Haier Washing Machine Price List

Haier Group is a Chinese tech giant which manufactures home appliances, commercial heating/cooling systems, and consumer electronics. Founded in 1984, this company is one of the largest ‘white goods’ manufacturer. Also, Haier was named one of the top 20 most trusted brands in India. Headquartered in Qingdao, China, the company has been growing exponentially with a global revenue of over $30 billion. The brand is especially known for its perfection and effectivity.

Other features of a low-end Haier washing machine include Aquaproof, Rinse Cycle, Aquastop, and drying speed of 800 rpm. However, these models do not come with an in-built heater or digital display.

Coming to the high-end models, these will come with front load fully automatic technology, 7kg capacity, Hot Wash technology, Preset timer, LCD display, Memory backup, and Wrinkle prevention. Additional features of these high-end Haier Washing machines include Rinse Cycle, Rinse Hold, Door Lock, Child Lock, and minimal noise level of 53db.

A Haier washing machine generally comes with one-year product warranty and 5 years motor warranty. However, this warranty does not cover any physical damages to the outer cabinet and plastic parts. The company guidelines specify that any sort of manufacturing defects and damage to internal parts will cover under warranty.

Let’s explore the Haier washing machine 2017 range:

Haier Semi Automatic Washing Machine

What are the Haier Semi Automatic Washing Machine features?

> Castors - Moving a semi-automatic washing machine is a task you wouldn’t want to do alone. But Haier has made this task simpler by introducing castors in their semi-automatics. Now if you are looking to purchase one, we recommend buying a Haier semi-automatic washing machine. Castor means these machines are fixed with swiveling wheels to their legs. That’s why it's easy to move these semi-automatic machines from the house of Haier. The brand highlights that these castors are made out of high-grade materials, offering durability and mobility. So, now move your washing machine hassle-free.  

> Bubble Wash - Semi-automatics aren’t quite efficient when it comes to the effective cleaning of dirt and stains. That is the general perception of users. Haier wants to redefine that perception with their range of semi-automatic washing machines. The Bubble wash technology featured in this enables bubbles to emerge  from the bottom of the tub and target dirt and stains. Haier semi-automatic washing machines promises to completely remove dirt even from heavily soiled laundry and remove rigid stains from your precious clothes.

> Overload Protection - This kind of protection is a must on a washing machine! People tend to put a lot of laundry in their washing machines at a time. That is not the right way to achieve the wash of a lot of laundry in less time. This would mean that machine is overloaded and couldn’t perform its task effectively. As a result, the clothes won’t get a quality wash. To prevent this from happening, Haier has taken a measure to stop the washing machine if the load inside it is more than it has recommended at a time.  

> Rust-Free Body - Sporting a polypropylene body, Haier semi-automatic washing machines offer a rust free body. A primary headache when you buy a washing machine is that whether it will prevent rusting or not. Some models have the lower part and some have the whole body made out of the rust-free material. This is sure going to make a lot of consumers happy!  

> 5 Years Warranty - The ultimate reliability factor is judged when the company is investing its time in the machine by promising an unbelievable warranty period. Haier washing machine semi-automatic models comes with a 5 years warranty period, which is quite long for a semi-automatic. This expresses that Haier has a trust in their semi-automatics unlike other brands that they’ll function longer.  

Haier Fully Automatic Washing Machine

1. Top Load

2. Front Load

Haier Top Load Washing Machine

Haier top load washing machines are few, yet, they are one of the most preferred washing machines in India. Haier washing machines stand for reliability, trust, customer centric approach and importantly for the value for money they provide. Here, we have listed a list of Haier top load washing machine features you should look out for before making a purchase.

What are the Haier Top Load Washing Machine features?

> Quick Wash - Millennials have a shortage of time, they are busy achieving social media goals! Which is why a quick wash program is needed for them. Haier has come up with such function on their fully automatic washing machine. Their washing machine promises to finish wash cycle in just 15 minutes if you have selected a Quick Wash program.  

> Metal body & Steel Drum - A sturdy washing should be the priority of a washing machine! Different types of technologies help in bringing out the best washing experience. But what’s more important than those technologies is the hardware inside. A metal body not only makes it lighter but durable as well. Whereas a steel drum is tested to last longer in terms of wash quality and life of the tub.

