IFB Washing Machine Price List

IFB Industries is an India based company which majorly manufactures home appliances and other engineering products like Decoilers, Straighteners, Striploaders. Originally known as Indian Fine Blanks, the company renamed itself as IFB Industries in 1989. The company was founded in 1974 and has been serving since in collaboration with a Switzerland company called Hienrich Schmid AG.  

An entry level IFB washing machine comes with the price of around Rs 15000. With features like Triadic pulsator, 720 rpm spin speed, and Fully automatic top load, this range washing machines are a boon to the customers. Otherwise, at mid-range, no other brand makes a top load, fully automatic washer.

On the other hand, a high-end IFB washing machine, which costs around Rs 45000, comes with additional features like Drum Lamp, Top Control touch panel, Easy loading pedestal, Pet Hair removal, Air Bubble and 3D wash systems. Also, the tub material for these models is made of stainless steel.

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IFB Washing Machine Price List in India

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Latest IFB Washing Machine Price List in India 2018

IFB Washing Machine Price ListPrice
IFB TL80SDG 8 Kg Fully Automatic Washing MachineRs. 27499
IFB Elena Aqua Steam VX 6 Kg Fully Automatic Washing MashineRs. 26440
IFB Senator Smart Touch 8 Kg Fully Automatic Washing MachineRs. 51744
IFB Senorita Aqua VX 6.5 Kg Front Load Washing MachineRs. 28900
IFB TL70SDG 7 Kg Fully Automatic Washing MachineRs. 20990
IFB Elite Plus SX 7.5 Kg Front Loading Washing MachineRs. 34499
IFB EVA AQUA VX LDT 6 Kg Fully Automatic Washing MachineRs. 22524
IFB Elena Aqua SX Automatic 6 kg Washing MachineRs. 25490
IFB TL65RDW 6.5 Kg Fully Automatic Washing MachineRs. 16191
IFB TL75SDR 7.5 Kg Fully Automatic Washing MachineRs. 26000

All about IFB Washing Machine

The IFB washing machines also come with key features like Child lock, self-diagnosis, and foam control system among others. And more than any other washing machine brands, the IFB washing machines come with at least 2-year product warranty period. However, the company specifies that the warranty does not cover any physical damages during transit but only manufacturing defects. Let’s explore the IFB washing machine 2017 range

What are the key technologies on IFB Washing Machines?

  • 360 Degree Wash:

    Spouting water in a 360-degree manner inside the drum, this technology uses an uncommon water framework to achieve a 360-degree wash. IFB washing machine comes with a specifically designed drum that circulates the water in 360-degree motion. There is a nozzle placed in such a way that it sprays the water on the garment. This technology ensures that the clothes are evenly soaked with proper penetration of detergent. Thus, offering an immaculate wash.

  • O2 Wash:

    This is the technological innovation done by IFB team, where washer will generate millions of air bubbles that will go deep inside the fabric to remove even a stubborn stain. Once the washing is done, these detergent particles that are inside the fabric, they are forced out by the 3D wash system. And that is why washed out clothes come out cleaner than how they went in.

  • Cradle Wash:

    This is the IFB’s version of the delicate wash. With revolutionary technologies like 360 degrees and O2 wash working to give a pretty effective stain-free wash to the heavily soiled large pile of laundry, delicate wears felt left out. The Cradle Wash technology is exquisitely crafted for washing the delicate clothes like silk, laces, satins and more. This technology prevents the washer and detergent from getting too harsh on them.

  • Steam Wash:

    Do you want a wrinkle-free laundry? IFB’s premium washing machines come with a Steam Wash technology, which utilizes the water and steam to form a dynamic duo. What happens is that a small proportion of water is used to generate a lot of steam, which in time expands to occupy a large volume. Complementing the water wash, steam wash helps in keeping laundry soft, gentle, and wrinkle-free.

  • Aqua Energie:

    Addressing the hard water problem, Aqua Energie technology enables the washing machine to convert the hard water into soft water. Besides the ill effect on health hard water is hazardous to a washer. If you were not aware; it becomes hard to dissolve the detergent in a hard water, which will result in bad washing. IFB washing machines enabled with this technology comes equipped with aqua-filters that helps break down the bicarbonates in a hard water into minute crystals. They are then easily removed alongside the water flow. Thus, mitigating risks from hard water to clothes or machine parts.

  • Tiradic Pulsator:

    IFB is a market leader in the front load washing machine type in India. Despite that company is making an attempt to cater the audience preferring top load washing machines in India. Tiradic pulsator is one such technology that they have introduced in the high-end top load washers line-up. The soft scrub pads help to gently remove the dirt from your laundry. While the powerful swirl 3D jet of water is activated, which further improves dislodging the dirt from your heavily soiled clothes. No corner is left out!

Types Of IFB Washing Machines

  • IFB Smart Load Washing Machines:

    What are the IFB Smart Load Washing Machine features? > A smart load washing is basically a front load washing machine with smart features. This term is coined by IFB, whereas it's not utilized by any other brands. Thus offering a unique feeling. > Primary improvement for convenience feature on an IFB Smart load washing machine include a top control panel. A control panel on top of the machine is easier to see and use. One can’t deny that such placement improved the experience as it easier to view the display and controls. > There are a more special feature on smart loader than a regular front loader washing machine from the house of IFB. Special features include Daily Wash, Dark Wash, Quiet Wash, Starch, Pet Hair, Rapid Wash, and Water Plus. Why should you purchase an IFB Smart load washing machine? > One if you are looking for a top control on your front load washing machine. Cuz this is a rare feature on a front load washing machine in India. > Second if you don’t have any budget constraints and you want the best front load washing machine available in the market. Cuz they will cost you bomb! These IFB washing machine price starts at Rs 45,000 for 7 Kg model, while 8kg would fetch you Rs 57,000. Currently, there are only two models available in this category.

