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Fly Corp. is a British mobile manufacturer which was founded in the United Kingdom in 2003. Although it’s quite a young company in the mobile market, Fly Mobiles have gained its popularity with its innovative, time-ahead line of smartphones. Majorly popular in Russia, Southern Europe, India, and Middle Africa, Fly Mobiles offer a wide range of unique devices across all categories including feature phones, smartphones, and tablets.

The Fly mobiles price list is designed keeping the end-users in mind. They have sold various feature phones along with smartphones. This gives you the opportunity to browse through multiple types and pick one that fits your requirement perfectly.The most widely sold fly mobiles below 5000 INR are Fly Evo Energy 5 and Fly Cumulus 3. The most widely sold fly mobiles below 2000 are Fly MV245 and Fly FF245. Fly competes with brands like Coolpad, Meizu, Reach, and Zen to dominate the growing smartphone mobile space in India.

Fly Mobile Price List in India

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Latest Fly Mobile Price in India 2017

Fly Mobile Price Price
Fly Tornado Slim IQ4520Rs. 4699
Fly FS502Rs. 4443

All About Fly Mobile

Fly Mobiles made its advent into being a strong and able contender in the Indian smartphone market in early 2009. What started off as a small set up in 2003, grew to be one of the top 5 mobiles brands in Russia. Having started off with the production of feature phones, Fly mobiles made its advent into the smartphone space across the world in the year 2012. By the third quarter of 2012, Fly 4g Mobiles was in the top 3 brands in Russia with regards to mobile technology. They became the second most sold brand on the Android platform in their home country. The company claims that its best designers ‘perfectly choose the best material and colour combinations along with ‘well-polished software’ to make its mobiles a perfect line of smart devices. Although the company is based out of UK, all the manufacturing of feature phones, smartphones, and tablets will be done in China.

Fly Mobile Specifications

  • RAM:

    The amount of RAM you would see on a Fly mobile is around 2GB as most of their models are priced in the mid-range. The entry level Fly mobiles come equipped with at least 1GB of RAM, when smartphone companies in India are pushing for at least 2GB RAM even on budget phones, Fly is still behind on catching up with the trend.

  • Processor:

    Fly Mobiles juggle between Qualcomm and Snapdragon processor, but the brand has given preference to the MediaTek chipsets as it allows them to keep the cost of the device low. But then, the brand is compromising on the performance of the device. These Fly mobiles come equipped with Quad-core chipsets and the processors are clocked at 1.3GHz.

  • Display:

    These Fly mobile sports a display as small as 4.5 inch and large as 5.5 inches. Thus, allowing the consumers explore the size variations from compact to phablet size. Talking about the screen technology, some models come equipped with IPS LCD, whereas a couple of models comes with ONCELL curve screen.

  • Battery:

    The battery capacity is something many brands have bumped up on their lineup. But some brands like Fly are still lacking behind. Most of the Fly mobiles sports battery capacity of around 2400 mAh in the mid range, whereas its close to 2000 mAh in the entry level. The mid-higher range comes equipped with 3000 mAh capacity battery.

Types of Fly Mobile

    Why are Fly Mobile different from other mobile phones?

    Claiming to be inspiring and giving its customers freedom of communication, Fly makes top-quality mobiles, which make users lives easier. There are of course many other brands like Xiaomi, InFocus, and Lenovo which offer you decent mobiles at an economical price range. But if you want to look out of the box and open to some new perspectives, go for Fly mobiles as they won’t be disappointing you in performance.

    Frequently Asked Question On Fly Mobile

    • 1. How do I check the warranty of my smartphone?

      Normally, the warranty starts from the day you purchased the mobile up to one year. You can find the purchase date on the invoice. So keep it safely.

    • 2. Which is the best Fly mobile phone?

      Well, there are many decent phones in the budget range which can perform well. But there are a few like Fly Cirrus 14 and Fly Cirrus 13, which are a level above. As you know, almost all of the Fly smartphones come in Cirrus series.

    • 3. How do I find IMEI number of my Fly mobile phone?

      You can remove the battery of your Fly mobile and there you can see the IMEI number. If it’s a non-removable battery, the numbers can be found beside the SIM trays.

    • 4. What happens if I forget the passcode of my mobile?

      Do not worry! After the limited attempts to access your mobile, you will be asked your email address with which you have logged in the mobile. Then the passcode will be sent to that email ID.

    • 5. Which are the best mobiles among Fly and InFocus?

      We would say both are good. But if it should come to a single brand, then Fly mobiles are best for their feature phones whereas the InFocus is good at their smartphone lineup. And as said before, there are other brands like Xiaomi and Karbonn mobiles which are good too.


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