Honor Mobile Price List

Are you hunting for a brand that offers best-in-class smartphones at an aggressive price point? Then, you have come to the correct brand page. Learn about the Honor mobile price in India among other interesting facts about the Honor India. 

What is Honor mobiles?

Founded in China, Huawei Technologies is a privately owned telecommunications company. The company has become the largest telecommunications and networking manufacturer in 2012, by overtaking Ericsson. The company has extended its market to 140 countries and now serves the 5 leading service providers across the world. If you're looking to purchase an Honor phone in India, then, we suggest you take a look at this complete Honor mobile price list in India. 

What is Honor mobiles doing differently in India? 

The China-based Huawei has taken a bid to offer highly stylized mobile phones, efficient smartphones, and tablets under the brand name of Honor. The Honor mobile price list offers the best range of budget phones available at an affordable price. The company has earned a reputation for providing users with impeccable services and high-quality devices. 

What's the Mobile phone market scene in India? 

The telecom subscriber base in the nation has been expanding at the rate of 1.17% and has touched the 1.18 billion mark at the beginning of this year. That said, the accelerating growth in the number of mobile users has been caused by cheaper call rates coupled with freebies, availability of inexpensive handsets, and an easier process to get a connection. Having the second largest telecom market in the world, India has been able to spread connectivity both in the rural and urban sector at an escalating speed. Some of the major brands that dominate the Indian mobile phone market include Nokia, Samsung, LG, Vodafone, and many more.   

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Honor Mobile Price List in India

