Hitech Memory Card Price List

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. Many devices come with decent storage options, yet, there is always a need for expanding storage.  If you have been looking to purchase a memory card for your mobile phone, then, Hitech memory card is one of the solutions available for purchase online.

Memory cards have been a stepping stone for change in the behavior of mobile phone users. As the storage solutions got affordable, the media consumption  increased on mobile phones. You might have heard terms like SD card, microSD card, and SDHC cards. These are several types of memory cards available in the market. The different types of devices support different types of memory cards.

If you are looking for storage solution on your smartphones, tablets, and featured phone, then, they support microSD card. While if you are seeking a memory card for your DSLR or any digital camera, then, you are required to put SDcard in your device.

Hitech memory card claims to offer fast read and write speeds as they utilize Class 10 technology. Different class of memory card means variation in data transfer and read speeds. To quickly launch apps, load music, and videos you need a faster and reliable memory card.

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Hitech Memory Card Price List in India

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Latest Hitech Memory Card Price List in India 2018

Hitech Memory Card Price ListPrice
Hitech 16GB MicroSDHC Class 6 Memory CardRs. 609
Hitech 8 GB MicroSDHC Class 6 Memory CardRs. 519
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