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Intex Technologies Ltd was founded in 1996. It is headquartered in New Delhi, India. Within two decades, it has set its roots strong in India. It designs and manufactures, Information- Technology accessories and consumer electronic durables.

It provides several products like wearables, tablets, LED TVs, power banks, washing machines, headphones, UPS products, SMPS, data cards, LED monitors, Webcams, and keyboards.

The vision of INTEX is to "Make Intex a globally respected name and improve the quality of life of the people".  According to economic times, the main intention of Intex is to become the  Samsung of India.

In 2007, it started producing feature phones. In the first two years, it sold 29,000 mobiles only. They have changed their strategy and started providing feature phones in accordance with the consumer’s requirements. In 2015-16, it launched 75 smartphones and 43 feature phones.

Intex Aqua Xtreme is one of the recent releases from Intex. It comes with a 13+5 MP camera unit, a 2GB RAM unit, a 2000mAh battery, and a 32GB internal storage.Intex Aqua Xtreme price in India is around INR 11,500.  Intex mobiles are popular for their powerful processors, good battery life, and camera. Intex mobiles price range starts from 1500 and goes up to 10,000.

Mobile phone market in India

With mobile phones have become more than a device, individuals today are dependent on smartphones to a great extent due to a myriad of work that a smartphone can do or help with. By incorporating innovative features, smartphones have redefined the standard of connectivity and entertainment on the go. The sheer number of feature phones and smartphones available in the market provide the users with an opportunity to choose according to budget or the technical specifications they’d want in their phone. What adds to that is the low call tariffs and combos. Prominent mobile phone manufacturers like Samsung, Asus, Gionee, Vivo, Oppo, Nokia, and OnePlus have been dominating the Indian mobile phone market for a considerably long time. The Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker Report published by the International Data Corporation reveals that OnePlus is the most sought-after brand today in the premium smartphones category. Despite the Indian mobile phone market’s extremely competitive nature, the Indian mobile manufacturer Intex Technologies has come forward with quality mobile phones offered at a low Intex mobile price and today it is the second largest mobile phone company within the country in terms of sales.

Intex Phones Under 5000

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Intex Mobile Price List in India