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  • Below Rs.2000 (0)
  • Rs.2000 - Rs.4999 (0)
  • Rs.5000 - Rs.9999 (9)
  • Rs.10000 - Rs.14999 (9)
  • Rs.15000 - Rs.19999 (2)
  • Rs.20000 - Rs.24999 (1)
  • Rs.25000 - Rs.30000 (3)
  • Above Rs.30000 (2)
  • Motorola(49)
  • Asus(62)
  • Intex(150)
  • Sony(71)
  • Lava(105)
  • Gionee(69)
  • Oppo(58)
  • Nokia(65)
  • Samsung(166)
  • Blackberry(26)
  • Vivo(57)
  • Lenovo(77)
  • InFocus(16)
  • Microsoft(21)
  • Panasonic(70)
  • BQ(3)
  • Karbonn(85)
  • ZTE(58)
  • Micromax(169)
  • HTC(62)
  • Huawei(57)
  • LG(76)
  • Forme(7)
  • iBall(33)
  • Spice(37)
  • Swipe(31)
  • Xiaomi(79)
  • XOLO(38)
  • UNI(2)
  • Sansui(15)
  • Yu(10)
  • Apple(46)
  • Videocon(36)
  • Reliance(6)
  • OnePlus(7)
  • Google(15)
  • Celkon(26)
  • Meizu(28)
  • Philips(6)
  • Coolpad(17)
  • Lemon(6)
  • LeEco(17)
  • Lyf(19)
  • Chilli(4)
  • Reach(3)
  • Champion(5)
  • Honor(26)
  • VOX(4)
  • Phicomm(1)
  • Zen(38)
  • Aiek(4)
  • Fly(2)
  • Obi(2)
  • Gfive(5)
  • Alcatel(30)
  • Hyve(2)
  • BSNL(1)
  • HP(1)
  • BLU(10)
  • Acer(8)
  • itel(6)
  • Zopo(11)
  • Hi-Tech(7)
  • Good-One(1)
  • Rage(5)
  • Zodiac(0)
  • AOC(2)
  • Wham(2)
  • Greenberry(1)
  • Adcom(6)
  • Arise(1)
  • Jivi(10)
  • Doogee(0)
  • Cheers(5)
  • Idea(2)
  • Josh(1)
  • Datawind(3)
  • Xillion(1)
  • Onida(8)
  • Kenxinda(3)
  • Haier(3)
  • Kult(4)
  • Salora(4)
  • Tecmax(1)
  • Hyundai(0)
  • M-Tech(7)
  • Yxtel(2)
  • Maxcell(1)
  • Vinner(0)
  • Matrixx(1)
  • Digimac(2)
  • Nuvo(5)
  • T-max(3)
  • I-smart(7)
  • K-Touch(3)
  • Micromini(4)
  • SmartNamo(0)
  • Trio(2)
  • iberry(0)
  • SeniorWorld(1)
  • Xccess(1)
  • Ultimate(0)
  • Hotpary(1)
  • Cubit(1)
  • Monix(2)
  • SICT(1)
  • HPL(0)
  • Indus(1)
  • Maxx(1)
  • Ziox(7)
  • MTS(1)
  • Mido(0)
  • Kechaoda(3)
  • Tashan(1)
  • Kara(4)
  • Jinga(0)
  • Vell-com(1)
  • Infix(1)
  • Darago(1)
  • Sharp(6)
  • Snexian(1)
  • Rivo(1)
  • General-Mobile(3)
  • Infx(0)
  • Inflix(1)
  • Supertel(1)
  • Subor(0)
  • Dooge(0)
  • Ulefone(3)
  • Kyocera(2)
  • Symetium(1)
  • Archos(3)
  • Qiku(1)
  • Elephone(5)
  • Kodak(1)
  • KoldFire (1)
  • Umi(2)
  • iVoomi(8)
  • Cat(0)
  • Turing(1)
  • Nextbit(0)
  • Lephone(1)
  • Namotel(1)
  • Tecno(5)
  • Smartron(2)
  • Unihertz(1)
  • Geotel(1)
  • Centric(4)
  • Navya(0)
  • TCL(1)
  • Essential (1)
  • Amazon(1)
  • Brandeis(0)
  • Vodafone(1)
  • Yota(2)
  • Cubot(2)
  • Red(1)
  • I Ball(0)
  • I Kall(1)
  • Elari(1)
  • Infinix (10)
  • Mafe(4)
  • Vernee(2)
  • HSL(3)
  • Comio(3)
  • Nuu(4)
  • Detel(0)
  • Flipkart Billion Phone(0)
  • Tenor(4)
  • Changhong(1)
  • Billion(2)
  • Razer(2)
  • Zanco(1)
Display SizeClear
  • Below 2.5 inch(0)
  • 2.5 to 3 inch(0)
  • 3 to 3.5 inch(0)
  • 3.5 to 4 inch(0)
  • 4 to 4.5 inch(0)
  • 4.5 to 5 inch(1)
  • 5 to 5.5 inch(14)
  • 5.5 to 6 inch(8)
  • Above 6 inch(3)
Selfie CameraClear
  • Up to 1MP(0)
  • 1 MP to 2 MP(0)
  • 2 MP to 3 MP(1)
  • 3 MP to 5 MP(0)
  • 5 MP to 8 MP(12)
  • 8 MP and Above(12)
  • No Selfie Camera(0)
  • 16 MP and Above(1)
  • Android(26)
  • Blackberry(0)
  • Firefox(0)
  • iOS(0)
  • Nokia Asha(0)
  • Proprietary(0)
  • Tizen(0)
  • Windows(0)
  • Others(0)
Processor TypeClear
  • Single Core(1)
  • Dual Core(0)
  • Quad Core(10)
  • Octa Core(15)
  • Hexa Core (0)
  • Others(0)
Screen ResolutionClear
  • Ultra HD 4K(3840*2160)(0)
  • 2K(2560*1440)(3)
  • Full HD (1920*1080)(13)
  • WXGA (1366 * 768)(0)
  • HD (1280*720)(7)
  • Quarter HD (960*540)(0)
  • FWVGA(854*480)(1)
  • WVGA(800*480)(0)
  • VGA (640 * 480)(0)
  • HVGA(480*320)(0)
  • QVGA (320*240)(0)
  • Others(2)
Primary CameraClear
  • Up to 2 MP(0)
  • 3 MP(0)
  • 5 MP(1)
  • 8 MP(1)
  • 12 MP(5)
  • 13 MP(16)
  • 16 MP and Above(3)
  • No Primary Camera(0)
  • 10 MP(0)
  • 15 MP(0)
  • 1 GB Below(0)
  • 1 GB(1)
  • 2 GB(9)
  • 3 GB(6)
  • 4 GB(5)
  • 6 GB(4)
  • Others(0)
  • 8 GB(0)
  • 1.5 GB(0)
Processor DetailsClear
  • Apple A series(0)
  • Nvidia(0)
  • Samsung Exynos(0)
  • Snapdragon(4)
  • Intel(0)
  • Media Tek(6)
  • Others(16)
  • Single SIM(3)
  • Dual SIM(23)
  • Triple SIM(0)
  • Four SIM(0)
Battery CapacityClear
  • Up to 1000 mAh(0)
  • 1000 - 1500 mAh(0)
  • 1501 - 2000 mAh(0)
  • 2001 - 2500 mAh(1)
  • 2501 - 3000 mAh(6)
  • Above 3000 mAh(18)
  • Others(1)
Internal MemoryClear
  • Below 1 GB(0)
  • 1 GB(0)
  • 2 GB(0)
  • 3 GB(0)
  • 4 GB(1)
  • 8 GB(3)
  • 16 GB(9)
  • 32 GB(6)
  • 64 GB(2)
  • 128 GB(5)
  • Others(0)
  • 256 GB(0)
Display TypeClear
  • LCD(26)
  • AMOLED(0)
  • OLED(0)
  • Others(0)
Expandable MemoryClear
  • Up to 8 GB(0)
  • Up to 16 GB(1)
  • Up to 32 GB(5)
  • Up to 64 GB(1)
  • Up to 128 GB(14)
  • Up to 256 GB(5)
  • Others(0)
  • No(0)
  • Up to 200 GB(0)
  • Up to 2 TB(0)
Camera FeaturesClear
  • Auto Focus(20)
  • Flash(26)
  • Optical Zoom(2)
  • HD Recording(12)
  • 4K Recording(2)
  • Bluetooth(26)
  • Wifi(26)
  • 2G(26)
  • 3G(26)
  • 4G(25)
  • GPS(26)
  • Removable Battery(9)
  • Fingerprint(9)
  • Accelerometer(25)
  • LightSensor(14)
  • Proximity(25)
Market StatusClear
  • In Market(14)
  • Upcoming(12)
  • Honor
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Latest Honor Mobile Price List in India 2018

