Electrolux Washing Machine Price List

Electrolux is a century old home appliances maker hailing from Sweden. Founded in 1919, this Swedish multinational home appliance manufacturer is headquartered in Stockholm. After Whirlpool, Electrolux has consistently ranked as the world’s second-largest home appliances maker by units sold. This company sells electronics appliances under different and own branding.

They are primarily into manufacturing and selling of large appliances including Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Dishwashers, Air Conditioners, Vacuum Cleaners, and more. The first product that Electrolux introduced to the world was a vacuum cleaner. Whereas their first washing machine saw day of light post World World II in Gothenburg, Sweden. And if you are wondering when did they release their first dishwasher, well it was in the year 1959.


Let’s explore the Electrolux washing machine 2017 range:

Electrolux Semi Automatic Washing Machine

What are the Electrolux Semi Automatic Washing Machine features?

> Compact Design - Semi automatics are many things but they are not compact! Which is why Electrolux has gone ahead and made some tweaks in their semi automatics. The European home appliance brand has introduced a compact design in their new semi-automatic lineup. Thus, making it easier to fit a semi automatic washing machine in most areas.

> Spin Shower Rinse - Who doesn’t want seamless cleaning of their clothes? Nobody! Which is why Electrolux semi automatic washing machines come equipped with a spin shower rinse feature. This facility sprays water at high speeds on clothes. It helps in removing detergent residue on your laundry. This procedure is done during rinsing for effective performance.  

> Rust-Proof Plastic Body - Washing areas are generally a place where you’d find a lot of water here and there. Specially during the wash cycle! Cuz, water is significant to wash clothes. This demands a rust free washing machine body for longevity. Therefore, Electrolux has utilized plastic material for durability.

> Chrome Knobs - Electrolux has thought well when it comes to the design of the buttons of their semi automatic washing machine. Ease of use to access the machine controls is their top priority. And that is why they have provided Chrome Knobs. Now change wash programs, water levels, and other settings comfortably with these specially designed knobs.  

> Super Star Pulsator - While taking good  of your delicate clothes this feature takes heavy action against rigid stains. An Electrolux washing machine semi automatic is equipped with a pulsator that creates turbulence in the detergent dissolved water. The clothes soaked in that water is rubbed off against each other. This results in the removal of tough stains.  

Electrolux Fully Automatic Washing Machine

1. Top Load

2. Front Load

Electrolux Top Load Washing Machine

What are the Electrolux Top Load Washing Machine features?

> Turbo Pulsator - A quality wash is all one expects from a washing machine! When a machine is equipped with a turbo pulsator, it surely can give quality wash. This facility enables washing machines to create a swirling tornado using powerful micro currents. These currents are generated by 5 mini pulsators along with a main pulsator. Thus giving a quality wash to your clothes!

> Xpress Drying - Not satisfied with a drying experience on a top load washing machine? You must try out drying on an Electrolux top load washing machine. Cuz it comes with extra 15 minutes of spin program if you think clothes needs to be perfectly dried of water. This function is unavailable on most of the top loaders! Thus making the Electrolux Top load washing machines a good buying option.

> Aqua Saver - Of course, a top loader washing machine consumes large quantities of water when compared to a front loader washing machine. But with Aqua saver facility, Electrolux has made their top loaders quite efficient in terms of water consumption. This feature when turned ON re-uses last rinsed water for the next wash cycle. Thus, saving the water consumption.  

Electrolux Front Load Washing Machine

What are the Electrolux Front Load Washing Machine features?

> 3D Waterfall - 3D is quite popular, even on a washing machine! Electrolux washing top load models claim to remove even the remotest stains. A uniform washing is ensured by these washing machines. That is done by re-circulation of water through the three thin cavities available in wash tub.

> Tub Clean - After a washing cycle is completed, what happens is that some detergent residue is left along with some dirt. To keep the tub clean in order to keep it odorless, Electrolux washing machine comes equipped with a tub clean program. This function helps in removing any types of residue left behind after washing clothes. So, accumulation of those particles is prevented.

> Supremo Washdrum - Looking for a tangle free wash? Electrolux fully automatic washing machine comes equipped with a Supremo Washdrum. This is a uniquely designed drum for better circulation of water inside the drum. Better circulation means better handling of clothes. Thus, it helps in offering a tangle-free washing of clothes.  

What are the best Electrolux semi-automatic washing machines in India in 2017?

1. Electrolux Euro Glitz Plus 6.8 Kg Semi Automatic Washing Machine (Euro Glitz Plus) Price - Rs 8230

2. Electrolux WM ES73GPDM-FAU 7.3 Kg Semi Automatic Washing Machine Price - Rs 9690

3. Electrolux WM ES12EMBL-CME 12 Kg Semi Automatic Washing Machine Price - Rs 13215

What are the best Electrolux fully automatic washing machines in India in 2017?

