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Infocus is a private company based in Oregon. It was established in the year 1986. The company manufactures and develops touch displays, LCD projectors, accessories, tablets, smartphones and software. Previously, it was a public company owned by NASDAQ. Later it was bought by Image holdings corporation in 2009 whose owner is John Hui. It is now a subsidiary company in Tigard, Oregon. They are now a well-known name in the US when it comes to visual communication. They provide innovative products for their consumers. They sell smartphones, tablets and LED televisions that come with cutting-edge technology. Their portfolio also includes projectors, video communications products and touchscreen solutions. The production is handled by Foxconn’s engineering team while the sales and marketing are in the hands of Infocus.

Infocus’s vision is to “Enrich the life of all Indians  by expanding the technological horizon through inspired innovation and therein revolutionizing mobile communication, multimedia entertainment, and visual collaboration spaces.”

Infocus History

Infocus was founded back in the year 1986 by Paul Gulick and Steve Hix. They formerly worked at Tektronix. Ever since its establishment, the company has been through a lot of changes. In 2005, the company took over the University Network to provide screen TV advertising to educational campuses. However, they sold it in 2006 to Submedia LLC. after becoming a Public company it again shifted to private hands of Image Holdings Corporation.

Due to these changes, they 1200 employees reduced to 110 and they shifted base to Oregon. After a lot of success, the company took over Jupiter Systems in 2015.


Television market in India

Televisions are inevitable in the life of an Indian. In a country full of culture and sports, people like to stay updated. TV time is synonymous with family time in our country. Not to forget, that is the first thing someone notices when they enter a living space. That is why the television market in India is huge. With the improvisation in technology every day, people are disposing of more income for television sets. This is a great opportunity for companies to invest in the country.

Infocus in India

The company announced its entry in India in the year 2015. This was at a conference in the capital New Delhi. India was the company's next obvious target after the success in North Africa, South Asia and the Middle East. so far the company has launched a range of affordable and high-end TV in the market.

Infocus might have just been a manufacturer in the beginning, but now they have expanded their horizon with consumer-friendly electronics. Their partnership with the giant Foxconn has resulted in a new range of televisions. One of their most popular products is the InFocus II-50EA800 LED TV. The company provides free demonstrations in some cities as well. You can ask for a demo and also buy the product at the same time if you are impressed with it.



The  InFocus II-50EA800 LED TV

The  InFocus II-50EA800 LED TV comes with an elegant design that adds charm to your interiors immediately. This TV can be kept on shelves or mounted on the wall as per your convenience. It is a simple TV but it provides amazing picture quality at a pocket-friendly price.  It comes with HDMI and USB ports for more connectivity. This one has a 50-inch LED LCD display with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. As we mentioned before, this one is about good quality display 0than fancy features. The remote is easy to operate and is light. It comes with an inbuilt media player where you can play files in almost every format.

The  InFocus II-50EA800 LED TV is manufactured in Chennai at Foxconn’s plant. Hence it is made in India. The sound output is at par with the price but you can add stereo speakers for a better experience. This TV gets the job done and offers a good viewing experience. Compared to the high-end brands, it is reasonably priced and quite functional. We recommend you give it a try. The  InFocus II-50EA800 LED TV price in India starts at INR 35000.


The InFocus II-60EA800 152.7 cm (60) Full HD LED Television

This probably the best product by Infocus so far. The king-sized device is all you need for your daily dose of entertainment. Bring the theatre home with this TV set. It comes with LED technology that provides outstanding clarity, bringing life to videos. The UV2A technology reduces reflection and too much of light on the screen. This full HD TV comes bearing two 10W speakers that give you an unforgettable experience every single day. You can connect devices like Smartphones, tablets, cameras, laptops, etc. using the HDMI and USB ports. It basically turns into your own gaming and entertainment centre. You can also play games by connecting them to the HDMI ports. The 178-degree viewing angle is perfect for watching movies and shows ensuring that everyone in the room gets a clear view. 10 bits colour processing offers vibrant colours and high contrast on the screen along with 1.07 billion colours. The UV2A technology also ensures that your eyes don’t strain. Finally comes the design. You might mistake it for a high-end TV at first sight because of the thin frame and smart looks. It will surely add some elegance to the room. The InFocus II-60EA800 152.7 cm (60) Full HD LED Television is priced at INR 67999.


