Electrolux Refrigerator Price List

Our lifestyle has evolved drastically over the past decade, the most significant growth that every household has seen is regarding the home appliances. It is not a luxury to own a refrigerator but has become a standard need of our modern lifestyle. So, if you’re going to refrigerator shopping there are certain things that you need to consider. And if you’re looking specifically for the Electrolux refrigerator in India. Then, you’re at the correct place. We have got a complete Electrolux refrigerator page catering to your needs regarding the types, specifications, key features, and in general, why should it be your choice. Let’s explore the hundred-year-old home appliances brand.

What’s the story of Electrolux?

The word, Home Appliances is synonymous with Electrolux. This Swedish international home appliances maker might be the second largest provider, but they are market favourite. Started with the Vacuum cleaner as their first product, the Sweden home appliance maker has a large catalogue of products in its inventory. The company came out with their first refrigerator after five years of its establishment and since then have been capturing the most of the refrigerator market share in the world. Interestingly, the brand takes advantage of the local players in the regions and usually known for partnerships and selling its products under various brand names.  

What’s the history of Electrolux?

Established in 1919, the company originates from a merger of two companies, Lux AB and Svenska Elektron AB. One of these companies was an established player, where another one was a young player founded by a former employee of the established player. The origins of the company are closely tied up with vacuum cleaners, but the company has become a major player in other home appliances products as well. It largely includes refrigerator, air conditioners, washing machines, and microwave ovens.  

What is the type of Electrolux refrigerators?

Primarily there are three types of Refrigerators available in the market, but unfortunately, Electrolux India sells only one type. Which is Direct Cool. So, if you’re looking for a range of Frost-free refrigerators in India, then we suggest looking on other brands. As per company’s official website, the brand doesn’t sell frost-free fridges in India anymore.

What are the key features of Electrolux refrigerators?

1.Euro Cool: Even if there are power cuts, Electrolux refrigerators have the cooling retention capacity of up to 5 hours.

2.Euro Fresh Deodorizer: Keeping odours out of your food, the special deofresh deodorizer promises to eliminate the odours.

3.Euro Tempered Glass Shelves: They can bear loads of up to 100 Kg. So, the next time you put a heavy load on it, you don’t have to worry about breakage.

4.Euro Stainless Steel Design: Luxurious yet sturdy body promises better durability.

5.Five Star BEE Rating - This ensures you don’t have a huge electricity bill amount to pay.

Can you tell me the Electrolux refrigerator price range?

Electrolux refrigerators are quite affordable when compared to any other refrigerator brands in India. If you’re looking to buy a double door refrigerator with best of features, then, it would fetch you Rs 21,990. Whereas if you’re looking to spend a minimum amount, then, you have single door 47-litre fridge that is available for around Rs 6270.

Why should you buy an Electrolux refrigerator instead of any other brand?

If you’re looking for an all-rounder refrigerator with all the necessary features and cares a lot about where do you spend your money. Then, you might really like spending your hard earned cash on the Electrolux refrigerator range. It’s that simple, why you should buy Electrolux fridge in India.

Why should you buy an Electrolux refrigerator on BestPriceOn?

Cuz, we have the complete and updated Electrolux refrigerator price list. It will not only help you browse through all the collection of Electrolux fridges available in India. But you can search the way you like. See, our search engine is quite unique and it has its own mind. It is capable to give relevant results even for the complex of queries. For example, if you search “Electrolux refrigerators below 10000”, then, you won’t be dissatisfied with the results. It does more than string matching.  

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions on Electrolux Refrigerators

What is the compressor warranty on an Electrolux refrigerator?

Following the industry standard, Electrolux refrigerators come with up to 10 years compressor warranty. During this period, if there is any manufacturing defect in the compressor, then it would be covered cost-free by the brand.

Are the Electrolux refrigerators environment-friendly?

Yes. The Swedish company claims that its refrigerators don’t harm the environment.

What is the Electrolux refrigerator warranty period in India?

The warranty period of Electrolux refrigerator is 12 months, which is again industry standard. According to company’s policy, the parts that come under warranty can be replaced cost-free during the warranty period. Of course, conditions apply.

Is there a rust-free warranty of Electrolux Refrigerator in India?

Only select models would come with such warranty claims. You’d have to check with the brand on this one.

How many star ratings does Electrolux refrigerator offer in India?

With a minimum 2 and maximum 5-star BEE rating, Electrolux claims its refrigerator line-up is the most energy efficient in the industry.

Electrolux is a Swedish MNC which majorly manufactures home appliances. Headquartered in Stockholm, the company has been ranking as the second world’s largest home appliance maker, preceded by Whirlpool. Founded in 1919, the company cemented its brand internationally with a global revenue of SEK 123 billion.

Electrolux Refrigerators are exclusively for economic class people, at least in South Asian countries. Most of Electrolux fridges cost below Rs 10K, which is quite a deal for a middle-class Indian who looks for value for money buy. Also, most of the Electrolux fridges come with single and double doors, with the capacity below 200 liters.

An entry level Electrolux fridge comes with a price tag of Rs 6000 and capacity of 47 liters. Whereas a mid-range double-door fridge costs around Rs 14000 and comes with 190-liter capacity. Also, an entry-level Electrolux fridge comes with Direct Cool technology, Removable anti-bacterial Gasket, and Toughened Glass. These refrigerators come with 1-year product warranty and 5 years of compressor warranty.

Coming to the mid-range models, these come with additional features like Frost Free technology, Turbo mode, and Stabilizer-free operation. The warranty period of these products is 1 year and has 10 years of compressor warranty. However, the company specifies that the warranty only covers any manufacturing defects, but not physical damage or mishandling of the products.

In any case of queries or complaints, customers can approach a nearby Electrolux service center. You can also approach these centers for any Electrolux fridge spare parts.

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Latest Electrolux Refrigerator Price List in India 2018

Electrolux Refrigerator Price ListPrice
Electrolux EBE203 190Litres 3S Single Door Refrigerator (Silk Grey) Rs. 14380
Electrolux EB203ETBR 190L 3S Single Door RefrigeratorRs. 10490
Electrolux EC060PSH 2S 47 Litres Single Door RefrigeratorRs. 6270
Electrolux Euro Neo EN255LSCSV 245Ltr 5S Single Door RefrigeratorRs. 15650
Electrolux EJ203P 3S 190 L Single Door Refrigerator Rs. 12000
Electrolux ECP090 3S 80 Litres Single Door RefrigeratorRs. 7220
Electrolux ECL093SH 80Litres 3S Single Door Refrigerator Rs. 8800
Electrolux EJ203LTEBE 3S 190L Single Door RefrigeratorRs. 10650
Electrolux EP202LSV-HFB 190Ltr 2S Double Door RefrigeratorRs. 15999
Electrolux Euro Neo EN205PTSV 190Ltr 5S Single Door RefrigeratorRs. 11699