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  • Below Rs.2000 (37)
  • Rs.2000 - Rs.4999 (74)
  • Rs.5000 - Rs.9999 (37)
  • Rs.10000 - Rs.14999 (1)
  • Rs.15000 - Rs.19999 (1)
  • Rs.20000 - Rs.24999 (0)
  • Rs.25000 - Rs.30000 (0)
  • Above Rs.30000 (0)
  • Motorola(49)
  • Asus(62)
  • Intex(150)
  • Sony(71)
  • Lava(105)
  • Gionee(69)
  • Oppo(58)
  • Nokia(65)
  • Samsung(166)
  • Blackberry(26)
  • Vivo(57)
  • Lenovo(77)
  • InFocus(16)
  • Microsoft(21)
  • Panasonic(70)
  • BQ(3)
  • Karbonn(85)
  • ZTE(58)
  • Micromax(169)
  • HTC(62)
  • Huawei(57)
  • LG(76)
  • Forme(7)
  • iBall(33)
  • Spice(37)
  • Swipe(31)
  • Xiaomi(79)
  • XOLO(38)
  • UNI(2)
  • Sansui(15)
  • Yu(10)
  • Apple(46)
  • Videocon(36)
  • Reliance(6)
  • OnePlus(7)
  • Google(15)
  • Celkon(26)
  • Meizu(28)
  • Philips(6)
  • Coolpad(17)
  • Lemon(6)
  • LeEco(17)
  • Lyf(19)
  • Chilli(4)
  • Reach(3)
  • Champion(5)
  • Honor(26)
  • VOX(4)
  • Phicomm(1)
  • Zen(38)
  • Aiek(4)
  • Fly(2)
  • Obi(2)
  • Gfive(5)
  • Alcatel(30)
  • Hyve(2)
  • BSNL(1)
  • HP(1)
  • BLU(10)
  • Acer(8)
  • itel(6)
  • Zopo(11)
  • Hi-Tech(7)
  • Good-One(1)
  • Rage(5)
  • Zodiac(0)
  • AOC(2)
  • Wham(2)
  • Greenberry(1)
  • Adcom(6)
  • Arise(1)
  • Jivi(10)
  • Doogee(0)
  • Cheers(5)
  • Idea(2)
  • Josh(1)
  • Datawind(3)
  • Xillion(1)
  • Onida(8)
  • Kenxinda(3)
  • Haier(3)
  • Kult(4)
  • Salora(4)
  • Tecmax(1)
  • Hyundai(0)
  • M-Tech(7)
  • Yxtel(2)
  • Maxcell(1)
  • Vinner(0)
  • Matrixx(1)
  • Digimac(2)
  • Nuvo(5)
  • T-max(3)
  • I-smart(7)
  • K-Touch(3)
  • Micromini(4)
  • SmartNamo(0)
  • Trio(2)
  • iberry(0)
  • SeniorWorld(1)
  • Xccess(1)
  • Ultimate(0)
  • Hotpary(1)
  • Cubit(1)
  • Monix(2)
  • SICT(1)
  • HPL(0)
  • Indus(1)
  • Maxx(1)
  • Ziox(7)
  • MTS(1)
  • Mido(0)
  • Kechaoda(3)
  • Tashan(1)
  • Kara(4)
  • Jinga(0)
  • Vell-com(1)
  • Infix(1)
  • Darago(1)
  • Sharp(6)
  • Snexian(1)
  • Rivo(1)
  • General-Mobile(3)
  • Infx(0)
  • Inflix(1)
  • Supertel(1)
  • Subor(0)
  • Dooge(0)
  • Ulefone(3)
  • Kyocera(2)
  • Symetium(1)
  • Archos(3)
  • Qiku(1)
  • Elephone(5)
  • Kodak(1)
  • KoldFire (1)
  • Umi(2)
  • iVoomi(8)
  • Cat(0)
  • Turing(1)
  • Nextbit(0)
  • Lephone(1)
  • Namotel(1)
  • Tecno(5)
  • Smartron(2)
  • Unihertz(1)
  • Geotel(1)
  • Centric(4)
  • Navya(0)
  • TCL(1)
  • Essential (1)
  • Amazon(1)
  • Brandeis(0)
  • Vodafone(1)
  • Yota(2)
  • Cubot(2)
  • Red(1)
  • I Ball(0)
  • I Kall(1)
  • Elari(1)
  • Infinix (10)
  • Mafe(4)
  • Vernee(2)
  • HSL(3)
  • Comio(3)
  • Nuu(4)
  • Detel(0)
  • Flipkart Billion Phone(0)
  • Tenor(4)
  • Changhong(1)
  • Billion(2)
  • Razer(2)
  • Zanco(1)
Display SizeClear
  • Below 2.5 inch(26)
  • 2.5 to 3 inch(8)
  • 3 to 3.5 inch(0)
  • 3.5 to 4 inch(4)
  • 4 to 4.5 inch(19)
  • 4.5 to 5 inch(24)
  • 5 to 5.5 inch(61)
  • 5.5 to 6 inch(7)
  • Above 6 inch(0)
Selfie CameraClear
  • Up to 1MP(0)
  • 1 MP to 2 MP(6)
  • 2 MP to 3 MP(37)
  • 3 MP to 5 MP(3)
  • 5 MP to 8 MP(39)
  • 8 MP and Above(2)
  • No Selfie Camera(36)
  • 16 MP and Above(0)
  • Android(112)
  • Blackberry(0)
  • Firefox(0)
  • iOS(0)
  • Nokia Asha(0)
  • Proprietary(37)
  • Tizen(0)
  • Windows(0)
  • Others(0)
Processor TypeClear
  • Single Core(41)
  • Dual Core(13)
  • Quad Core(84)
  • Octa Core(10)
  • Hexa Core (0)
  • Others(1)
Screen ResolutionClear
  • Ultra HD 4K(3840*2160)(0)
  • 2K(2560*1440)(0)
  • Full HD (1920*1080)(1)
  • WXGA (1366 * 768)(0)
  • HD (1280*720)(45)
  • Quarter HD (960*540)(5)
  • FWVGA(854*480)(39)
  • WVGA(800*480)(18)
  • VGA (640 * 480)(0)
  • HVGA(480*320)(10)
  • QVGA (320*240)(31)
  • Others(1)
Primary CameraClear
  • Up to 2 MP(0)
  • 3 MP(3)
  • 5 MP(42)
  • 8 MP(33)
  • 12 MP(0)
  • 13 MP(16)
  • 16 MP and Above(0)
  • No Primary Camera(0)
  • 10 MP(1)
  • 15 MP(0)
  • 1 GB Below(62)
  • 1 GB(57)
  • 2 GB(25)
  • 3 GB(5)
  • 4 GB(0)
  • 6 GB(0)
  • Others(0)
  • 8 GB(0)
  • 1.5 GB(0)
Processor DetailsClear
  • Apple A series(0)
  • Nvidia(0)
  • Samsung Exynos(0)
  • Snapdragon(3)
  • Intel(0)
  • Media Tek(58)
  • Others(89)
  • Single SIM(1)
  • Dual SIM(148)
  • Triple SIM(0)
  • Four SIM(0)
Battery CapacityClear
  • Up to 1000 mAh(0)
  • 1000 - 1500 mAh(36)
  • 1501 - 2000 mAh(55)
  • 2001 - 2500 mAh(32)
  • 2501 - 3000 mAh(13)
  • Above 3000 mAh(11)
  • Others(1)
Internal MemoryClear
  • Below 1 GB(44)
  • 1 GB(1)
  • 2 GB(1)
  • 3 GB(1)
  • 4 GB(14)
  • 8 GB(59)
  • 16 GB(27)
  • 32 GB(2)
  • 64 GB(0)
  • 128 GB(0)
  • Others(0)
  • 256 GB(0)
Display TypeClear
  • LCD(141)
  • AMOLED(3)
  • OLED(0)
  • Others(5)
Expandable MemoryClear
  • Up to 8 GB(2)
  • Up to 16 GB(6)
  • Up to 32 GB(110)
  • Up to 64 GB(15)
  • Up to 128 GB(11)
  • Up to 256 GB(0)
  • Others(2)
  • No(1)
  • Up to 200 GB(0)
  • Up to 2 TB(0)
Camera FeaturesClear
  • Auto Focus(52)
  • Flash(123)
  • Optical Zoom(2)
  • HD Recording(32)
  • 4K Recording(0)
  • Bluetooth(147)
  • Wifi(111)
  • 2G(145)
  • 3G(113)
  • 4G(46)
  • GPS(111)
  • Removable Battery(120)
  • Fingerprint(3)
  • Accelerometer(103)
  • LightSensor(57)
  • Proximity(72)
Market StatusClear
  • In Market(136)
  • Upcoming(14)
  • Intex
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Latest Intex Mobile Price List in India 2018

