Xiaomi Mi 7 – A Futuristic Flagship you have been waiting for!

 Are you a futurist? Then, here are the details of Xiaomi Mi 7 for you.

When it comes to design skills, Xiaomi takes it to whole new level every time they introduce a new device. Just like they have done with every iteration of their flagship device, we expect Mi 7, the successor to this year’s Mi 6 would bring some sweet new design. For the enthusiast in you (and me), we have gone through every detail available about the next generation flagship smartphone from the house of Xiaomi.


See the glimpse of the future before it arrives!


Below read about Xiaomi Mi 7 specifications and features:


> Design – Bezel-Less is the Future!


Mi 7 Design


Since the introduction of Ceramic variant of Xiaomi Mi 5, the company has started a trend of releasing two variants, one glass and one ceramic. Two different finish has helped Xiaomi cater the needs of two different consumer type. The brand will reportedly continue doing so with next generation model, Mi 7. The major design change expected with the next year’s model is the Bezel-less design. While this technology is not new to Xiaomi, as Mi Mix came with full bezel-less design, but making its consumer-centric flagship Bezel-less would be a challenge for the brand.


> Display – 2K Display is due for a long time!

Mi 7 - Artificial Intelligence
Xiaomi has made flagship phones for generations, while other manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, LG and even the closest competitor Honor has introduced 2K resolution display on their flagship phone, Honor 8 Pro. But Xiaomi refuses to do so yet! With Mi 7 slated for next year sometime in early Q2, it is reported that brand would finally equip its 2018 flagship phone with a 2K display. Apart from the resolution, we may see an increase in the display size, thanks to the rumoured Bezel-less design.


> Performance – Unlike anything!


Gone are the days when smartphone consumers had to optimise their usage in order to get the best performance out of their devices. The era has changed, drastically! Performance is one thing that many flagship smartphone owners don’t have to get concerned with. All you need to know about Mi 7 processor is that it would be powered by Qualcomm’s next generation processor (probably Snapdragon 845) which might be announced sometime later this year. Just in time for Xiaomi to get its next flagship performer ready for launch. The RAM might be increased to 8GB and a standard 128 GB storage model might be introduced.


> Cameras – When Dual cameras are not enough!


Mi 7 Camera


Why camera is so important to us on a smartphone? They are your most convenient way to carry a photography device. The smartphone makers focusing on camera specifications have given amateur photographers a window of opportunity, to showcase to the world through a layman’s eye. Xiaomi has done a great job so far with its latest dual rear camera setup on the Mi 6. The brand is looking to take that forward with the introduction of dual front camera setup. Xiaomi has already revolutionised the photography experience, now it looks to change the selfie experience.

> Battery – A high capacity battery!


When all you need is your flagship device to last for long so you don’t need to carry a power bank. With Xiaomi Mi 7, it might be possible. The company is known to equip high-capacity battery on their mid-range and budget phones. It is about time, they start doing to their flagship lineup as well. A day’s battery is good, but two days battery is great. Isn’t it!


Xiaomi if you are reading this article, please take a note.


What do you think of the Xiaomi Mi 7? Is this the futuristic flagship you have been waiting for? Will you be interested in buying this device once it comes out in India? Xiaomi Mi 7 price in India would be around Rs 35,000, while it is unknown when exactly it would be releasing in India.

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