Intex Power Bank Price

Intex power banks come with different price range and capability. The price of Intex power banks starts from Rs 300 and goes up to Rs 1500. And the capacity of these products varies from 2000 mAh to 16000 mAh. Intex has been competing with other brands like Ambrane, Sony, and Samsung.

When considered a 2000 mAh power bank, the low-end of Intex, it would be around 200 grams weight and comes with 5V power. And a 16000 mAh power bank, the maximum Intex offers, is of 430 grams weight and comes with 5V and 2 Amperes power. Both the low-end and high-end power banks are Li-ion type. The former one comes with USB connection whereas the high-end one comes with USB Type-B connectivity. So far, none of the Intex power banks come with dual USB connection.

Here’s a whole Intex Power Bank Price list along with the information on where you can find the cheapest Intex power bank in India online. We enlist a pool of e-commerce platforms including Flipkart, Amazon, and Snapdeal along with other leading platforms in India. Thus, giving you the freedom to purchase from the store you want.

Intex Power Bank Price List in India

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Latest Intex Power Bank Price in India 2017

Intex Power Bank Price Price
Intex IT-PB-6K 6000mAh Power BankRs. 1099
Intex PB-40 4000mAh Power BankRs. 799
Intex IT-PB8K 8000mAh Power BankRs. 1199
Intex PB-108 10800mAh Power BankRs. 1599
Intex IT-PB11K 11000mAh Power BankRs. 799
Intex IT-PB-4K 4000mAh Power BankRs. 449
Intex IT-PB2K 2000mAh Power BankRs. 282
Intex IT-PB12.5K 12500mAh Power BankRs. 899
Intex PB-6K 6000mAh Dual USB Power BankRs. 899
Intex PB-13K 13000mAh Power BankRs. 1599

All About Intex Power Bank

Intex Technologies is an Indian electronics firm established around two decades ago as a vision to create a range of affordable electronics products in India. Forayed into product categories like feature phones, smartphones, washing machine, LED TVs, Audio equipment, security cameras, home appliances, and accessories. With a more than US$ 1 Billion revenue, this Indian company houses more than 13,000 employees at their headquarters in New Delhi. Being an Indian-based company, Intex has been popular among both the rural and urban areas of the subcontinent. With the emergence of power banks in India, Intex entered into the market at the right time when it wasn’t crowded much. Cashing in on that advantage, the Indian electronics brand has made Intex power bank a recognized power bank brand in India. With the widest range of power banks in India, Intex power banks offer most versatile features that you’d like to experience on your portable chargers.

Types of Intex Power Bank

    Intex Power Bank Price Range

    Why are Intex Power Banks different from other power banks?

    Bringing in the most versatile range of power banks, Intex brings what has been absent from most of the power banks brands in India. The feeling when you are not limited is great and consumers buying Intex power banks experience that feeling. Whether you talk about rectangular, cylinder, and square design, Intex has done it all. Offering ergonomic design, Intex power banks are easy to carry out wherever you go. And we feel that’s the advantage of Intex power banks over other power banks brands in India.

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    Frequently Asked Question On Intex Power Bank

    • 1. What type of charger should you use to charge Intex power bank?

      If you own an Intex smartphone, you must have a charging adapter. This would mean you don’t have to buy a charger separately. But make sure that the power output on any third party charger you use has an output of 5V/2.1A.

    • 2. What is the warranty period of Intex power banks in India?

      Usually, power bank is considered an electronic accessory and many brands have made a standard 6 months warranty for an electronic accessory. But Intex defies that standard as it offers a 12 months warranty on their power banks.

    • 3. What is the input and output of Intex power bank?

      Talking about the input and output of the Intex power bank, it comes to 5V/2.1A and 5V/2A, respectively.

    • 4. Would I receive a charging adapter with Intex power bank?

      No. Unfortunately, Intex or per say any power bank brand doesn’t provide a charging adapter in the retail box of their products.

    • 5. Is Intex power bank compatible with my XX brand smartphone?

      Yes. As long as the devices you seek to charge sports a USB 2.0 /3.0 port, you can charge your device easily.


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