Gionee Mobile Price List

Gionee Mobiles:

The market is in full boom for low-end smartphones. Gionee is yet another player in budget phones space. Gionee phones are mostly priced under 15000. This Chinese maker has started its operations in 2002, mainly focusing on sales and R&D of mobiles phones. The company has finally started producing mobiles in 2005.

In the later years, the company has released many android mobiles that are available both in low-end and mid-end segments. Gionee S6 Pro, introduced recently comes with an octa-core processor along with many powerful inserts. In the market, Vivo mobiles and Oppo mobiles have set a tough competition for this mobile rand.


Mobile phone market in India:

India as we all know has the largest population of mobile phone users in the world. And gone are those days where buying mobile phones was considered a ‘luxury’. India has taken the lead in manufacturing world-class models of mobile phones that suit everyone’s needs and budget. International brands like Apple, Samsung, Panasonic, etc, have enjoyed a good market share in the Indian mobile market. However, in the last few years, a Chinese mobile maker- Gionee has forayed into the Indian market and created a buzz among mobile phone users. Let us learn more about the brand and its products.

Gionee has a total investment of close to US$12 million. The factory area is over 2,20,000 square feet and has engaged over 1000 employees.

Advent into the Indian market:

Gionee built their first manufacturing unit in India in August 2016. It was at this time only that it brought its first Indian-made smartphone, the F103 model into the market. This device was made in Andhra Pradesh, in its plant in Sri-city.

Later that year, they launched the S6 Pro in our country. This was Gionee's very first VR-ready smartphone which had many takers.

Gionee has over the years made a strong foot note in the Indian market and has come up with a variety of smart phones that are both user and pocket-friendly.

Virat Kohli and Alia Bhatt have lent their names to endorse their products and are the two brand ambassadors for Gionee.

Gionee’s latest mobile phone:

Gionee's latest launch in September 2017 is the M7 Power. The phone has a 6-inch touchscreen display, works on the 1.4GHz Octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 435 MSM8940 processor, and has a powerful capacity of 4 GB (RAM).

For users who love to boast of a phone with a good camera, this has a 13 MP primary camera, and an 8-MegaPixel front camera that ensure bright selfies.

The Gionee M7 Power has dual SIM facility, and is priced at INR 19,990.

The consolidated price list of popular Gionee mobile phones:

Gionee A1 - Rs. 19,999

Gionee A1 Plus - Rs. 23,499

Gionee A1 Lite - Rs. 13,323

Gionee P7 Max - Rs. 12,099

Gionee X1 - Rs. 8,650

Gionee S6s - Rs. 15,999

Gionee P5L -Rs. 9,199

Gionee S6 Pro - Rs. 19,999

Gionee X1s - Rs. 12,749

Gionee Marathon M5 Lite -Rs. 12,649

Gionee P7- Rs. 10,349

Gionee F103 Pro- Rs. 9,999

Gionee Elife E8- Rs. 19,750

Gionee P5 Mini- Rs. 4,290

Gionee Pioneer P5W- Rs. 4,462

Upcoming phones:

Gionee M7 -Rs. 27,990

Gionee S10 -Rs. 24,999

Gionee S11 -Rs. 29,990

However, one must be aware of the problems users at times face when they buy devices online- especially if the dealer is not authorised. Hence, it will be wise to be careful before making such an investment.

Gionee Phones Under 10000, Gionee 4g Phones

Gionee Mobile Price List in India

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Latest Gionee Mobile Price List in India 2018

Gionee Mobile Price List Price
Gionee M7 PowerRs. 16999
Gionee A1 liteRs. 10999
Gionee S6sRs. 10999
Gionee A1Rs. 12755
Gionee S80Rs. 2500
Gionee F103Rs. 10200
Gionee S6 ProRs. 11790
Gionee M5 LiteRs. 8290
Gionee f5Rs. 12999
Gionee A1 PlusRs. 20000

All About Gionee Mobiles

Gionee is a Chinese smartphone manufacturing company with its headquarters in Shenzen, China. Started in the year 2002, it is one of China’s biggest mobile manufacturers. Over the years, Gionee has forayed into various markets, which include countries like India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand, Philippines, Algeria, and Nigeria.

Types of Gionee Mobiles

The list of the various Gionee phone series in India with their notable models are listed below with their prices:

  • A series:

    A1- The key features of the Gionee A1 are a 16MP front camera with a selfie flash, something which a lot of mobile phones do not offer. The price of this is INR 19,999. It’s available in 3 colours- black, grey and cream.