Honor Mobile Price ListPrice
Honor 7XRs. 11999
Honor View 10Rs. 29999
Honor 8 liteRs. 12340
Honor 8Rs. 15999
Honor 5cRs. 8999
Honor Holly 3Rs. 6499
Honor V8 MaxRs. 23999
Honor 8 SmartRs. 10199
Honor 4CRs. 10500
Honor 4XRs. 6299

All About Honor Mobiles

The China-based Huawei Technologies Limited perhaps doesn’t need any introduction. Being the largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer in the world, the company is present in more than 170 countries. Employing skills of 170,000 proficient and efficient employees, the company manufactures the products based on the research and development executed in 21 R&D; institutes located in countries like Canada, UK, US, China, Ireland, India and so on. After being born in 1987, the company’s prime domain of operation was manufacturing phone switches. However, in course of further expansion of their business, they started building telecommunication network, providing operational and consulting services, and manufacturing communication devices among others. Huawei even surpassed Apple in terms of a total number of phones shipped in during the months of July to September in the year 2017. According to the statistics published in 2016, the company’s revenue and their assets were estimated to be $ 75.103 Billion and 63.880 billion respectively. Pocket-friendly Honor mobile price has been gifting the company new customers as well as returning their existing ones. Appearance in the Indian market Honor, which is marketed as a sub-brand under the Huawei Group, stepped into the Indian mobile market in the year 2015. After being established in 2013, Honor started expanding itself in the international market from 2014. Revealing compelling designs along with innovative features, the company made a debut in the European market after entering the Malaysian market with the Honor 3C. Honor 7 was the second flagship mobile phone of the company that was released back in 2015. The brand takes pride in being able to establish their presence in the US as well. The first phone with which they engrossed the American users was the Huawei Honor 5X. They boast of the fact that they have been able to sell 60 million Honor products which provided them with a revenue of $8.4 billion. The company created history when they revealed the Honor Magic that was designed and built to provide the user with intelligence interactive features based on the user data. The Honor 6X, launched in 2017, was awarded the ‘Best of CES 2017’ by various technology publications.

Types of Honor Mobiles

Here is the list of mobile devices offered by the company along with their specifications and price

  • Honor 9i:

    Branded as the first smartphone in the world that comes with four cameras, the Honor 9i paves a path for the user to have a full view FHD+ display. Designed to engross one with the 13MP dual front camera with f2.0 wide aperture, this smartphone also has a 16MP dual rear camera. Making operations smooth in compliance with the 4GB RAM and Kirin 659 Octa-core processor, this phone gifts the user with a metal unibody as well. While booting on the Android 7.0, the phone features a 3340 mAh battery. Besides having 64GB internal memory, the inclusion of microSD expandable up to 128GB RAM makes it easier to store photos, videos and more. The phone has been made available in three different colors i.e. Prestige Gold, Graphite Black and Aurora Blue. The Honor 9i price in India is INR 17,999. The pocket-friendly Honor mobile price makes this smartphone even more desirable.

