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Hitachi is a Japanese conglomerate which serves in several industries like home appliances, electronics, Industrial machinery, Power plants, and Telecom among others. Founded in 1910, the company has been known for its refrigerators and air conditioners. Interestingly, the name of the company means sunrise (hi=sun, tachi=rise) in an ancient Asian language.

Not only air-conditioning equipment, but Hitachi refrigerators also do stand out amongst the other leading brands. Prices of these fridges vary from Rs 28000 to Rs 1 lakh. So obviously, Hitachi fridges are mostly for above mid-range and high-range customers. Also, the company makes single, double, and multi-door refrigerators. The capacity of these fridges varies from 250 liters to 650 liters.

The refrigerator market in India

After growing at a rate of 15.70%, the Indian refrigerator market has seen steady improvement in living standards and rapid urbanization. With major players of the Indian refrigerator market cutting prices and launching new models equipped with innovative technological features, the market is more competitive than ever. While most of the refrigerators come with a capacity ranging from 200-litres to 500-litres, they function wither with direct cool or frost-free technologies. In midst of the market being dominated by companies like Samsung, LG, and Whirlpool, the Japan-based Hitachi has earned significant reputation in the market.

About the company

Japan-based Hitachi Limited came into existence in the year 1910 when Namihei Odaira came to introduce the first 5-horse power motor of Japan. After becoming the domestic leader in the domain of electric motors and electric power industry, the company set off its journey as an in-house venture of the mining company of Fusanosuke Kuhara. Serving across the globe in the domain of electronics, industrial machinery, information systems, and so on, the company today is a ¥9.663 Trillion enterprise and functions with the help of its 303,887 employees.

Here is the list of refrigerators offered by Hitachi at economic Hitachi refrigerator price in India along with their features:

Made in Japan Refrigerator (MIJ):

R-E6800ND: This 722 litre refrigerator has been engineered to rejuvenate the user with the efficiency maximizing Wasabi Essence. While the presence of the additional LED light ensures photocatalyst preservation in the vacuum compartment, more carbon dioxide generation has been guaranteed for the sake of retaining the essential nutrients within the foods and vegetables. The inclusion of the dual fan cooling system and vacuum insulation panel adds to the convenience whereas the incorporation of the advanced frost recycling cooling technology gifts the user with less worries. Offered at expensive Hitachi refrigerator price of INR 3,30,000, this model also features touch control panel, tempered glass surface, intelligent flaps and sensors etc.

Side by Side Refrigerator:

R-S700 PND2-(GBK): This 600-litre side by side refrigerator has been embellished with outstanding features that help the user to achieve the maximum amount of freshness while saving the power in the most efficient manner. While the tempered glass shelves have been made to be scratch resistant as well as heat resistant, the presence of LED lights ensure less amount of electricity is consumed. The dual fan cooling technology paves path for both the freezer and refrigerator compartments being effectively cooled by independent coolers. The touch screen controller included in this elegant refrigerator embraces the user with the scope to change setting at a touch. It is priced at high Hitachi refrigerator price of INR 97,000.

R-M700AGPND4X: With a capacity of 651-litres, this side by side refrigerator brings with it the cutting-edge technology called Nano Titanium that maintains anti-bacterial, anti-mold and deodorizing effect within the refrigerator. Catering to the needs of the user round the clock, this product is adept at adjusting the cooling power required in a bid to ensure intelligent cooling. Besides saving power, this refrigerator takes pride in using CFC-free refrigerant that leaves little footprint on the global environment. Priced at Hitachi refrigerator price of INR 2,20,000, this product functions in compliance with Eco-Thermo sensors as well.

2 Door Bottom Freezer:

R-B500PND6: Coming with 3 Energy Star and having a capacity of 466-litres, this 2-door bottom refrigerator unravels the rejuvenating avenue for the user to have more space than ever. Boasting of smart open veg compartment and selected mode compartment, this refrigerator features tempered glass shelves that can hold up to 100 kg of foods, beverages and vegetables. While the twist ice tray has been designed to be movable to add to the convenience of the user, the flat glass panel made touch screen control makes the operation easy and is easy to clean as well. Priced at an affordable Hitachi refrigerator price of INR 67,000, this refrigerator has been designed to be CFC free with the help of CFC-free refrigerant R600a. The addition of double-deck drawer makes it even more desirable.

Big French Series:

Standard Series:

R-W660PND3X: This 586-litre refrigerator comes with an elegant appearance while ensuring the highest level of efficiency and performance. Besides being able to adjust the cooling with the inverter control, the refrigerator is also adorned with power cool pocket and front air flow. The refrigerator features mold proof door gasket, LED control panel, and cool power display. The inclusion of the Eco-Thermo sensor makes it easy for one to have guaranteed optimum cooling for energy-saving operations under all circumstances. It is offered at a Hitachi refrigerator price of INR 99,000.