  • IFB Front Load Washing Machines:

    What are the IFB Front Load Washing Machine features? > Quick washing capability, thanks to its high RPM (revolution per minute) motor. The 3D wash and O2 wash programs assure a thorough wash. Thus, offering quicker wash with strong stain fighting capability. > Spin speed options includes No spin, 400, 600, 800, 1000, and 1200. It helps in defining how quickly do you want to wash your clothes. > Separate options for fabrics including Cotton, Curtains, Mixed, Synthetic, and Wool. This makes it easier to select wash programs as there are more than 100 wash care programs. > Safety features include high low voltage protection, Auto restart, self-diagnosis for troubleshooting, Auto imbalance sensing & control, foam control system, child lock and a protective rat mesh. Why should front load be your choice over top load? > Less water consumption at 52 Litre on most of the IFB washing machine front load type. Thus saving on the water resource. > Looks attractive and complements your decor! Further, they offer quicker wash since the motor is faster. > IFB Top load washing machines enjoy higher warranty period at 4 years than IFB front load washing, which gets only two years warranty coverage. Best IFB washing machine Front Load 1. IFB Diva Aqua VX 6Kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine Price - Rs 20,790 2. IFB Senorita Aqua VX 6.5 Kg Front Load Washing Machine Price - Rs 28,589 3. IFB Senator Aqua SX 8KG Automatic 8 kg Washing Machine Price - Rs 33,881

  • IFB Top Load Washing Machine:

    What are the IFB Top Load Washing Machine features? > IFB teases their top load washing machines are highly efficient and easy to use compared to competitors in the market. > A tiradic pulsator which includes soft scrub pads helps in gently removing the stubborn dirt on your clothes. Further, the powerful swirl jets dislodges dirt from every corner of the fabric. > Aqua Energie, Deep Clean, Aqua Spa Therapy, and 3D Wash system together wash your favorite clothes like you bought them from the store. They will still be soft and look good as new, even after a repetitive wash. Why should top load be your choice over front load? > First thing is you are looking for a fully automatic washing machine and don’t want to spend a bomb. Cuz front load costs are pretty high! > Second they offer higher capacity than front load. If you are looking to wash a large number of clothes at a time, then, a top load washing machine should be your preference. Best IFB washing machine Top Load 1. IFB TL65RDW 6.5 Kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine Price - Rs 15,999 2. IFB TL70SDG 7 Kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine Price - Rs 20,699 3. IFB TL75SDR 7.5 Kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine Price - Rs 27,541

  • IFB Fully Automated Washing Machine:

    What are the benefits of a fully automatic IFB washing machine at your home? > An IFB fully automatic washing machines won’t require manual intervention in the process of washing. All you have to do is pop in your clothes and wait for them to get washed, so you can pop out clean laundry. It’s like a magic, you put dirty clothes, and you take out clean clothes! How conveniently amazing! And pricey too. > They offer better quality wash than any other semi-automatic washing machine. Laundry comes out cleaner and fresher once the process of washing is completed. Make sure to use a good detergent for extra fragrance! What are the best IFB Fully automatic washing machines in India in 2017? Looking to purchase the best IFB fully automatic washing machine? Well, that is why we have made a separate IFB washing machine price list for top load and front load washing machines.

Where do we fit in this decision making?

We give you a complete and updated IFB washing machine price list which comprises of all their latest, popular, and upcoming washing machines. Find all IFB washing machine models at one single place. We expand your convenience to not just handing out specifications, and prices, but you can also directly buy the desired product. We list out products from various leading online retailers including the likes of Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, eBay India, Infibeam, PayTM, Shopclues and more. Our finder tool will prove quite helpful in sorting out the perfect model for you. There you can filter the models based on your preferences such as price range, brand, type, wash method, capacity, wash modes, and more. IFB washing machine online shopping is made easy on BestPriceOn.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

  • 1. Where can I reach the IFB washing machine customer care?

    There are various ways through which you can reach the IFB washing machine service center. Either you communicate your grievance via e-mail, toll-free number or through form filling box. We would suggest you connect the call for quicker response.

  • 2. How long does an IFB washing machine warranty last?

    The top load and front load IFB washing machine models come with different warranty periods. The top load comes with two years comprehensive warranty, whereas front load models from IFB have four years warranty period.

  • 3. Where can I get the IFB washing machine spare parts?

    You don’t have to worry about them. The technicians that attend your washing machine grievance will bring after consulting with you whether you want to repair that part or not.

  • 4. What is the IFB washing machine toll-free number?

    You can either call at 1860-425-5678 from BSNL & MTNL networks, or at 1800-3000-5678 from other networks. According to the company, their lines are open 24/7. So, we suggest you call according to your convenience.

  • 5. Is there an IFB washing machine exchange offer?

    Currently, there is exchange offers going on IFB washing machines. You can switch to new IFB washing machines and get up to Rs 5000 off on top load and Rs 10000 off on the front load old washing machine. Note that this offer was present at the time of writing this FAQ.

  • 6. Does IFB washing machine come with accessories?

    Unfortunately no! Not IFB or in fact any brand offers free accessories with their washing machines. You’d have to purchase them, either online or offline. Accessories like IFB washing machine stand, IFB washing machine trolley, and IFB washing machine cover are available. Purchase them according to requirements, they are not mandatory to purchase.