The Infocus II-40EA800 – 101.6 cm (40) TV

This is a mid-range television by Infocus. It provides a theatre like an experience for everyone on a budget. It is a perfect product to put in front of your couch, grab some popcorn and binge watch shows. It has a full HD resolution of 1920x1080 pixels per inch. Large screen and the latest technology make it the perfect choice. It is designed in a way (178-degree viewing angle) that everyone in the room can clearly watch what is going on the screen. So if you are a large family, you don’t have to worry about it. The main focus of this TV is functionality and good picture quality and so it delivers. Compared to other mainstream brands, it might not have fancy features but it provides what it says it will. The Infocus II-40EA800 – 101.6 cm (40) TV is priced at INR 25999 in India.

The Infocus II-32EA800 – 80.1 cm (32) TV

Bring a little more colour to your life with this 32-inch TV from Infocus. It comes with a 32-Inch display and 178-degree viewing angle. This is perfect for everything, be it your living room, bedroom or for advertising purposes. It comes with LED technology that showcases a vibrant colour palette so that your shows come to life. Not only that, the contrast ratio here is 5000:1. The cherry on the cake is the 1280x800 p resolution. With this one, you can also rest assured that your eyes are protected. The UV2A technology protects you and your kids from extra light and reflection. Infocus has also taken care of the connectivity with this one. Connect devices like laptops, cameras, tablets, etc. using the HDMI and USB ports in order to share content. Finally comes the design. The slim bezel not only ensures mobility but adds an element to your interiors. The Infocus II-32EA800 – 80.1 cm (32) TV is priced at INR 15999 only.


The InFocus II-24IA801 60 cm (24 inches) HD Ready LED Television

The smallest Television by Infocus, this one is packed with essential features. The size may be small but it does not lack anything. With a 24-inch screen, this one provides a resolution of 1366x768 pixels per inch. It has high contrast (5000:1) and delivers vibrant colours thanks to 8-bit colour technology. One can also connect other devices and see the content on the TV screen using the HDMI and USB ports. Gaming will also be a better experience for it. This TV also takes care of your special eyes with UV2A technology that removes reflection and extra light from the screen. So watch every show or movie in detail with this product. Not to forget, the stunning design makes sure everyone notices it in the room. InFocus II-24IA801 60 cm (24 inches) HD Ready LED Television is priced at INR 9999 in India.

Why buy Infocus televisions?

After reading the details about its products, you might already be convinced. Even though there are limited products, they have something for everyone. As per your requirement, they have a TV in every size. Infocus televisions deliver the best picture quality and connectivity without asking for much. They are also good for your eyes and for your little ones. So instead of spending big bucks on popular brands, give this one a chance to audition first.

Where to buy?

Infocus TVs are available for sale online as well as through offline channels. You can locate a store and buy it there. But you can also buy them from the comfort of your home through websites like Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal.

Why us?

Bestpriceon helps you make the right decision before you buy any product. Televisions stay with us for a long time so be sure before you make a purchase. Read the reviews and compare products on our website before you buy.

InFocus Corporation is an American company based out of Oregon State and founded in 1986. The brand touts itself as a pioneer in the visual communications market. Over two decades, the company has developed, manufactured, and distributed projectors and large-format touchscreen display units. The company recently forayed into other businesses such as mobiles, tablets, and LED TVs. The USA corporation set up its Indian arm, InFocus India two years ago.

Having started with budget-friendly smartphones the company also introduced low-end to high-end LED Televisions. Foxconn is company’s manufacturing partner in India. InFocus touts to bring American technological and design innovation to India. The brand boasts that their LED TVs come with all the latest features at an unmatched price. Unfurl the virtual world on a wider realm as InFocus India offers LED TVs of up to 60-inch in size.

InFocus LED TV’s range starts from 24-inches. The brand touts that their LED Televisions are the Winners of CES Awards in 2014. These televisions use Gen 10 SHARP panels. That allows them to offer immersive viewing experience. Features such as the 10 Bits colour technology revs up every pixel. Thus, offering true life colour vibrancy.  

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Latest InFocus Television Price List in India 2018

InFocus Television Price ListPrice
Infocus II-24IA801 24 Inch HD Ready LED TV Rs. 9785
Infocus II-60EA800 60 Inch Full HD LED TV Rs. 59990
Infocus II-32EA800 32 Inch HD Ready LED TV Rs. 15260
Infocus II-50EA800 50 Inch Full HD LED TV Rs. 35999
Infocus II-40EA800 40 Inch Full HD LED TV Rs. 26990