Deluxe Series:

R-W720FPND1X: Made available at high end Hitachi refrigerator price of INR 1,19,000, this 638 litre deluxe refrigerator is powered by an Eco-Thermo sensor and dual fan cooling. The incorporation of selectable mode compartment makes it possible for the user to have temperature in each side of the compartment adjusted with simple switching between Dairy/Meat and Vegetable mode. Ensuring ultra-storage capacity with the moisture-guard vegetable compartment, the refrigerator guarantees maintenance of optimum level of moisture. On the other hand, the dual fan cooling feature ensure effective circulation of cold air in both the freezer and refrigerator compartment. Other features include Nano titanium filter, Blue digital display, quick freezing, automatic ice maker and so on.

French Bottom Freezer Series:

French Bottom Freezer (3 door): The 3-door french bottom freezer comes with 456-litres and 510-litres capacities. Relying on the deodorising nano titanium filters that eliminates bacteria, this refrigerator provides optimum cooling with the help of Eco-Thermo sensor. Besides being embellished with tempered glass shelves, this refrigerator comes with dual fan cooling with the help of which the device can make sure that cold air is circulated in quick and effective fashion. The strategic inclusion of the inverter control technology offers uninterrupted performance and intelligent cooling. This model comes in two variants offered at affordable Hitachi refrigerator price:

R-WB480PND2 (456 litre, Rs 73,500)

R-WB550PND2 (510 litre, Rs 83,000)

French Bottom Freezer (4 door): Making the daunting task of saving energy easier than ever, the Hitachi French bottom 4 door freezer comes in 650 and 700-litre variants. Catering to the need of having more storage space and keeping the food & vegetables moist and fresh, the refrigerator brings in advanced Japanese technology that’s efficient enough to maintain a high concentration of carbon dioxide in compliance with the platinum catalyst. The inclusion of the easy twist ice maker not only makes it easy to make ice but also lets the user take out ice conveniently. Other features are inclusive of Eco-Thermo sensor, extra wide interior, super big REF compartment, mold proof door gasket and so on. This model has been made available in colors like Grey and Black color. Offered at a Hitachi refrigerator price, the refrigerator comes in two models:

R-WB730PND5 (650-litre, INR 1,34,000)

R-WB800PND5 (700-litre, INR 1,44,000)

French Bottom Freezer with Water Dispenser: Featuring a water dispenser that can hold up to 3 liters of water, the french bottom freezer has been engineered to add convenience and ease with a plethora of features. While the open-assist handle ensures little effort to open the refrigerator, the powerful cooling technology releases a huge volume of chilled air in compliance with the inverter compressor and dual fan cooling. Made available in both 650 and 700-litre variants, this refrigerator guarantees the highest level of heat insulation with the help of vacuum insulation panel. The interior has been designed to be extra wide in a bid to help the user store large dishes. Two models of this product are offered at an expensive Hitachi refrigerator price:

R-WB730PND6X-XGR-FBF (650-litre, INR. 1,40,000)

R-WB800PND6X-XGR-FBF (700-litre, INR. 1,50,000)

Super Big2 Series: Presenting a perfect matrimony of efficiency, performance, and aesthetically pleasing features, this 652-litre refrigerator brings with it the benefits of front air flow and dual fan cooling. The beauty of the dual fan cooling is that it makes the most of the inverter and ensures independent cooling of both the refrigerator and the freezer. Made available at a Hitachi refrigerator price of INR 94,500, the R-VG720PND5-GGR model further gets adorned with the movable twist ice tray. While optimum cooling is achieved with the inclusion of Eco-Thermo Sensor, deodorization of the air is ensured by the Nano titanium filter. The R-V910PND1KX has been made available at a high-end Hitachi refrigerator price of INR 1,05,000.

Big 2 Series: The Hitachi Big 2 Series has been designed to create a perfect matrimony of affordability, cutting-edge technology, efficient cooling, and optimal moisture. While the vegetable compartment comes with moisture guard at the top of to keep the vegetables fresh, the selectable mode compartment makes it much easier for one to have flexibility between dairy/meat and vegetable products. Cooling the freezer and refrigerator separately for the best result, the dual cooling technology is the ideal cooling system that one could ask for. Equipped with scratch-proof tempered glass shelves, the refrigerators in this series are efficient enough to eliminate even the smallest bacteria. Models offered in this series at competitive Hitachi refrigerator price are:

R-V540PND3KX (489 litre, Rs 71,000)

R-V610PND3KX (565 litre, Rs 80,500)

R-V660PND3KX (601 litre, Rs 86,750)

New Stylish Line Series:

