Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S – Now Supercharged with a Dual-Rear Lens!

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S – Minimalism at its best!

Xiaomi likes to chase its competitors and beat them with their disruptive offerings! Whether you talk about entry, mid, or high-end, the Chinese smartphone maker has troubled every other smartphone manufacturer in the world. For a Startup, their enthusiasm is understandable, and appreciative as well. And that is why their popularity among millennial has increased. Xiaomi being Xiaomi, they have released, the Mi Mix 2S an iterative version of their most popular flagship, the Mi Mix 2, just after the six months.

While India is yet to receive the official release date for the Mi Mix 2S, the China audience is gearing up for the April 3 online booking on Mi.com.

The question arises, again!

Should you buy Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S when it arrives in India?

Well, that would depend on what are you looking forward to.

Are you looking for a kickass camera phone?

In that case, this investment would be worthy!

How did we come to that conclusion?

We analyzed the Mi Mix 2S camera specifications, which is the only major modification done on this new flagship iteration. Let’s take a detailed look at it below.

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S camera package features a rear dual lens setup in the horizontal format. It could be said the design inspiration is taken from the iPhone X. Sporting dual 12MP sensors, the primary lens comes with a 1.4-micron pixel and f/1.8 aperture, which gives us a hunch that it’ll have impressive low-light capturing capabilities. Whereas the secondary sensor is a telephoto lens equipped with optical zoom and a f/2.4 aperture.

Further, talking about the rear camera, it comes with a wide-angle lens, four-axis optical image stabilization, which ensures no blurry photos or recordings are produced.

Mi Mix 2S - Camera

What’s unique on the new camera?

There is a support of Artificial Intelligence! Enabled with AI, scene detection is improved and it claims to recognize up to 206 different scenes. Based on which the camera modes are switched automatically. Other AI features include dynamic bokeh, smart artefact, face recognition, business card recognition, and more. Interestingly, the Mi Mix 2s have received a 101 score on the DxOMark mobile rankings for photos, which is an industry benchmark for camera ratings worldwide.

Pay half of iPhone X price and get full iPhone X camera experience.

For roughly half the price of Apple iPhone X, if you’re investing in a Mi Mix 2S. You’ll be getting the same camera experience, since, the DxOMark score for iPhone X is also at 101. Now that is truly called a bang for your bucks!

To learn more about the Mi Mix 2S modifications, we suggest you head over to our comparison engine, BestPriceOn. Also, do drop a line or two about how you feel for the new Mi Mix 2S. It will help us understand our audiences requirements better.

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