Whatsapp Status Update is here and surely Snapchat seems to be worried

The all new WhatsApp status update feature is here! It allows you to share images, GIFs and videos with your contacts and will disappear in 24 hours. Sounds awesome right? Except that it has been done way before by Snapchat and Instagram who followed suit. 


Here’s the not-so-new and not-so-exciting feature launch summed up in 5 memes:


#1 The hippie that did stuff before it went mainstream

whatsapp status update



#2 Copying homework might be old school but it does pay off!

whatsapp status update



#3 Snapchat offices right about now:
whatsapp status update



#4 In wise words of Homer Simpson, ‘Wait a minute, there’s something bothering me…’
whatsapp-status- snapchat-in-a-bar



#5 Well, well, well….

Insights on what Whatsapp has been doing this here!

Post updates:
Whatsapp is now a part of Facebook’s family and this has seen a lot of changes ever since. The introduction of WhatsApp status and Status images has made it a little alike an amalgam of SnapChat and Instagram. The introduction of Privacy and other features has made this instant messaging app one of a kind.

This new feature on Whatsapp has Snapchat surely worried about their future!

The merger has also helped WhatsApp users make voice calls and Video calls all across the world just by using internet connectivity. This has rapidly brought down the rate at which international calls were/are media. All thanks to the new gods! Odin, you might want to check into this.



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