  • Honor Holly 4:

    Upholding Honor’s legacy of quality, this smartphone comes with a metallic design accompanied by a fingerprint sensor, Android Nougat 7.0 and EMUI 5.1, 3GB RAM, 32GB ROM, and so on. The 13MP primary camera coupled with precision 5-element lens has been built to focus in 0.5 seconds. The 3020 mAh battery present in this smartphone is built to offer longevity.

  • Honor 5C:

    Offering lightning-fast performance with the help of Kirin 650 chipset along with FinFET 16nm chip technology, the Honor 5C carrier with it the power to deliver 65% increase in performance. Coupled with SmartPower 3.0 power-saving technology and Android 6.0’s Doze mode, the smartphone’s 3000mAh battery offers 1.34 days of standby time even with heavy use. Other features include fingerprint identification 2.0, 13.2cm display with 423 PPI, aircraft-grade aluminum alloy body, and so on. The 8+13MP camera unit ensures efficient color reproduction along with a diverse range of shooting modes and creative filters. The integrated speaker box paves the path for enjoying audio with clarity and sound optimized with built-in DSP algorithm and Super Wide Sound technology of Huawei. The flagship-grade dual antenna systems present in this smartphone guarantees seamless connectivity. This smartphone is priced at INR 10,999. All such features are made available inexpensive, the Honor mobile price is the prime reason behind this device is so popular.

  • Honor 6X:

    Revealing the rejuvenating path for one to express his or her inner photographer, the Honor 6X empowers the user with the 12+2MP primary camera unit. The wide aperture range extends from f/0.95 to f/16. Besides featuring a 13.97 cm full HD display, the smartphone operates with the help of an Octa-core 16NM CPU which lets the user do multiple tasks at the same time. In a bid to gift the user with a faster and longer experience, the Honor 6X incorporates a 3340 mAh high-density battery that can offer 2.15 days of normal usage and 1.5 days with heavy usage. The attractive stylish look achieved with the steel metal body gets accompanied by a third-generation fingerprint scanner that has the capacity to unlock the phone in 0.3 seconds. Designed to be offered at a pocket-friendly Honor mobile price, this smartphone also amalgamates different sensors such as Hall effect sensor, Proximity sensor, Ambient light sensor, Gravity sensor, Phone status indicator and so on. The price of the Honor 6X is INR 11,999 (3GB + 32GB) and 13,999 (4GB + 64GB).

  • Honor 8:

    Designed with unmatched craftsmanship, the Honor 8 features a 12MP dual lens, 4GB RAM, 32GB ROM, 5.2-inch LTPS display with 423 PPI, 8MP front camera, 2900mAh Li-Po battery, and more. Paving a path for one to enjoy the power of the dual lenses, this phone has been made available at INR 29,999. The Honor mobile price of this phone is ideal for those looking for a high-end sophisticated phone.

  • Honor 5X:

    Designed with the intention to offer an ultimate audio experience, the Honor 5X takes pride in having a unified speaker chamber that gifts the user crystal-clear audio in compliance with the smart power amplifier and bottom speaker design. Besides featuring a 5.5-inch FHD display, the smartphone also embellishes its body with the diamond-polished aluminum alloy which makes the phone neat and fashionable. In order to make operations and multi-tasking hassle-free, it combines 2GB RAM and a Qualcomm 64 bit Octa-core processor. The microSD can be further expanded up to 128GB with the help of 3 card slots. Unraveling the rejuvenating opportunity for the user to freeze the precious moments of life, the phone carries with it a 13+5MP camera unit and Smart Image 3.0 image processor. The smartphone also offers impressive fingerprint features with the fingerprint identification 2.0, 3000Mah battery, and new shooting modes like slow motion, time lapse, demist filter, and so on. The price of this phone is INR 12,999. Such features make this phone worth the affordable Honor mobile price.

  • Honor 8 Lite:

    Combining style and substance, this smartphone has been designed to be both fast and reliable. Featuring the Kirin 655 Octa-core CPU, 4GB RAM, and 64GB ROM, this smartphone comes with a 3000mAh battery, color enhancement technology, and WLAN signal bridge. It costs INR. 17,999. Such low Honor mobile price keeps them a step ahead of others.

  • Honor 8 Pro:

    Being a true gem, this smartphone has been geared to facilitate multitasking in a smooth manner with the help of 6GB RAM, 128GB internal memory, and a Kirin 960 Octa-core processor. Upholding the fusion of aesthetics and functionality, the Honor 8 Pro features 6.97mm sleek metal body. Enabling one to capture picturesque images, the phone has been adorned with a 12MP camera that has both Monochrome and RGB lenses. The beauty of this smartphone lies in the fact that it ensures eye comfort with its advanced color management system. The 4000mAh battery coupled with Smart-Power 5.0 technology has the capacity to offer 1.44 days of standby time even with heavy use. The price of this smartphone is INR 29,999.