Intex Mobile Price ListPrice
Intex Turbo Plus 4GRs. 1999
Intex Cloud TreadRs. 3799
Intex Aqua Fish 4G 16GBRs. 4849
Intex Aqua VRRs. 4849
Intex Aqua E4Rs. 3333
Intex Aqua Power MRs. 3599
Intex Cloud String HDRs. 4999
Intex Cloud MatteRs. 2899
Intex Cloud Scan FPRs. 3599
Intex Cloud Style 4GRs. 4999

All about INTEX Mobiles

Founded in 1996 by Narendra Bansal, Intex has reached the crescendo of success in the arena of telecommunications and consumer electronics in recent years. Being a $950 million enterprise today, they have contributed significantly to the growth of mobile phones as well as consumer durable products and IT accessories. Employing the skills of more than 6000 proficient professionals, they are recognized as the top mobile player with a market share of 9.8% in the year 2016. Reaching even the remotest corners of the country with the help of more than 80,000 dealers and over 1600 distributors, Intex Technologies is one of the most celebrated mobile phone brand today in India. Both design and development of products launched by Intex are overlooked by in facilities in India and China. Apart from having manufacturing facilities in Noida, Baddi and Jammu, the company also has a plan to build one of the largest manufacturing facility in Kasna, Noida. It takes pride in having earned accolades like the ‘fastest growing brand in India in the telecom sector’ in the Indo-UAE Global Investment Summit 2016 it had the ‘India’s most trusted brand award’ awarded by IBC Info media. With the vision of becoming a globally reputed name, the company strives to improve quality of life of fellow individuals and focuses strongly on customer delight. Providing the users with a diverse range of feature-enriched phones at reasonable Intex mobile prices, the company continues to grow.

Types of Intex Phones

Here is the list of mobile phones offered by Intex Technologies at an economic Intex mobile price along with their specifications

  • Intex Elyt-e6:

    A true fusion of performance and aesthetics, the Intex Elyt-e6 amalgamates some of the most sought-after specifications. Made available at an economic Intex mobile price of INR 6,999, the smartphone comes equipped with 3GB RAM, 32GB ROM and Android Nougat 7.0. While the 1.25GHz Quad-core processor along with 3GB DDR3 RAM ensures lightning fast speed, the presence of 13+8MP camera unit is set to redefine the experience of capturing precious moments of life. Paving a path for one to have vivid colours with its 12.7 cm HD display that comes protected with 2.5D curved glass protection, the device is adorned with a 4000 mAh powerful battery as well.

