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Latest HTC Mobile Price in India 2017

HTC Mobile Price Price
HTC Desire 820G+ Dual SIMRs. 9699
HTC Desire 626G PlusRs. 8400
HTC Desire 820s Dual SIMRs. 12450
HTC One E9sRs. 10709
HTC One ME Dual SIMRs. 21699
HTC Desire 826xRs. 17489
HTC One A9 32GBRs. 18990
HTC Desire 816Rs. 13999
HTC Desire 816G (2015)Rs. 17410
HTC Desire 820qRs. 12490

Best Upcoming HTC Mobile Phones

    All About HTC Mobile

    HTC mobile has released many handsets with windows and Qualcomm owned Brew operating systems. Later in 2008, the company released its first Android mobile phone, HTC Dream. From then it has been releasing phones working with both Windows and Android operating systems. Now, on the present day, Samsung mobiles and Sony mobiles stand as the biggest competitors for HTC in the mobile space. HTC mobile models are mid-budget phones that are mostly available below 15000 or below 10000. Our HTC mobile price list is the best place for finding the latest and economical HTC smartphones. Our hassle- free mobile comparison tool, will bring out the best contrasts among your better choices thus leading you for a further finest phone in your budget.

    HTC Mobile Specifications

    • RAM:

      This is a significant factor when you are looking to buy a smartphone. RAM measures the multitasking capabilities of the device and HTC mobile comes equipped with best in class RAM. HTC mobiles with entry level pricing sport RAM as low as 2GB, which increases as you go up in the mid and high-end segment. 3GB RAM is a usual scene on most of the mid range handsets, while the high-end phones come with 4GB RAM. The flagship phone comes with 6GB RAM, which is the highest quantity on an HTC mobile phone in India.

    • Display:

      Starting with a display unit as small as 5-inches, HTC mobile comes with an LCD display technology. Being a mobile manufacturer for around two decades HTC hasn’t used a Super AMOLED technology, which is the most advanced mobile screen technology. Most HTC mobiles sport a screen resolution of 720p in the entry and mid-segment. The higher priced HTC mobiles come with full HD resolution, while only the flagship phone from HTC comes with a 2K resolution display.

    • Processor:

      A chipset is one of the most important aspects of the smartphone. And you’d think that any company would be careful which processors they implement on their handsets. HTC mobile comes equipped with Qualcomm processors, which are among the best in the industry. Some models do come with MediaTek processors, but that is because they are either priced lower or HTC didn’t take those handsets quite seriously. The point is Qualcomm processors enabled HTC mobiles offers best in class performance.

    • Camera:

      The Taiwanese smartphone brand has always been good with cameras, well for the most parts. HTC mobile has tried their hands with various camera technologies as from high-resolution MegaPixel cameras to UltraPixel cameras. They have done it all on their HTC flagship phones. From launching selfie centric phones to rear camera centric phones, you can find all the latest camera features and innovation on an HTC mobile phones.

    • Battery:

      Do you hate battery problems? Well, who doesn’t? HTC mobile phones claim to come with best in class battery life. For the most part, you’d believe them as they come with battery optimized user interface. HTC mobile phones don't really offer a high battery capacity on their handset. Instead, the brand is focused on optimizing their handsets for improved battery life.

    Types of HTC Mobile

    • Entry-Level:

      Most of the smartphone consumers in India can only afford an entry level phones, which is why HTC mobile phones release phones in a budget category to cater those needs. Equipped with the essential specifications, HTC mobile in this segment comes in the sub-10K price tag. Sporting screen with 480p resolution, MediaTek Quad-core processor, 8 + 5 MegaPixel camera package and a decent battery life is what you’ll see on most of the entry level HTC mobile handsets.

    • Mid-Level:

      Are you willing to spend between 10K to 20K on a smartphone? Then, HTC mobile phones in a mid segment can be your choice of poison. This segment in Indian smartphone is one of the hottest and the most crowded by various smartphone brands. HTC mobile is trying to be best by providing the top notch configuration on their handsets in this segment. Most of the HTC mobile phones in this range comes equipped with a full HD resolution screen ranging from 5-inches to 5.5-inches. The processor used by this range of HTC mobile is powered by Octa-core processor, favorably made by Qualcomm or MediaTek. Camera package that you’d find in this range of handsets is 13 Megapixel + 8 MegaPixel. As far as the battery life is concerned, you can see them come with a 3000 mAh capacity battery.

    • High-Level:

      This is where a line is drawn to define the high-end phone. Costing as low as 30K and as high as 60K, this range of HTC mobile phones comes equipped with premium features in almost all the significant category. Whether you talk about the screen, processor, camera, or battery life, they all come with top of the line specifications in this segment. So, if you are someone who is interested in buying high-end phones, then, HTC mobile range can cater to your requirements.

    HTC Mobile Price Range

    Why are HTC Mobiles different from other mobile phones?

    Being first in the industry they have the advantage of being known among consumers in India. HTC Mobile phones are one of the trusted smartphone brands in India. But why should you buy an HTC mobile and not any other trusted brand because you will be ahead in innovation? Thanks to the innovative approach to the mobile photography, performance, battery life and design, HTC mobile should be your foremost choice of the brand if you are looking to purchase a handset in India.

    Frequently Asked Question on HTC Mobile

    • 1. What is the warranty period of the HTC Mobile phones in India?

      The warranty period of the HTC mobile phones in India is 12 months, which is a standard practice among smartphone brands in India. Under this warranty policy, users are entitled to a cost-free repair or replacement if need be.

    • 2. Does HTC mobile frequently provide software updates?

      Yes. HTC is usually known for their frequent software updates and that’s why you can expect them to provide the latest Android updates on their handsets.

    • 3. Tell me if HTC mobile phones come with waterproof/water resistant feature?

      Yes. But this will depend on the HTC mobile phone you are looking to purchase. Cuz only some models come equipped with waterproof/water resistant feature.

    • 4. HTC Mobile phones come with IR Blaster feature?

      Yes. Most of the HTC mobile phones sport IR Blaster, which will allows you to remotely control AC, TV, and other Infrared enabled appliances.

    • 5. Can I use my 4G SIM card on an HTC Mobile phone?

      Yes. These days all of the HTC mobile phones come equipped with 4G LTE support. But do ensure before buying an HTC mobile if it’s an old model.

    • 6. How do I know which model HTC I have ?

      To know your HTC smartphone model, Go to the Menu button and select Settings. In settings Scroll down through the list towards the bottom. There you will find an About Phone Option, by clicking on it you can know your smartphone model.


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