Stylish Door Series: Revealing the opportunity for one to have the best in category refrigerators, the new stylish line series enables the user to have access to products that are adorned with features like slide out chilled case, jumbo door pocket, mold proof door gasket and so on. While the newly designed eco-thermo sensor has been introduced to offer energy-efficient optimum cooling, the the tempered glass shelves don’t only add to the appearance but also are sturdy enough to hold up to 100 kg of weight. The presence of the movable ice tray adds to the storage space. Besides using CFC free refrigerant R600a, these refrigerators function in compliance with dual cooling technology. Priced at affordable Hitachi refrigerator price, the models offered in this series are:

R-V400PND3K (382 litre, Rs 50,000)

R-V440PND3K (415 litre, Rs 54,500)

R-V470PND3K (451 litre, Rs 59,000)

Glass Door Series: Offering repeated engrossment with the user, this series has been designed to cater to the need of the users. While the adjustment in cooling power is achieved with the inverter control technology, the dual fan cooling promotes independent cooling of both the refrigerator and freezer compartment. Keeping the air free from odor and bacteria with the help of the nano titanium filter, the refrigerator also comes with Eco-Thermo sensor that ensures optimum cooling, Other features that have been included in this series are side out chill case, LED light, jumbo door pockets, movable twist ice tray, and so on. The models that are offered at affordable Hitachi refrigerator price in this series are:

R-VG400PND3 (382 litre, Rs 52,500)

R-VG440PND3 (415 litre, Rs 57,250)

R-VG470PND3 (451 litre, Rs 62,000)

SlimLine Refrigerator: The refrigerators offered under this series have been adorned with technologies like inverter control and eco thermal sensor. The presence of the electronic control aids detection of temperature changes with multiple sensor. Ensuring optimum cooling while keeping the entire operation energy-efficient, this series comes with plethora of features that will embrace the user with immense satisfaction. Using CFC-free R600a refrigerant, the refrigerators come with features like air jet flow, convertible compartment and so on. The three models offered at competitive Hitachi refrigerator price under this series are:

R-H270PND4K (253 litre, Rs 35,200)

R-H310PND4K (289 litre, Rs 37,800)

R-H350PND4K (318 litre, Rs 39,900)

Why buy Hitachi refrigerators

The reasons that make many people prefer the Hitachi refrigerators offered at affordable Hitachi refrigerator price are:

Cutting-edge Technology: Relying on cutting-edge technologies like eco thermal sensor, inverter control and dual fan cooling technology, the refrigerators are designed to offer unsurpassed quality performance.

Affordable Price: Bringing the latest innovative technology while keeping the price competitive, these refrigerators are the best in the market.

Features: Inclusion of features like side out chill case, LED light and so on adds to the convenience of the user.

Where to buy Hitachi refrigerators from

Hitachi refrigerator offered at affordable Hitachi refrigerator price can be easily purchased from online e-commerce stores like Flipkart, Amazon and so on. However, one must make sure that the product is bought from authorized dealers so that the user doesn’t have to face any situation later on.

A Hitachi Refrigerator comes with Frost Free technology, Digital Inverter Compressor, Mould-proof Gasket, Air Jet Flow technology, Tempered Glass, CFC free, and Eco Thermal Sensor. These models would normally come with 1 year warranty period and 9 years of compressor warranty. A high-end Hitachi fridge would be of 628-liter capacity. With many features like French Door, Express Freezing, Deodorizer, Moist Balance Crisper, Active Carbon Filter, HFC Free, Super Energy Saving, Long Cool Keeper, and Nano Titanium Filter, these models are must-buys if you are looking for something larger than life. These models come with 1-year product warranty and 10 years of compressor warranty.

For any Hitachi Refrigerator spare parts, or in case of any queries or complaints, you can consult a nearby Hitachi service center or contact Hitachi customer care.

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Latest Hitachi Refrigerator Price List in India 2018

Hitachi Refrigerator Price ListPrice
Hitachi R-H350PND4K 318 Litres Double Door RefrigeratorRs. 38140
Hitachi R-SG31BPND-GS/GBK 336Litres Double Door RefrigeratorRs. 54438
Hitachi R-H310PND4K (SLS) 289 Litres 3S Double Door RefrigeratorRs. 31120
Hitachi R-VG400PND3 382 Litres Double Door RefrigeratorRs. 43999
Hitachi R-V470PND3K 451 Litres Double Door Refrigerator Rs. 52616
Hitachi R-SG37BPND-GS/GBK 390Litres 4S Triple Door RefrigeratorRs. 59999
Hitachi R W720FPND1X GBK 638 Litres 4 Door RefrigeratorRs. 110000
Hitachi R-VG440PND3 415 Litres 3S Double Door Refrigerator Rs. 47675
Hitachi BIG2 R-VG610PND3 601 Litres 4S Double Door RefrigeratorRs. 68999
Hitachi R-W660PND3GBK/GGR 586Ltr Side-By-Side Door Refrigerator Rs. 90846