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Company Origin: iBall is an Indian electronics company based out of Mumbai, Maharashtra. The company was founded in 2001 by Sandeep Parasrampuria. Starting their operations by selling computer mice, the brand has forayed into many more categories like computer peripherals, smartphones, tablets, routers, and security cameras. There are as much as 27 different product categories where iBall has started their operations.  

This Indian electronics manufacturer has grown bigger over the course of a decade. They house more than 3000 employees and have clocked a revenue of over $160 Million (Rs 100 Crore). The brand has launched over 80 products and claims to introduce technologies for the first time in India. Sometimes, these technologies are introduced the first time in the world.  

The router market in India

With the emergence of advanced technology and networking solutions, it has become an absolutely cakewalk to stay connected to the internet. Besides having developed infrastructure, more and more companies have come forward to offer cheap broadband connections which have made the Indian router market only stronger. Growing at a rate higher than ever, the router market in the country is about to experience an accelerating growth which will ultimately generate approximately $548.02 billion by 2020. Some of the most renowned companies that offer router at cheap price include TP Link, D Link, Digisol, and so on. However, the India-based iBall has earned a place of significant repute in the Indian market by offering efficient routers at inexpensive iball router price.

About the company

iBall, which is also known as Best IT World Private Limited, was established in the year 2001 when the company came up with the idea of selling computer mice at affordable rates. Functioning in the domain of consumer electronics, the company was able to sell electronics products across 27 different categories in by 2011. Being a 10 billion enterprise today, the company is headquartered in Mumbai and functions with the unmatched skill and proficiency of 2000 employees.

Here is the list of iball routers offered at affordable iball router price along with their specifications:

ADSL Router:

300M Wireless-N ADSL2+ 3G & Broadband Router: Priced at iball router price of Rs 2500, this router has been designed to engross the user with downstream up to 24Mbps. Besides complying with the latest ADSL standards, this device has been engineered to be compliant with the IEEE 802.11 as well as IEEE 802.3 standards. Facilitating the user with PPPoE, PPPoA, dynamic IP and static IP connection, this router features one USB 2.0 slot, one WAN port etc. and is made to be compatible with iBall 4G data card.

150M Wireless-N ADSl2+ Router: This powerful router amalgamates robust features in a bid to provide the user with superlative wireless coverage. Made available at iball router price of Rs 2149, this router has been intended to feature firewall security features inclusive of IP, Mac, URL and port filtering. Functioning in compliance with the IEEE 802.11b/g/n wireless standards, this device makes it easy for the user to do web based management with TR-069 function. The seamless connection offered by the router is further accompanied by the DHCP server, multi-SSID with AP isolation and so on.

Broadband Router:

300M MIMO Wireless-N Router: Combining performance and efficiency, this router is adept enough to offer wifi coverage without any interruption as it complies with the IEEE 802.11 as well as IEEE 802.3 standards. Featuring multi-SSID security, this router comes equipped with five omni-directional antenna. Besides featuring diagnostics tools like Ping and Trace-route, this device prevents any information from being stolen, thanks to the incorporation of wireless security such as WEP, WPA, WPA2-PSK encryption. Priced at cheap  iball router price of Rs 1,499, this device facilitates one with access restriction and parental control at the same time.

300M Omni-directional Wireless-N Outdoor AP Router: Embracing the user with a frequency band up to 2.48GHz, this router has been manufactured to offer repeated engrossment with experience. Being able to operate in three modes i.e. router, AP and repeater, this router has been made available at iball router price of Rs 6,225. Inclusion of two internal 5 dBi omni-directional antennas makes sure that the user gets seamless coverage. The firewall security features incorporated in this device include IP, MAC and URL filtering.

750M Dual Band Wireless AC Router: Featuring one WAN port, four LAN ports, and one USB 2.0 port, this router offers immensely satisfying wireless experience. Featuring DMZ, built-in NAT and DHCP server, this device provides the user with dedicated wireless coverage in compliance with 802.11b/g/n standards and 802.11a/c standards. Offered at iball router price of Rs 2,999, this device carries an aesthetically pleasing design with it as well. While the inclusion of the external antennas guarantee optimal coverage, the presence of the firewall security features assure protection of data and information.

