Godrej Refrigerator Price List

Godrej refrigerator is one of the major products in the Home appliances division of Godrej Group. It is an Indian private company that is more than a century old with its headquarters in Mumbai. A Godrej refrigerator is popular among its users for quality, customer service, durability, and low power consumption. Auto-cool features and optimally user-friendly features give easy access to chiller tray, bottle holders, ice-cube dispenser, and also cool water dispenser. 

Godrej refrigerator price is apt and competitive when compared to other manufacturers like Kelvinator, Electrolux, Haier, LG, Whirlpool, and Hitachi. Here we have a complete Godrej refrigerator price list in India along with the information on where the cheapest Godrej refrigerator in India can be purchased online. We enlist a range of e-commerce platforms to give you a freedom to choose from your shopping store according to your choice.

Why is a Godrej refrigerator good for your household?

> For its power efficient cooling! Saves you money.  

> Acclaimed CFC-Free technology. 

> SuperFast cooling at your fingertips. 

Why should you purchase a Godrej refrigerator on BestPriceOn?

> We provide you with a complete and update Godrej refrigerator price range available in India. 

> Comparing a VFM choice is easier on our website. All thanks to the filters.

Is the Godrej refrigerator a good fit for your requirements?

Well, it is you only who have to answer this question. 

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Godrej Refrigerator Price List in India

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Latest Godrej Refrigerator Price List in India 2018

Godrej Refrigerator Price ListPrice
Godrej RD Edge Pro 190 PDS 5S 190 L Direct Cool Refrigerator (Carbon Leaf) Rs. 15699
Godrej RT EON 241 P 3.4 3S (Silver Meadow) 241 Litres Double Door RefrigeratorRs. 21490
Godrej RH-EDGEDIGI 212 PDS 6.2 212 Liters Single Door Refrigerator (Spring) Rs. 20095
Godrej RT EON 241 PD 3.4 3S (Silver Atom) 241 Litres Double Door RefrigeratorRs. 26290
Godrej RD Edge Pro 190 CT 5.1 190 Litres 5S Single Door Refrigerator (Silver Stroke) Rs. 15101
Godrej RD Edge Pro 210 PDS 5.1 210L 5S Single Door Refrigerator (Lush) Rs. 19352
Godrej RD Edge 185 CTM 185 Litres Single Door Refrigerator Rs. 14000
Godrej RD Edge Pro 190 PDS 5.1 190L 5S Single Door Refrigerator (Lush) Rs. 16480
Godrej RT EON 331 P 3.4 3S (Silver Meadow) 331 Litres Double Door RefrigeratorRs. 29990
Godrej RD Edge SX 221 PDS 5.2 221 Litres (Carbon Leaf) Single Door Refrigerator Rs. 18688

All About Godrej Refrigerator

Godrej group - established in the year 1897 is one of the oldest Indian firms that have been now active for more than a century. The firm first made it big after manufacturing its first safe in the early 1900s. Godrej has now made its presence felt in industries like Aerospace, Agriculture, consumer goods, Home appliances, chemicals, construction, electronics, furniture, Security solutions, Real estate and Infotech. Known for creating an affordable and durable range of refrigerator lineup, Godrej has redefined the way Indians shop for this essential home appliance. Offering all kinds of refrigerators including single door, double door, and side to the side door. Godrej fridges in India are priced value for money unlike brands in the industry. Godrej refrigerators speak for themselves and contribute much to the brand value of Godrej as a home appliances manufacturer.

Godrej Refrigerator Specifications

The first refrigerator in India was sold by none other than, Godrej, which was in 1958. Back then the configuration of Godrej refrigerators was in its nascent stage. But now the Godrej refrigerators keeps you cool with a plethora of innovative solutions including Cool shower technology, Poly bag suspenders, Anti-B, 5 Star energy rating, ZOP technology, and a couple more. These Godrej refrigerators are claimed to be 100% CFC Free refrigerators. The growing customer need has made Godrej come up with innovative technologies. And one such is automatic defrost in a direct-cool refrigerator lineup. Looking at the configuration, Godrej refrigerator is one of the best refrigerators to buy in India.

  • NXW:

    Equipped with digital touch control panel, these range of Godrej Refrigerators are company's premium range of offering. The price range for these fridges starts as low as Rs 50,000 and goes up to Rs 75,000. With three different temperature zones, give your food the right amount of cooling it needs to be fresh and healthy. Chiller, Fridge, and Pantry, these zones offer different temperatures for right cooling.

  • Direct Cool:

    Direct cooling is one of the major types of domestic refrigerators. These range of Godrej refrigerators start at Rs 11,990. They tend to be less expensive as manual defrosting is required on these types of Godrej refrigerators. Using natural convection for cooling, these types of refrigerators offers instant cooling. But this has made them power efficient when compared to the frost-free fridge. The stabilizer free operation makes it a refrigerator worth spending money on. Some models in this range come with automatic defrosting, which is an added advantage on a Godrej refrigerator.

  • Frost Free:

    Auto-defrost as it is called in technical terms, these range of domestic refrigerators offers self-defrosting. This range of Godrej refrigerators starts at Rs 18,990 and go up to Rs 45,000. Preferred by families who have a large number of people in their family or families, they usually come in double door category and offers at least 221 Litre capacity. They don't require a stabilizer as they work on low voltage between 140-260V. Pegged better at keeping food healthy, the frost-free range of Godrej refrigerators comes with a jumbo vegetable tray.

Types of Godrej Refrigerator

    Why are Godrej Refrigerators different from other Refrigerators?

    Offering best configuration isn't easy when you are aiming for an affordable price tag. But Godrej has defied this force and emerged as a pioneer in the industry that most of the young brands look up to for inspiration. Other than Godrej being one of the oldest brands in the industry, what sets it apart is that it offers customized features for Indian consumers. Many brands in this space are from different parts of the world. And thus it gives Godrej an edge over other brands as they know their consumers very well.

    Frequently Asked Question On Godrej Refrigerators

    • 1. What is the compressor warranty on a Godrej refrigerator?

      The standard compressor warranty on a Godrej refrigerator is 10 years. Under this period users are entitled to claim cost-free repair for manufacturing defects or replacement if need be on of compressor on their Godrej fridge.

    • 2. What these Godrej refrigerators environment-friendly?

      Yes. The company claims to offer fridges that are 100% CFC, HCFC, and HFC free. Thus, making it not harmful for the environment. These refrigerators are ozone friendly from the house of Godrej.

    • 3. What is the Godrej refrigerator warranty in India?

      The warranty on a Godrej refrigerator is 1 year, which is again a standard in the industry. Any manufacturing defects found during the warranty period on the machine can be repair or replaced cost-free.

    • 4. Is there a rust free warranty on Godrej refrigerators?

      Yes. Some of the Godrej refrigerator models come with a rust-free warranty. Meaning during this period if ever a Godrej fridge gets rusty, then, it would fall under warranty. Thus, users could avail cost-free service.

    • 5. How many star ratings does Godrej refrigerator earn?

      The energy efficient star rating differs model by model on Godrej refrigerator range. Some models come with 2-star ratings while some with 3 and 4. The rating standard goes up to 5.