> Double Balance Ring - Whether it’s a semi-automatic or fully automatic, they all make noise! Who would want a washing machine that makes sounds like a car engine? And this engine is mostly fitted inside the house. It’ll disturb your sleep, kid’s sleep, and even neighbors. That is why Haier decided to do something about it. They have introduced a Double Balance Ring technology, that reduces noise, vibration and offers stability during wash cycles.  

> Powerful Motor - Top loading washing machines aren’t a costly affair when compared to front loading washing machines. But that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t offer value for money features. Haier washing machine top load models come equipped with a powerful motor that claims to save time and energy.

> Double Magic Filter - Usually what happens is that a single magic filter is sufficient, but if you are regularly washing heavily soiled clothes, then, the regular magic filter won’t be sufficient. Haier top loading washing machines claim to offer a complete cleaning experience with their Double layer lint filter.

> Smart Ball Technology - Cleaning the drum is as important as cleaning cloths. That is why Haier has introduced this technology on their top loading washing machines. There are tiny balls present between the inner and outer drum of the washing machine. During the wash cycle, they scrap the drum without stopping at any point in between wash cycle. Scrapping the drum helps clean any stains and keep it hygienic.

> Air Dry Technology - Drying clothes shouldn’t be a headache when you have a washing machine as your companion. This air dry technology on Haier fully automatic washing machine helps in drying out the clothes according to your requirements. Haier offers drying time from 30 minutes to 90 minutes. Wash and dry clothes according to your needs!

> Double Drive Technology - Looking for a washing machine that gives uniform washing to your clothes? Your hunt is over! Haier top load washing machine that’s equipped with Double Drive technology claims to offer a uniform washing experience. In this technology, the pulsator and drum rotate at the same time, but in opposite direction. It creates a 3-Synchronous system that ensures up to 50% saving on power, water and time. Thus, making washing machine more efficient and effective in performance.  

> Life-Time Warranty - Other than the 2 years comprehensive warranty on the machine. An unbelievable 18 year warranty on a motor is available on these Haier washing machine top loading models. Now that is called lifetime warranty!

Haier Front Load Washing Machine

What are the Haier Front Load Washing Machine features?

> Smart Direct Drive Motor - A motor defines the washing speed, efficiency and a lot of things about a washing machine. Which is why Haier has made a wise choice by implementing a Smart Direct Drive motor. This motor claims to offer 40% saving in energy and promises to create lesser vibration-noise. Thus, giving you a silent wash!

> A+++ Certification - It’s all fine and all that a brand is introducing a motor with incredible saving claims. But unless those claims are certified, they mean nothing. Which is why Haier got ahead and took one step ahead in gaining consumer trust and got their front loaders certified with A+++ certification.

> Anti-Bacteria Technology - After the wash cycle is done, sometimes clothes develop germs and bacteria that wasn’t present at the first place. To address this issue, Haier has made sure to prevent any such incidences happening in their washing machines. Their front loaders come equipped with an Anti-Bacterial Technology that prevents the growth on any kind of germs of bacteria on clothes as well as in drum.   

> Laser Seamless Welding Technology - Equipped with this laser welding technology, Haier claims to increase the longevity of their washing machines. Further, this technology efficiently helps in taking care of clothes.

> Near Zero Pressure - Do you experience low water pressure in your area? If yes, washing can be a gruesome task for you even if you have a washing machine. Cuz most of the washing machine doesn’t properly work at low water pressure. Of course, water is a significant factor when it comes to washing clothes, but low water pressure shouldn’t stop washing cycles. That is why Haier has come up with a Near Zero Pressure technology, where a Haier top load washing machine works in at a 0.001 Mpa water pressure. A technology created out of need is the real innovation!

What are the best Haier semi-automatic washing machines in India in 2017?

1. Haier 6.2 kg Semi Automatic Top Load Washing Machine (XPB 62-187Q) Price - Rs 9679

2. Haier XPB72-713S Semi-Automatic Washing Machine Price - Rs 10,990

3. Haier XPB72-0714DX Semi-automatic Top-loading Washing Machine (7.2 Kg, Sparkle Red) Price - Rs 12,190

What are the best Haier fully automatic washing machines in India in 2017?