  • Intex Aqua Lions N1:

    Gifting the smoothness of multi-tasking, the Intex Aqua Lions N1 has been engineered to feature Android Nougat 7.0 and a 1.1GHz Quad-core processor. While the 10.16 cm display ensures brilliant colour ratio, the incorporation of 8GB ROM and 128GB expandable memory is adept enough to accommodate plenty of games, applications, and media. Seamless connectivity is guaranteed with the presence of 4G VoLTE. This smartphone comes at an affordable Intex mobile price of INR 3,149.

  • Intex Elyt Dual:

    Made available at budget-friendly Intex mobile price of Rs 6,999, the Intex Elyt Dual is known for having one of the most efficient selfie cameras. Equipped with 8+2MP AF front camera, this smartphone has been designed to engross the user with real Bokeh effect and the background change effect as well. The night-shot mode along with the high-powered flash makes it easier for one to capture picturesque moments even at night. Other features that come with the camera are dermabrasion, complexion, enlarged eye, and slim face. The 12.7 cm HD IPS display makes the visual experience even more immersive and the device is backed by Android Nougat 7.0, 2GB RAM, and 16GB RAM.

  • Intex Aqua Jewel 2:

    Branded as ‘a perfect jewel for the tech geek in you’, the Intex Aqua Jewel 2 has been engineered to offer unparalleled performance in compliance with its 1.3GHz Quad-core processor, 16GB ROM, and 2GB RAM. The presence of Android Nougat 7.0 facilitates one with a quick switch between applications, seamless updates, and smart power management system. A thrilling visual experience is assured with the 12.7 cm HD display. Made available at a reasonable Intex mobile price of INR 5,899, this smartphone helps one to capture adventure with the 8+5MP camera.

  • Intex Aqua Lions T1:

    Unraveling the rejuvenating opportunity for one to relish an expanding experience, the Intex Aqua Lions T1 comes with powerful 1.3GHz Quad-core processor along with 1GB RAM. The presence of 8GB onboard storage is efficient enough to help one store huge amount of data, media, games, and more. The 13.2 cm FWVGA display ensures an immersive experience with highly defined colour ratio while the shatterproof display glass protecting the display under every possible circumstance. Booting on Android 7 Nougat, the device is backed a 2700mAh Li-ion battery. The smartphone comes at a reasonable Intex mobile price of INR 4,999. Thus, becoming a preferred choice of product for people looking to get a smartphone under 5000 rupees.

  • Intex Aqua Lions X1 Plus:

    Branded as ‘the unbreakable smartphone’, the Intex Aqua Lions X1 Plus boasts of its shatterproof glass that comes with 1-year free screen replacement warranty. Assisting one to make a modish style statement, this model has been made available in three colours i.e. Glossy Black, Champagne and Blue. It comes at pocket-friendly Intex mobile price of INR 8,499. Adorned with 32GB onboard storage, 3GB RAM and 1.3GHz Quad-core processor, the smartphone facilitates one with a capacity to multitask at ease. While the 13.2 cm IPS HD display has been engineered to cater to the need of having relaxing visuals and enhanced picture quality. The 13MP AF camera with flash and the 5MP FF selfie camera together unravel the rejuvenating opportunity for one to make every moment of life absolutely memorable. On the other hand, the 2800 mAh battery ensures that the user never goes out of charge.

  • Eco 102+:

    Being one of the most popular feature phones offered by Intex, the Intex Eco 102+ is ideal for those who simply wish to stay connected with the rest of the world. The 4.5 cm display facilitates the user with the clearer vision. Presence of other utilities like auto call record, camera, pre-loaded games, data protector, and video recorder enable one to stay engrossed. It comes at a reasonable Intex mobile price.