  • F series:

    F 103 Pro- This phone is reasonably priced at INR 10,999, and offers a 13 MP primary camera and a 5 MP front camera. It runs on Marshmallow 6.0. F 103 (3GB)- This phone’s unique feature is its slim and sleek design and the silver metal frame enhances its appeal. Priced at INR 10,999, this phone is available in 2 colours- black and white. F 103 (2GB)- This model of Gionee comes in a Slim 7.95mm design and a silver metal frame. It has a 16GB memory capacity and a 2GB RAM. The price of the phone is INR 9,999.

  • Marathon series:

    Marathon M5 plus- The key features of this model in Gionee mobiles are that they come with a good memory capacity of 6 GB and a 3GB RAM. The phone has a display screen size of 15.24 cm or 6 inches. It is priced at Rs. 19,999. Marathon M5 Lite- With a memory of 32 GB and a 3 GB RAM, this smartphone has a 5-inch screen display and a battery of 4000mAh. It is priced at Rs. 11,999. Marathon M5 Lite (CDMA)- This phone has the same features as the Marathon M5 Lite. Because of the CDMA feature, it is priced slightly higher- at Rs. 12,649.

  • P series:

    P7 Max- This Gionee mobile, which prides itself as being ‘The Bigger & Faster’, comes with a 3 GB RAM and 32 GB ROM. With a 2.2 GHz Octa-Core Processor and a 5.5-inch screen display, this phone is priced at INR 12,099. It comes in 2 colours- cream and blue. P7- The P7 model is priced at INR 10,349. It has a 2 GB RAM and 16 GB storage memory. It is available in 3 colours- grey, cream and white. P5L- The P5L, which guarantees a ‘colourful’ life, comes in a variety of bright colours such as Red, Blue, and Yellow, apart from the usual Grey, Black, and Cream. It supports dual sim connectivity and is reasonably priced at INR 9,199. P5W- With similar colours and similar features as the Gionee P5L, this model is cheaper than the above because it does not have a dual SIM. The Gionee P5L price is currently at INR 6,325. P2M- Another one of Gionee’s lower-range mobile phones, this is priced at INR 5,499. P 5 Mini- Another of the company’s low-range mobile phones, this one also offers a variety of bright colours and has dual-SIM feature. It costs INR 4,699.

  • S Series:

    S 6 Pro- This high-end Gionee mobile phone has a 13MP Rear and an 8MP front camera with flash which ensures bright selfies even in low light - a must-buy for all selfie lovers! The storage capacity is good, with 4 GB RAM, and 64GB ROM. An additional feature of this phone is its fingerprint sensor. The Gionee S6 Pro price is INR 19,999. S Plus- Another hot-seller from the makers of Gionee, it comes with a 16 GB memory and 3 GB RAM. Priced at Rs 16,999, it has a 13 MP camera with LED flash. S 6- What sets this mobile phone apart is its full-metal body which adds to the phone’s personality. A good memory of 32 GB, this ‘Shine With Metal’ device is priced at Rs. 16,999. S6s- This phone comes in 2 unique colours- the mocha gold and latter gold. It has a 13 MP basic camera and an 8 MP front camera with selfie flash. It also has a fingerprint sensor, and is priced at Rs. 15,999.

Why buy Gionee?

Gionee mobiles are becoming one of the most sought after mobile phones in the Indian market. Their facilities and appearance can be compared to other international mobile brands such as Samsung, LG, Nokia, or the OnePlus. The company believes that their products should be ‘unique’, just like the people who use them. They now occupy the 3rd place in the global cellular market and the 1st place in the domestic market. The phones apart from being user-friendly, are pocket-friendly as well, as the company wishes to cater to all the segments of society.

  • 1. What are the Gionee mobiles that come with selfie flash support?

    A Selfie flash is a great feature when it comes to taking self-portraits in low light. These days Gionee mobile phones embraces this feature. You would find this feature on these Gionee phones: Gionee A1 Lite, A1 Plus, and Gionee S6s.

  • 2. What is the warranty period of the Gionee Mobile phones in India?

    The warranty period of the Gionee Mobiles in India is 12 months for the handset and 6 months for Accessories. The accessory includes battery pack, charging adapter, earphone, data cable, and OTG Cable (if provided) from the date of purchase.

  • 3. What are popular gionee mobiles below Rs.10000?

    Gionee offers a good budget smartphone which comes under 10000. Among them, popular mobiles are Gionee pioneer P6, Gionee Elife S5.1, Gionee F103 Pro, Gionee Pioneer P7, and Gionee P7.


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