Samsung Galaxy J4 – Tougher than it looks!

Samsung Galaxy J4 – Ideal Candidate in the Entry-level Segment!

Samsung has been releasing a lot of handsets in the budget segment lately and none of them proved to be quite successful for the South Korean brand. Which is why the brand is reportedly introducing a new phone, it will go by the name, Samsung Galaxy J4. From the looks of it, this could be the most promising entry-level handset from the house of Samsung. Let’s find out whether Samsung would be penetrating the entry-level market share this year or not.

Why do we think that Samsung Galaxy J4 is the next best thing for Samsung?

Well, it’s simple, Samsung has finally managed to produce a smartphone that is well balanced. With Samsung Galaxy J4 users can expect more than just a reliable handset. They can expect a device that is tailored keeping in mind the standard lifestyle.

Samsung Galaxy J4

To explain that clearly, you’d have to peek inside the Samsung Galaxy J4 specifications.

> Design & Display: Samsung is amazing with design aesthetics and display technology, which is why you could trust them for an ideal viewing experience. This model would come with a small 5-inch HD display, which should be sufficient for watching movies, browsing, and gaming among other tasks.

> Performance: Whether you talk about entry, mid, or high-end, Samsung models, they all come equipped with an Exynos processor. It is the company’s in-house processor. Thus, it allows the brand to optimize performance at the hardware level. Expect a Quad-core processor, 2GB RAM and 16GB storage on board.

> Camera: Users these days demand dual-rear camera even on a budget expense, which is just not possible for incumbent players like Samsung. Therefore, don’t increase your expectations with Samsung Galaxy J4 in terms of the camera specs. It will reportedly come with a 13MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera, the standard lifestyle, nothing fancy.

> Battery: One of the significant aspects of a good smartphone experience is the battery life. With a 2800 mAh capacity battery, Samsung claims that its Galaxy J4 would offer an amazing battery life. Looking at the facts, we’d say it would be quite true.

Why do we think Samsung Galaxy J4 would be a good entry-level choice?

The fact that it comes with Android 8.0 Oreo-based user interface is one of the points that make us believe that it will offer a good experience. Further, if you combine, the Quad-core processor, 5-inch HD display, amazing battery life, and a decent camera package. Then, Samsung Galaxy J4 would be a handset worth investing. Considering the Galaxy J4 price is lower than its competition.

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