How Vivo Mobile Leveraged IPL to Sell their Smartphones

How Vivo Mobile is more than just a Smartphone Company

Before last year’s IPL, you might not have been familiar with the Vivo Mobile company, which is now the title sponsor of the country’s biggest sporting event. It’s most likely that you came to know about the company and their mobile phones through their IPL campaign and TV commercials that air during IPL matches.

Today, you will learn how the company leveraged the most emotionally involved sport in the country to sell their smartphones. Regardless of their campaigns for showing off the unique features of their smartphones via online and offline ads, the brand has been constantly influencing the “People of India”. During IPL season, which lasts for solid two months, Vivo IPL would be the only thing you will see on hoardings at traffic lights. Also, the company even actively announces events at various popular hangout places like shopping malls in the respective cities.     

Let’s briefly talk about some pointers on how Vivo Mobile leveraged IPL to sell their smartphones.

> Big Event, Big Eyeballs

Vivo Mobile - IPL 10 Trophy

According to the stats released for last year, IPL 2016 had a massive viewership reach of about 335 million. This number was more than 50% of India’s pay television households. That is a huge eyeball for Vivo, allowing them to reach a large number of the potential consumer base. If you ask any Indian whether they watch/follow Cricket or not, you will probably not hear a NO. Cashing this mutual love of Indians for cricket, the Chinese mobile company looks to increase the sales of their smartphones. These are not just theoretical facts but proven as Vivo Mobile has recorded increase in the sale last year, with brand getting a place in the Top 5 Smartphone Brands list in terms of sales.

> Vivo Mobile IPL Merchandise

Vivo Mobile - V5s Limited Edition

Why would Cricket fans resist an IPL Limited Edition merchandise? You shouldn’t be surprised to see people going nuts about exclusive merchandise of IPL. Currently, the Indian Premier League is in its 10th edition. Over the decade, the IPL has become an integral part of Indians lives. It is the getaway from the Summer heat. Relaxing at home, looking for entertainment, IPL is one of the most watched sporting events. If you get a chance to be part of it any form, tell us, will you ignore that opportunity? Probably not. Everyone likes to feel that they are a part of something larger than life. That is what IPL has done for most Indians, it has given them a chance to be a part of. Which is why you see companies like Intex, Motorola tie-up with IPL teams to increase interaction with the brand, which can eventually be converted to sell their smartphones.

Vivo mobile has identified where the heart and soul of Indians lie. And that’s how the company plans to reach on every Indian’s hands as their primary smartphone. What are your thoughts on this topic? Let us know in the comments section below.   



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