Gomad Power Bank Price

GoMAD Power is a US based company which manufactures power banks, chargers, and expanded its services to several countries like UK, India, Italy, and Spain among others.

GoMAD power banks price range varies from Rs 2,500 to Rs 7,500. Also, these power banks vary with respect to their capacity, battery type, size, connectivity, and weight to name a few. When considered a GoMAD power bank of 7800 mAh capacity, it weighs around 70 grams, and comes with 5V power supply, 5.1 output power and supports USB connectivity.

Also, these power banks come with a LED indicator which shows the status of the amount of power remaining in the power brick. Along with the features like Over-Charge protection, Discharge & Leakage protection, and Core Intelligent protection.

These GoMAD power banks come with one-year product warranty which covers any sort of manufacturing defects or internal circuit disconnections.

Gomad Power Bank Price List in India

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