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Our world is vastly surrounded by content, be it from cloud, internet content providers, social networks, mobile devices, and enterprise business transactions. The storage requirements are ever-increasing as the content doesn’t stop coming. Which is why you need to carry reliable high capacity drives wherever you go. Well, only if you are looking to store and share the content on-the-go. We have a list of HGST hard disk drives to cater your need for data storage.     

Before you dive into browsing HGST hard disks price in India, let's talk about the company itself. Formerly known as Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, the company was founded in 2003 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Western Digital Corporation. The company has its headquarters in San Jose, California. The brand has regional offices in 10 countries including the United States, China, India, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, and United Kingdom.

What are the features of HGST hard disk? They come in wide varieties boasting different capacities, dimensions, and features. The brand offers external HDDs for enterprise and individuals as well. Holding high manufacturing standards and utilizing technologies, these drives deliver efficiency, reliability, and add more value to your data backup collection.

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HGST Hard Disk Price List in India

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Latest HGST Hard Disk Price in India 2017

HGST Hard Disk Price Price
HGST Touro MX3 USB 3.0 500GB External Hard DriveRs. 13155
HGST Touro S 1 TB External Hard DiskRs. 6999
HGST Touro Mobile 1 TB USB 3.0 External Hard DiskRs. 15491
HGST Touro 2TB USB 3.0 External Hard DiskRs. 6775