  • Intex Elyt-e 7:

    Engineered to be confident, stylish, and charming, the Intex Elyt-e7 has imbibed qualities that will leave one astonished. Helping one to stay thrilled in speed, the smartphone comes embellished with a 1.25GHz Quad-core processor, 3GB DDR3 RAM and Android Nougat 70. The presence of 32GB onboard storage allows one to store plenty of data, media and applications with which the user can stay entertained. Made available at a budget-friendly Intex mobile price of INR 7,999, the device redefines entertainment with immersing visuals and the 16.7 cm HD IPS display is an ultimate retreat to the eyes. While the presence of 4G VoLTE ensures seamless connectivity, the 13+5MP camera has been designed to capture all the happy moments with superior efficiency.

  • Intex Aqua Zenith:

    Destined to bear the crest of smartness with it, the Intex Aqua Zenith is one of the most popular devices launched by Intex. Amalgamating advanced technological features, the smartphone boots on Android Nougat 7.0 that comes with a multi-window view, quick switch between applications and high-performance 3D graphics. Coming at a pocket-friendly Intex mobile price of INR 3,788, the smartphone runs with the help of a 1.1GHz Quad-core processor and 1GB RAM. The inclusion of 8GB RAM doesn’t only gift the user with easy storage of data but also guarantees smooth performance. Besides featuring a 12.5 cm WVGA display, the device is made to capture reality with its powerful 5+2MP camera unit.

  • Intex Aqua Supreme+:

    Gifting the user a ‘big battery and a great camera’, the Intex Aqua Supreme+ helps the user to experience the supreme legacy with 2GB DDR3 RAM, 1.3GHz Quad-core processor, and 16GB ROM. Running on Android Marshmallow, the smartphone has the capacity to unravel the opportunity for to have the smartest shortcut, a smarter battery and greater control over the device. The 13MP camera has been made adept at capturing precious moments of life while the 5MP selfie camera lets the user freeze the moments of togetherness. The presence of a massive 3000mAh battery paves the path for the user to stay connected throughout the day. It comes at a low Intex mobile price of INR 5,699.

  • Intex Aqua Trend Lite:

    Designed ‘for the love of the music’, the Aqua Trend Lite has been designed to provide the user with strikingly fast speed that has been achieved with the presence of a 1.25GHz Quad-core processor. Besides being decorated with 1GB RAM and 8GB onboard storage, the smartphone comes with a powerful loudspeaker that takes the bid to keep the user entertained. Made available at a low Intex mobile price of INR 5,282, the smartphone is ideal for those who search for a mid-budget smartphone with features of a premium smartphone.

  • Intex Aqua Amaze+:

    The Intex Aqua Amaze+ enables one to explore what HD has to offer. Facilitating one with the opportunity to flaunt style, the device has been made available in three colors i.e. Black, Blue, and Grey. Running on a 1.3GHz Quad-core processor, the smartphone comes with 8GB onboard storage and 1GB RAM that delivers smoother performance. Bringing colours to life, the smartphone comes equipped with a 11.9 cm HD IPS display. Ensuring that memories are preserved, the 5+5MP camera unit has been engineered to help the user enjoy a seamless experience. Intex Aqua Amaze+ comes at an economic Intex mobile price of INR 5,289.

Why buy Intex mobile phones

The Prime reason for many to choose Intex mobile phones instead of other brands is the innovative features incorporated in their smartphones and powerful processors that ensure smooth performance: Powerful Camera: Every smartphone launched by Intex, come at affordable Intex mobile price along with powerful cameras that leaves one dazzled. Smooth Performance: Smooth performance is guaranteed by efficient processors along with the latest operating system that gifts the user with the freedom of speed and multitasking. Affordable Price: One of the greatest advantage that the Intex enjoys is the pocket-friendly Intex mobile price. Offering a diverse range of feature phones and smartphones at an affordable price, Intex has taken itself to the crescendo of success in the Indian mobile market. Where to buy Intex mobiles from The official website of Intex provides one with the opportunity to know about the retail stores and resellers through an interactive facility. Apart from the physical stores located across the nation, online stores are good places to purchase Intex mobiles from. A hefty amount of discount is offered by different online retailers like Amazon, Flipkart which make the deal even more lucrative. However, one has to be careful about purchasing smartphones from authorized dealers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is the Warranty period for Intex Phones in India?

    The warranty period for the Intex mobiles is twelve months, which is a standard practice. Whereas the warranty period is six months for accessories retailed with Intex mobile phones.

  • 2. What are the latest Intex Mobiles with a good selfie (Front) camera?

    Intex phones with good selfie camera includes Intex Elyt-e1, Intex Aqua Crystal, Aqua Young, Aqua Style 4G, Aqua S7, and Aqua Supreme.

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