Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – A possible consolation and reassurance!

Will the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 bring back Note series its glory?

Probably no phone has faced a bitter experience like the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 did. Trolled as a bomb, the Note 7 had major problems with its battery, that world had feared to use a mobile, not only Note 7 but any, for a while. It had blasted cars, jaws, and living rooms; airlines have banned travelers with the Galaxy Note 7, other companies have mocked Samsung like there’s no tomorrow, and Samsung got to its knees to apologize to the world. After all this, the company is reportedly coming back with Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Would you believe?


Apology for Note 7 Debacle





Note 7 Restriction in Flights


There’s no such comeback in history, and there’s no such dynamic pressure on any upcoming phone.


Can Samsung overcome the pressure and build consolation and as well as confidence with its Samsung Galaxy Note 8?


Before we go into it, let’s check out the speculated Samsung Galaxy Note 8 specifications and features:


> Reportedly, the display has been tune-up to 6.3-inch from a 5.7-inch Note 7.

> Super AMOLED display is present, with 2K resolution, 773 ppi pixel density

> Corning Gorilla Glass 5

> Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, same as the Samsung Galaxy S8

> Android Nougat 7.1.1


> 64GB internal memory, expandable up to 256GB

> 12MP dual rear camera, plus, an 8MP front camera

> 3300 mAh battery, with Fast Charging & Wireless Charging
Note 8

So, the major changes that the Note 8 will have from its predecessor are the processor, cameras, and RAM. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 specifications include an Exynos processor, 12+5MP cameras, and a 4GB RAM.


Will this Note 8 spec list is enough to win back the trust?


We think no!


What more does Samsung need to do in order to bring back the old legacy which was created by all those old Note variants before the Note 7?


A near bezel-less Infinite display will do? An Iris scanner? Face recognition technology? An S Pen stylus?


Note 8 Another Render


Even these won’t cut it. These are mere features which can only impress once a user walks into the store, buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and use it.


But what would make him walk into the store in the first place?


Well, there are two factors, apart from those loyal fans of Samsung.


Like a loyal football club fan, these fans would buy any product of Samsung without a hint of doubt. Good for them!


But the two major factors that would help the company pull people towards the Galaxy Note 8 tent are:


> Samsung Galaxy S8


The S8 duo, both Samsung Galaxy S8, and Galaxy S8+ play a major role in building back the trust that the company had lost with its Note 7. The duo should perform exceptionally good in order to be in the game.


Turns out, these two phones, which were released in April 2017, have proved their worth and stood out in the market.


More than 5 million Galaxy S8 phones were sold out within a month of its release and the company is expecting around 60 million units to be sold by the end of 2017.


Giving iPhone 7 Plus, Google Pixel a run for their money, the Samsung Galaxy S8 proved that Samsung didn’t lose its swag!


This can do half of the job. People, obviously, will consider an S8 when they are thinking of buying a Note 8.


> Performance of Note 8


The second factor of a possible success of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is its own performance. Of course, people would be hesitant to run to the stores as soon as the phone gets released. Opening sales of the Note 8 will have a lot of friction, thanks to the 3500 mAh battery of Galaxy Note 7 which burnt millions of dollars.


So, an ideal user would wait for a while, dip his toe in the water and only would buy the Galaxy Note 8 if it’s said to be good.


For this to happen, the Note 8, first of all, should have a ‘cool’ battery performance, impressive near bezel-less display, and a robust processor.




Looking back, there are so many companies that had miraculous comebacks. For example, Apple had fallen down to an abyss a few months after it summoned Steve Jobs one evening and removed him from the board. And only Jobs could bring back the company from ruins after his comeback in 1997.




Netflix’s shares plunged down badly when it announced that it’s no longer offering unlimited streaming and DVD service. Only House of Cards, which was released in 2013, could bring up the shares back. Hail, Underwood!

And if there’s one company that has seen its worst days but still never gave up, it’s Tesla. Well, an Iron Man like Elon Musk can do that much, at least!


So, apart from one or two features, both the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the upcoming Note 8 are the same, almost! If that’s the case beyond paper in the real market, then we are sure that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will bring back the company its past legacy. After all, there are so many companies and people out there who ooze reeking inspiration and it’s hard not to get affected, isn’t it?

What do you think? Will Galaxy Note 8 give reassurance that Samsung loyal consumers looking for?

If we get into this perspective, there are many possibilities that Samsung can bounce back with its Galaxy Note 8. But all we, the tech anthropoids, can do is sit back and wait…

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