1. Top Load

2. Front Load

Best Electrolux washing machine Top Load

1. Electrolux ET62ESPRM 6.2 Kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine Price - Rs 11,990

2. Electrolux ET70ENPRM 7 Kg Fully-Automatic Washing Machine Price - Rs 13,999

3. Electrolux ET65EAUDG 6.5 Kg Fully-Automatic Washing Machine Price - Rs 14,499

Best Electrolux washing machine Front Load

1. Electrolux EF60ERWH 6 Kg Fully-Automatic Washing Machine Price - Rs 16,999

2. N/A

3. N/A

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Latest Electrolux Washing Machine Price List in India 2018

Electrolux Washing Machine Price ListPrice
Electrolux Euro Glitz 6.7 Kg Semi Automatic Washing Machine (Euro Glitz)Rs. 8990
Electrolux EF60ERWH 6 Kg Fully-Automatic Washing MachineRs. 19990
Electrolux ET70ENPRM 7 Kg Fully-Automatic Washing MachineRs. 13499
Electrolux WM ES73GPDM-FAU 7.3 Kg Semi Automatic Washing MachineRs. 9190
Electrolux ES65LAEB Washing MachineRs. 9390
Electrolux ET62ESPRM 6.2 Kg Fully Automatic Washing MachineRs. 11999
Electrolux Euro Glitz Plus 6.8 Kg Semi Automatic Washing Machine (Euro Glitz Plus)Rs. 8790
Electrolux Lamya Elite ES65LEEB/LEMR 6.5 Kg Semi-Automatic Washing MachineRs. 8943
Electrolux WM ES12EMBL-CME 12 Kg Semi Automatic Washing MachineRs. 13215
Electrolux ET70ENERM Full-Automatic Washing MachineRs. 13990

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

  • 1. Where can I reach the Electrolux washing machine customer care?

    After sales service is an important aspect that many electronics brands misses out on focusing. If you are looking for customer care service details for Electrolux washing machine. Then, you must know that there are three ways you can connect with an Electrolux washing machine service center. The first one is through a hotline number, second is by raising a service request via email. Third is you can directly visit a service center near to your location.

  • 2. How long does Electrolux washing machine warranty last?

    Whether you are purchasing a semi automatic, or a fully automatic washing machine, they all come with two years of comprehensive warranty. Whereas the motor warranty for semi automatic washing machine is at 5 years and fully automatic is at 10 years.

  • 3. Can I extend warranty period on my Electrolux washing machine?

    Yes, indeed you can. By paying a defined amount set for warranty extension, you can opt for annual maintenance contract directly from the brand for your washing machine. You can opt for up to two years warranty extension regardless of the type of washing machine you have purchased from Electrolux.

  • 4. Where can I get the Electrolux washing machine spare parts?

    Before thinking about buying from a third party provider, we suggest you call up the Electrolux customer care number and let the official engineer from their team to come check the part that requires repair. Then, you can place an order for a replacement part through the engineer. Thus, ensuring the original spare parts replacement guarantee. Cuz who knows, if you purchase from a third party provider the spare parts would turn out to be duplicate.

  • 5. Is there an Electrolux washing machine exchange offer?

    There is no mention of such exchange offer on Electrolux’s official website. But you can scouter online retailers like Flipkart and Amazon India for exchange offers. We suggest finding the desired models on BestPriceOn and then heading to the respective stores and checking for the exchange offers. This is an ideal and much convenient way to search for offers for desired products.

  • 6. What is the Electrolux washing machine toll-free number?

    If you have been looking up for customer care number, then, we would like to share it here for you. Note it down on your phone. It’s 39404040. Do remember to prefix the STD code of the state capital before calling on the Electrolux washing machine customer care number.

  • 7. Does Electrolux washing machine come with accessories as a part of welcome kit?

    Unfortunately NO. Electrolux washing machines doesn’t come with accessories like stand, cover, or even trolley. If you are looking to purchase Electrolux washing machine cover, Electrolux washing machine stand, or Electrolux washing machine trolley, then you’d have to dial up the customer care number.

  • 8. How do I clean my Washing Machine tub?

    There is a separate eco clean tub program available on fully automatic washing machines these days. We suggest you to utilize that function to periodically clean the tub.

  • 9. How do I know if my clothes can be washed in cold water or hot water and what temperature should I use?

    Most of the clothing materials have a washing label which will inform you how to wash (cold or hot wash and the temperature to select if you are using hot wash). The label is inside the clothing.

  • 10. May I know the technologies used in an electrolux front loader washing machine?

    Electrolux front load washing machine features include Smartboost, Perfect Steam, Sanitize Tub, and Stain Soak.

  • 11. What is the sanitize option in an Electrolux front load washing machines?

    The sanitize option is certified to kill and remove 99% of bacteria and 95% of allergens. This feature is perfect for children’s clothes, sheets, or any other items you want to deep clean.