5Ghz 300Mbps Outdoor AP Router: Faster data transmission is not a daunting task anymore with this router that can offer data speed up to 300Mbps. Made to comply with the IEEE 802.11a and IEEE 802.11n standards, this device can function in two operation modes i.e. access point and station. Priced at iball router price of Rs 6399, this device comes with in-built 14dBi antenna that in turn offers reliable and steady internet connection. The wireless modes that one can get with this device include AP, WDS and bridge.

300M Extreme High Power Wireless-N Router: Priced at iball router price of Rs 2799, this router is known for combining the gifts of innovative technology in order to provide the user with peace of mind. Besides being compliant with IEEE 802.11 and IEEE 802.3 standards, the device comes equipped with WAN and LAN port. Paving the path for one to have wide wireless coverage with the help of static or dynamic IP connection, this router comes with built-in NAT and DHCP server besides featuring multi-SSID security. The strategic inclusion of two 5dBi omnidirectional antennas assist one to stay connected irrespective of location within the coverage area.

Other models offered by iBall at competitive iball router price include:

300M Wireless-N Broadband Router (Rs 899)

300M MIMO Wireless-N Broadband Router (Rs 740)

Why buy iball routers

There are very few companies who have been enjoying reputation in the domain of networking and related products for long tether. And, iBall is undoubtedly one of them. Here is why people prefer iball routers available at competitive iball router price:

Innovative Technology: Relying on cutting-edge technology, the routers offered by iBall have been manufactured to deliver unsurpassed quality wireless performance.

Feature-enriched Products: Stuffing products with plenty of features like NAT, DHCP server, and so on, the routers offered by iBall seeks to deliver the best user experience.

Operation Modes: In order to add to the convenience of the user, the routers offered by iBall at cheap iball router price have been embellished with different operation modes like access point, station and so on.

Where to buy iball routers from

Buying iBall routers at competitive iball router price is not a daunting task with the presence of the seller network spread across the country. One can also purchase iball routers from online stores like eBay, Flipkart, Amazon and so on. Purchasing devices from authorized dealers will help one to eliminate unforeseen troubles regarding availing warranty.

Products Portfolio

When it comes to the portfolio, iBall has an arsenal ready in their backyard. They sell their networking products under the brand name of Baton. Their range comprises of products for the broadband, GSM, WPA, LAN and 4G/3G connectivity. With such wide range availability, iBall is the pioneer in the networking products provider in India

The iBall routers are widely available for purchase on various online as well as offline stores in India. Offering the best-in-class Wi-Fi routers, iBall sits on the top of the food chain when it comes to routers sale in the country. iBall routers feature dual bands, and tend to offer up to 300 Mbps speeds.

The iBall router specifications confirm multiple devices connectivity. The multiple connections mean it can give equally fast speed to all connected devices at your home or office. There are iBall routers to utilize your 4G or 3G SIM data connections, as many models come equipped with a slot for dongle connectivity. The iBall Wi-Fi routers in India start at the price at Rs 700 and goes up to Rs 5500.       

Services, Warranty

iBall has pan India presence with 26 branches spread across, covering almost every state in the country! The brand penetrated more than 750 cities and towns with large format retail outlets to smaller neighborhood shops. The company claims to have 125 self-owned service centers, which is a great feat, as many brands these days hire a third party after-sales service providers. This showcases the investment of the brand in serving their customers. Offering timely after-sales service is the key for happy and returning customers.

The iBall routers are said to come with a 1-year product warranty. The warranty means you will get free service for the router, while do make a note that no replacement or cost-free service is provided in case of product damage. Unless it’s a manufacturing defect, users are not entitled to any replacement claims for their iBall Wi-Fi routers in India.


You won’t find a better variety to choose from than what iBall routers have to offer. They have a persona in the industry as a quality networking equipment provider. If you are looking to setup a wireless router at your home or office, then, you must take a look at an offering from iBall. You may find exactly what you are looking for!


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iball iB-WRB300N 300M MIMO Wireless-N RouterRs. 899
iBall 300M MIMO Triple Smart 3G RouterRs. 1799