Gabbagoods Power Bank Price

Specially design for iPhone user, GabbaGoods power bank offers a unique way to power your device on the go. These days power banks comes from small to high capacity but they don’t focus on making them easier to carry. However, small the power bank may be, they need separate space and care. While GabbaGoods power banks has come up with a solution to attach their power bank to your iPhone. These power banks comes with a suction cup that attaches on the back of your Apple device. Equipped with lightning cable for connection with your iPhone, you don’t have to purchase a separate connector for charging your device. As far as the specifications are concerned, they come equipped with best in class features. Only the pricing makes the difference, as the company has priced their 2600 mAh power bank quite higher at Rs 3800.

Gabbagoods Power Bank Price List in India

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