  • Honor Holly 3:

    Marketed as ‘Greater and Grander’, this smartphone offers lightning-fast performance with the Kirin 620 Octa-core 64-bit high-speed CPU, 13.97cm HD screen, 3100 mAh battery, 2GB/3GB RAM, 16GB/32GB ROM, pro data management, power consumption management and an 8MP front-facing camera. Allowing one to be creative, this smartphone offers four modes such as car light trails, silky water, light graffiti, and star track. This superior quality phone is offered at a budget-friendly Honor mobile price of INR. 12,999.

  • Honor Holly 4 Plus:

    Designed to offer assistance in staying away from worry during long work hours, the Honor Holly 4 Plus can last up to 48 hours with one charge. The 13.97cm HD display reduces visual fatigue by filtering out the blue light. While the metal body offers both durability and lightness, other features incorporated in this smartphone are a multi-functional fingerprint sensor, 3GB RAM, 32GB storage that can be further expanded up to 128GB, Android 7.0, 12+8MP camera unit, and so on. Helping users to get their hands enriched with features, this phone has been made available at cheap Honor mobile price of INR 13,999.

Why buy Honor Mobiles?

Honor is the other name of grandeur, comfort, magnificence, and user-friendliness. Offering a diverse range of smartphone at inexpensive Honor mobile price, the company has earned a reputation for providing the users with a plethora of features. Introducing efficient power management system, powerful speaker, and cameras that allow one to be creative, Honor phones are perhaps the best way to stay connected with the world. Where to buy from Even though Honor started selling phones via online only during the initial period, today they can be found across the country through their authorized dealers. However, one can still find the Honor mobiles available at inexpensive Honor mobile price in online stores like Flipkart, Amazon, eBay and so on. One must be sagacious enough while purchasing the mobile phones as buying phones from unauthorized dealers may cause unforeseen troubles. After starting its overseas operations Huawei mobiles has launched it's wireless GSM-based device and further expanding it to CDMA and UMTS. Huawei came to India in 1999 and started its in-house telecommunications plant and released many fine rated as Honor 4X, Huawei honor 6 and much more. Huawei mobiles now compete with the big mobile brands as Micromax, Lenovo mobiles. Within a few years, the Honor series has set a huge competition in the market. The company has further expanded its business in the international markets. In the year 2005, Huawei has earned huge sales in the International market compared to its homeland space. Honor mobiles are packed with powerful features and the company has made sure to fit the smartphone range within the budget. Some best honor mobiles are Honor 5x, Honor 7, Honor 6, Honor Holly. There is a new fleet of upcoming Honor mobiles that are scheduled for launch and this sure seems to be a good fit for the country. Honor range of mobiles has kept users in India and around the world on their toes with information on their upcoming mobiles list. The Honor 7X and the Honor 9i have been the models that have been stealing the spotlight this last quarter of the year. Their timing couldn't be better with the festive season fast approaching.

Why to buy on BestPriceOn?

Here you can experience the joy of online shopping at best available prices. Our collection of honor mobiles with prices will certainly meet your requirements and aid you in choosing the best honor series at best price tags. The contemporary filters in our Honor mobiles price list will let you choose the best device within your necessities. Our mobile comparison tool will further filter your searches resulting you to buy the best Honor Mobiles. Why shop for Honor mobile phones in India on BestPriceOn? Cuz we offer a complete list of Honor mobile phones with respect to their best price available on the leading e-commerce websites in India. Further, we have the best search engine, which is equipped with NLP technology. We learn about your shopping behaviour as you constantly search on our website. The more you use it, the better it predicts and recommends you the results. The future of shopping online is here. We keep the Honor mobile price list updated with fresh launches and rumours.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is the warranty period of Honor Mobile Phones in India?

    The company offers standard 12 months of warranty period from Date of Purchase on their Honor smartphones. Whereas few handsets like Honor 6X and Honor 8 has different warranty periods of 15 months and 24 months, respectively.

  • 2. Where can you buy a Honor mobile in India?

    Currently, Honor mobiles are made exclusive to Amazon India. We at BestPriceOn lists down all the Honor mobiles at one place, which makes it easier for you to access the Honor mobile price list.

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