Xiaomi Redmi 4 Vs Lenovo K6 Power! The winner will surprise you

Can Xiaomi Redmi 4 win the cage fight with Lenovo K6 power? Find out below

Xiaomi has launched their latest Redmi smartphone today, which goes by Redmi 4 4GB RAM. The new Xiaomi Redmi 4 smartphones would be exclusive to Amazon India and company’s own Mi Store India online. The first sale of the new Redmi device is on May 23rd at 12 PM.


Do you feel like purchasing the new Redmi 4 smartphone? But you are confused whether to spend Rs 10,999 on the top variant of Xiaomi’s new phone or not. As an alternative in this price range, Lenovo has a great contender in the form of K6 Power smartphone. Before you go all berserk on what to purchase or not, we give you a comprehensive infographic to help you come to a wise decision.


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In this era of affordable smartphones when companies frequently launch smartphones and often reduces the price, it isn’t easy to come to a decision of purchasing a new Android smartphone. That’s where we come in to give you a no BS comparative analysis.


Read on…


…to find the differences and similarities between Xiaomi and Lenovo’s budget friendly power-packed smartphones in the simplest way possible.

Xiaomi Redmi 4 Vs Lenovo K6 Power


After going through this quick comprehensive comparison between the top two contenders. Where does your heart belong? Is it Xiaomi Redmi 4 or Lenovo K6 Power? Still can’t answer that confidently? We suggest you go with Lenovo K6 Power if and only you want a Full HD (1080p) resolution display or/and a Selfie camera of higher resolution. Otherwise, looking at the overall specifications, Xiaomi Redmi 4 smartphone clearly wins this cage match with Lenovo K6 power.

Does this winner came as a surprise to you?

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