Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus: Is Apple iPhone X about to get it’s a*s kicked?

Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus: New Generation of Samsung Flagships are coming!

Samsung is going to introduce its best Galaxy smartphone yet, the Samsung Galaxy S9!

The above statement is teased for every new iteration in the Samsung Galaxy flagship smartphone. And it is very well true, like Apple!

Cuz Samsung and Apple are living in their own world.   

The point is that every new handset introduced in the iteration has to be better than previous. Without that, it would be pointless to introduce a new successor in the series.

Fun fact: Since when Samsung has introduced a Plus variant of their Galaxy S flagship smartphones over the year. The one thing that is common among all those variants is that they were superior in popularity than their sibling.

The conclusion of the above fact: Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus could very well beat Galaxy S9 in the popularity and sales when its released worldwide.

Can you tell me the significant changes that are coming from a Samsung Galaxy S9 specifications?

> We loved the idea that Samsung S9 would be coming with a foldable display! But that isn’t the case in reality. Since the renders of the devices are leaked by Evan Blass. But it will surely sport a screen which will be significantly better than its predecessor. A large Quad-HD+ Super AMOLED screen, the infinite display!

> Of course, India won’t be receiving the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 variant, which is the interesting point. This year Samsung might be introducing Exynos 9 Series 9810 processor on their new upcoming flagship phones. Reportedly, the Exynos 9 Series out-powers the Qualcomm SD 845 in leaked benchmark scores. Now, only time would tell how true that statement is. But I’m sure it has got you excited!

> Fingerprint sensor won’t be baked inside the display! Despite Vivo popularizing the innovative feature, Samsung is not yet ready to go down that path. Instead, the South Korean giant is focusing on improving its Face Unlock feature. They might unveil it at the launch event and it would be called Intelligent Scan. This will combine the iris and face recognition to make it much safer.

> Welcome the dual-lens camera on a Samsung Galaxy S Series! India has become obsessed with dual-lens camera setup. These days even an entry-level smartphone comes powered with a dual-lens setup. Which is why it’s exciting to learn that Samsung is introducing the much-required upgrade to the camera. No doubt, it would be best-in-class as the Samsung Galaxy phone cameras have been over the year.  

 Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

How different would Samsung Galaxy S9 & Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus be?

The primary difference between them would be in two aspects:

> Screen size: The Plus variant would come with extra large 18:9 screen! That means you have a bigger display to enjoy Netflix, YouTube, and gaming.

> Exclusive Camera: Samsung is following in the footsteps of Apple! The South Korean giant is going to make its dual-lens camera setup exclusive to the Galaxy S9 Plus.  

How much you have to shell out for these upcoming Samsung Galaxy flagship smartphones?

The pricing is always uncertain with Samsung Mobile India! Whereas the brand in the United States prices its handsets quite affordable compared to Europe and Asia. Below is our expectation in terms of pricing for both of the models.

> Expected Samsung Galaxy S9 price in India: Rs 69,999

> Expected Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus price in India: Rs 79,999

Why should you wait and buy Samsung Galaxy S9 in India?

Samsung would be unveiling the new Galaxies on February 25th and they would go up for pre-order probably on March 1st. Whereas the India launch should happen sometime in the middle of the march. So, if you don’t have an urgent requirement of buying a flagship handset in India, and don’t mind waiting for the best Android smartphone of 2018. Then, you should definitely wait for it to arrive in the country. And then decide to buy it or not.


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