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About the company:  Hyundai Corporation, which is famous in the automobile industry and other high-end products like steel, chemical products, has also tried its hands at home appliances. The corporation is based out of South Korea which was founded in 1976. Today, they have grown into a leading brand for general trading, exporting and importing services in the world.

 The brand also has a partnership with POSCO Pos-Hyundai Steel in India. The Hyundai Corporation is headquartered in Seoul and houses over 2000 employees globally.

 Coming back to the Hyundai washing machines, the company has started its home appliances business as a ‘‘part of the ongoing effort’’ to diversify its operations globally and expand its presence.

 The company also said that as a premium global company, they feel responsible for providing a decent line of home appliances to its consumers, who are in big number internationally.



  Coming to their products, the Hyundai washing machines come in all types; fully automatic, semi-automatic, front loading and top loading technologies. An entry-level Hyundai washing machine comes at a price of INR 7499. This entry-level washing machine features 7.2Kg capacity, semi-automatic top load technology, 4 Kg dryer capacity, Bubble Wash, Overload protection, wheel support, and energy consumption mode.

 Other features of a low-end Hyundai washing machine includes Aquaproof, Rinse Cycle, Aquastop, and drying speed of 800 rpm. However, these models do not come with an inbuilt heater or digital display.

 Coming to the high-end models in this line of Hyundai washing machines, these will come with front load fully automatic technology, 9 kg capacity, Hot Wash technology, Preset timer, LCD display, Memory backup, and Wrinkle prevention. Additional features of these high-end Hyundai Washing machines include Rinse Cycle, Rinse Hold, Door Lock, Child Lock, and minimal noise level of 53db.

 Apart from the washing machines, there are other home appliance products Hyundai is offering both online and offline stores. Starting from Home entertainment devices, Hyundai Electronics offers other lines of products like Televisions, Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, Freezers, Household appliances, and kitchen appliances like kettles, cookers, and commercial air fryers.

 The company has started their home appliances business in 2013. The primary idea behind stepping into domestic product business is to expand the company to a greater level and reaching to customers at a closer level, at the same time.

 We would not say that Hyundai has succeeded brilliantly in the process, but has been doing good so far with minimal involvement and investment at the beginning, exposing itself to minimal risk. Always test the waters before jumping in!


 Services and warranty:


Coming to the warranty and service section, a Hyundai washing machine generally comes with one-year product warranty and 5 years motor warranty. However, this warranty does not cover any physical damage to the outer cabinet and plastic parts. The company guidelines specify that any sort of manufacturing defects and damage to internal parts will cover under warranty.

 The service centers of the Hyundai Electronics are spread over the country including major metropolitan cities. Their customer care branches are situated in every city to small-scale town, going over more than 150. And if you wish to ask any queries, you can always reach the Hyundai customer service at 011-3940-4040.




Q: Does Hyundai Electronics offer TVs in their line of products?

 A: Yes! Hyundai manufactures almost all types of home appliances, starting from TVs to toasters, Air conditioners to tea kettles.

  Q: How much a front-loading fully automatic Hyundai washing machine costs?

 A: A fully automatic Hyundai washing machine comes at a price of around INR 21000.

  Q: Do these washing machines come with a digital display?

 A: Yes, high-end, fully automatic Hyundai washing machines do come with digital LED display, whereas the feature is missing on low-end washing machines.

  Q: Does Hyundai offer any extended warranty on their washing machines?

 A: There are no extended warranty offers from Hyundai for their washing machines. They offer extended warranties for their TVs and ACs so far. Though, you can expect the same for washing machines in near future maybe.

  Q: Are the Hyundai washing machines noisy?

 A: We would say no! These Hyundai washing machines produce a minimal 60 dB of sound, which is decently low when compared to the washers of other brands.

  Q: How often one needs to clean the washing machine internally?

 A: Well, it is recommended you wash the tub of your washing machine one in a week, at least!

  Q: Which are more efficient? Front loading washing machines or top loading ones?

 A: Obviously it’s front loading washers, as they use less water, dry-time, and detergent powder.

  Q: Why is the washer not spinning?

 A: Companies make the spinners stop while the lid is open, solely for your safety reasons. Close the lid properly and try it again. If that’s not the issue, try adding a couple more clothes as the less volume of clothes doesn’t help the washer spin.

 If the problem still persists, try reaching the Hyundai customer care by calling them at 011-3940-4040 or take your washing machine to the nearest Hyundai service


  Q: Why doesn’t the dryer work properly?

 A: Recheck the dryer pump as it might have clogged with soap slug. Or if the load balance is not good, this problem occurs. Make sure you put the suggested weight in the tub.

 Reach out to a nearby Hyundai service center if the problem still persists.

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