What makes Samsung Galaxy On Max a mid-ranger worth spending for?

Samsung tries its luck again in mid-range with Galaxy On Max.

The smartphone scene in India is like Wrestlemania where all the champions fight together in one stage. May it be about a budget phone, mid or high-end smartphone, there are many contenders looking to win the cage match. One of the latest entrants in this space is the Samsung Galaxy On Max. The mid ranger from the house of a South Korean giant. Lately, the brand has been struggling to win hearts of the mid-range consumers. But with the On Max, it’s going to change the Samsung’s game in the price bracket.


Here’s why spending a Rs 16,900 on Samsung Galaxy On Max is worth it:


A Flagship camera!


On Max


You get a camera that promises to capture details even in a dark. Bring alive your moments in the dark. Whether it’s about a magical sunset or crazy weekend out at night with your gang, you can capture it all with the 13 MegaPixel rear camera. The f/1.7 aperture number of the lens helps capture as much as light into the sensor. Thus, resulting in it better, bright, and detailed captures. Additionally, the social mode on camera app lets you instantly share the images to your network of friends. Before sending the captures you can make some enhancement with filters and stickers to make your images more lively.


Pay as you go!


Samsung Galaxy On Max gives the mobile wallet a new meaning with Samsung Pay Mini. Making payment is quick and easy, anytime and anywhere. Integrated with UPI feature, may it be at any bank, all you have to do is scan and make the payment for the service you used. You never have to carry cash, let alone your debit/credit cards ever. Since, UPI payments are accepted at many restaurants, supermarkets and many other shops, your offline shopping experience is about to change for good.


Steal the show!


Galaxy On Max
Wouldn’t you want to own a device that you can flaunt wherever you go? Now you can! With Galaxy On Max in your hands, the style game is about to get a triple fold. The elegant stunning metal body design gives it a look you deserve to own. The icing on the top is that there’s a beautiful display waiting to pamper you with High Definition Netflix streaming on the go. This phone would literally steal the show!


Blazing fast speed!


Flagship Camera: ✔
Beautiful design: ✔
Now, what do you require on your mid-ranger? Of course, a performance that you never have to beg for. The Galaxy On Max specifications and features include 4GB RAM, 32GB storage, and an Octa-core processor. That is a combination of rock solid performance! Whether you want it or not, this Samsung phone can be your companion in gaming or any kind of multitasking efforts. The incredible speed is what you get here!


Does Samsung Galaxy On Max checks all the points you are looking for a mid-range device? The Galaxy On Max price in India at Rs 16,900 and there are lots of smartphones that are priced better than it. Would you still go with this device? Let us know in the comments section below.

In your opinion: What makes it a worthy device?

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