologies is an Indian electronic giant which manufactures electronic products, home appliances, consumer durables among others. Founded in 1996 by Narendra Bansal, the company is headquartered in New Delhi, and has been heading forward with an annual turnover of Rs 6200 crore. Intex is famously known for its bold innovation and availability. Not just in India, the company has expanded its services worldwide in the countries like the US, Australia, Malaysia, and Singapore among other South Asian countries.

 Not even that, Intex has also partnered with an IPL team named Gujarat Lions to spread the brand internationally. Not partnered exactly, but Intex is the owner of the team Gujarat Lions. And according to the company, this move has increased the annual revenue and share value of the company. Currently, the founder’s son Keshav Bansal is the director of Intex and apparently, the brand ambassador of Gujarat Lions.


Intex stepped into wearable smart devices with its iRist in 2015. With this step, the company has become the first Indian tech giant to launch an Android compatible smartwatch. An entry level Intex smartwatch costs around Rs 5000 and comes with a one year product warranty. After that, Intex has also started making fitness bands in the name of FitRist.

 An entry level Intex smartwatch comes with a 1.56-inch sapphire glass screen with 208 ppi pixel density. Also, the smartwatch comes with a 400 mAh battery which lasts up to 2 days with full charge, Bluetooth 4.0, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, compass, Pedometer, 64MB RAM, and 128MB internal memory, The company claims that with these smartwatches, you can make/receive calls, find your phone with the help of Bluetooth, Music control, Gesture control, and view notifications of messages, incoming calls, Alarm, and timer. Also, you can track your health rate, pedometer, Sleep calculator and more. Additional features of the Intex smartwatch include Alarm clock and Stopwatch.

 Services and warranty:

 Who would other than an Indian company makes itself available for its subcontinent customers? Including many towns and cities, there are above 200 Intex service centers in India. You get to find the address of a nearby service center on the official website of Intex.

 In case of any queries or complaints, you can always call up to Intex customer care at the toll free number 1860 108 5555 or at 0120 - 3881000. And if there are any queries about consumer durables and IT accessories, you can call up to another toll free number 1860 208 5555.

 If you want to claim warranty for your Intex smartwatch, take it up to your nearby service center along with the invoice/warranty proof. If you buy the Intex smartwatch online, then you can download the invoice of it on the particular site.

 Boasting transparency, the company has put up the details of their service charges on their website, according to the group of products. And for IT peripherals and mobile phone related devices, they would charge around INR 100 to INR 350.

 Also, the company has launched an app named MyIntex which will provide you ‘smart assistance’ where the customer executives will interact with you through a call or a text!


 So, feature wise, Intex smartwatch lineup is pretty decent and affordable. When it comes to services, the brand has its own style of reaching out to the customers, which makes it more worthy. Go for an Intex smartwatch if you want one with pretty good features at a cheaper price.


 > Is an Intex Smartwatch is compatible with any device?

Yes. Intex smart watches are compatible with all smartphones with different operating systems, including iPhones. But only the iPhones with Bluetooth can be connected to these smart watches. Or any smart watches for that matter.

> Do the Intex smart watches come with water resistant technology?

Yes. All of the Intex smart watches do come with IP67 water resistant and dust resistant technology.

 > Can I track my activities on the smart watch?

Yes you can. Intex smart watches track your sleep time, number of steps taken in a day and other physical activities. And it suits best if you are on a work out.

 > Can I connect my smart watch with a tablet?

No matter if it’s a phone or a tablet, you can connect your smartwatch with it. So, yes!

 > Can I make a call or send a text message with my Intex smartwatch?

Yes, you can! These smart watches come with call functionality and text messaging facility.


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