Vivo Xplay7: Could 10GB RAM would be enough to call a smartphone monster?

Vivo Xplay7: A monster of a smartphone is coming! 

First Vivo came into highlight with its In-Display fingerprint sensor smartphone and now they are rumored to come up with a 10GB RAM device. Could Vivo have asked for a better start in 2018? No, I guess! The Chinese smartphone giant is reportedly working on a Vivo Xplay7 smartphone, which will sport the humongous 10GB RAM.

And there was a time when even 1GB RAM was enough, cuz RAM used to be in MBs on most of the smartphones. A decade of new mobile technologies made this jump from 1GB to 10GB possible. Today, we are going to talk about the Vivo Xplay7 specifications, especially how the 10GB RAM makes sense or not.

Let’s get started!

Wait for a second, all other smartphone brands who couldn’t make it to the 8GB RAM party. You are cordially uninvited from this 10GB RAM party as well.

Now let’s get this article grooving.

Why should I care for a Vivo Smartphone with 10GB RAM?

> You’d be holding a smartphone with double-digit RAM. That sounds fascinating for one.

> Cuz multitasking of multitasking would be easier multitasking? Confused, enough! Well, your head will roll as if you are holding the Zeus’s Lightning Bolt in your hand. Such would be the power of 10GB RAM on a smartphone.

> You’re a geek! And you’d like to get your hands on to such latest innovations.  

I don’t need a 10GB RAM on my smartphone!
Vivo Xplay7

What else is interesting about Vivo Xplay7 specifications?

Well, I thought you’d never ask!

> A beastly processor! Snapdragon 845 release is confirmed by Qualcomm and you’d probably see the Vivo Xplay7 sport this successor to the SD 835.  

> Welcome back In-Display Fingerprint sensor! Vivo would likely introduce this groundbreaking technology on their next flagship, which is the Xplay7.

> Are we ready for a 4K Display on a smartphone? Probably, not! But Vivo thinks that it’s about time the brands get serious. Sony has tried their hands with a 4K display, only time would tell how feasible a 4K display on a mobile phone is.

> You don’t need a microSD card slot when there is a 512GB internal storage present on the device. It might feel too far-fetched, but reportedly, Vivo is coming up with such massive storage option on their upcoming smartphone.

What is the expected Vivo Xplay7 price in India?

Ohh, are you expecting it will get a release date in India?

So, optimistic!

If and when it sees the daylight in India, it is expected to retail somewhere around Rs 30,999, which is approximately $500.

Why should Vivo Xplay7 come to India?

Cuz Indian smartphone market requires a variety in their premium segment! There are lots of premium smartphones in India, but they are either too costly for the specs they offer or are underpowered. The Vivo Xplay7 seems to handle that balance well. So, have you considered owning a 10GB RAM smartphone in India? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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