1. Top Load

2. Front Load

Best Haier washing machine Top Load

1. Haier HWM60-12699NZP 6 Kg Fully-Automatic Washing Machine Price - Rs 10,000

2. Haier HWM72-718N 7.2 kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine Price - Rs 16,868

3. Haier HWM80-12699NZP 8 Kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine Price - Rs 19,999

Best Haier washing machine Front Load

1. Haier HW55-1010ME 5.5 Kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine (HW55-1010ME) Price - Rs 18,799

2. Haier 6 kg Hw60-1279 Front-load Washing Machine Price - Rs 23,520

3. Haier HW70-1279 7 Kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine Price - Rs 24,800

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Latest Haier Washing Machine Price List in India 2018

Haier Washing Machine Price ListPrice
Haier HWM58-020 Fully-Automatic 5.8 Kg Washing MachineRs. 10990
Haier HSW72-588A 7.2 Kg Fully Automatic Washing MachineRs. 19990
Haier HW70-1279 7 Kg Fully Automatic Washing MachineRs. 24800
Haier XPB72-714D 7.2 Kg Semi-Automatic Washing MachineRs. 10000
Haier HWM70-12688NZP 7 Kg Fully-automatic Washing MachineRs. 19590
Haier 6 kg Hw60-1279 Front load Washing MachineRs. 23360
Haier XPB62-0613RU 6.2 Kg Semi Automatic Top Loading Washing MachineRs. 7704
Haier XPB76-113S 7.6Kg Washing MachineRs. 10015
Haier XPB65-113S Semi Automatic Washing MachineRs. 8799
Haier HW60-1010AS 6 kg Fully Automatic Washing MachineRs. 20150

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

  • 1. Where can I reach the Haier washing machine customer care?

    The best way to contact with Haier washing machine customer care service is by raising a service request via their website. It will help brand identify the model, and send engineers and equipment accordingly to your home. You can enter preferred date and time as well for convenience. Further, mention the requirements in detail in the service request form. Then, you will receive a revert communication from the brand within a required time frame. Additionally, the customer desk of Haier can be reached via dialing up a toll-free number.

  • 2. How long does a Haier washing machine warranty last?

    It is interesting to note that semi-automatic models come with a 5-year warranty on motor, and two years comprehensive warranty. Whereas for the top and front load models, the comprehensive warranty remains the same, but the motor warranty is for 10 years. Some selected fully automatic models come with up to 18 years of warranty promise as mentioned on their official website.

  • 3. Can I extend warranty period on my Haier washing machine?

    Haier has partnered with OneAssist and other third-party Annual Maintenance Contract providers to offer extended warranty services on their washing machine line. You can check them out on the product pages of the desired washing machines on our website when you click on a store.

  • 4. Where can I get the Haier washing machine spare parts?

    Haier recommends consumers to buy original washing machine parts. That is why you should call up the customer care or request the brand to replace the part that needs to be fixed.

  • 5. Is there a Haier washing machine exchange offer?

    As far as the official information from the Haier’s website is concerned, there are no ongoing exchange offers available on Haier washing machines. But you can still check out such offers available on stores like Flipkart and Amazon India.

  • 6. What is the Haier washing machine toll-free number?

    Ring up any of these numbers, 1800102999/18002009999, to reach to the customer care from Haier service desk.

  • 7. Does Haier washing machine come with accessories as a part of the welcome kit?

    No. The accessories like stand, cover, and trolley needs to be purchased separately. You can do it either from a third party provider or get it from the brand itself.

  • 8. What is solution to control the too much foam formation in the drum on a Hair washing machine?

    First thing is that you should not put too much detergent in the detergent dispenser. If you have put it already and the washing is half way done. Then, we suggest you to keep the process going on and let it finish the washing.

  • 9. Can I add more clothes to the wash if it is already started?

    This is not recommended, as in most cases the wash program has to be stopped.

  • 10. How many years warranty in Haier Washing Machines?

    5 years warranty on motor along with 2 years comprehensive warranty.

  • 11. What if I want a HardWater to Softwater conversion?

    This can be done by attaching a seperate Water Softener.