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India Ka Smartphone is a Reliance Jio Feature phone

Last Updated: August 1, 2017

Mukesh Ambani in the AGM of Reliance today has launched the cheapest Reliance Jio feature phone that supports 4G and VoltE. That’s not all, the phone has 512MB RAM, a Dual-core processor and it responds to voice commands as well. Well, that’s not something you get to see from a feature phone every day. Read on to know more on this new Jio Phone.

Reliance Jio that was launched close a year ago from today will now be introducing a feature phone that will be featuring 4G connectivity through VoltE. There are close to 25 million smartphones being shipped to India every quarter and the assumption is that mobile phone users in India prefer smartphones over feature phones and the launch of this feature phone by Reliance Jio has proved otherwise. The feature phone users are close to 400 million in India alone and the trend looks like it is taking an uptrend. To cater to this, Mukesh Ambani has skillfully launched a range of Reliance Jio Feature phones.

The Reliance Jio 4G enabled feature phone has been released today and will be out for sale in the 2nd week of August. This feature phone will be supporting 4G and VoltE connectivity and will be one of the first ones to do so in the feature phones segment. Reliance plans to take Jio to the masses and this is the way to ensure that this low priced mobile with 4G get in the hands of many.  


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The Reliance Jio mobile price in India is Rs 1500. But as stated by the Mukesh Ambani at AGM, that amount is 100% refundable after three years. This will be the first feature phone to come up with a 1.2Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with 512MB RAM and internal memory of 4GB.


  1. Who is the manufacturer Reliance Jio Phone?
  2. What are the Reliance Jio Phone Specifications?
  3. How to register/book a Reliance Jio Phone?

Intex is the manufacturer of Reliance Jio 4G feature phones:

Intex, an Indian smartphone, and feature phone manufacturer is likely to crack the deal of manufacturing the devices for this large scale project. The deal is not confirmed yet, however, Intex is already in talks with Mukesh Ambani about this and is positive on closing the deal soon. However, Intex will not be the only brand that will be the OEM for this. Sources have reasons to believe that it will be taking in 2 other manufacturers for this and one of them would be a Chinese manufacturer.


Reliance Jio Phone Specifications:

The Reliance Jio feature phone will be featuring a primary camera of 2MP and a selfie shooter of 0.3MP. There is no confirmation yet on the processor yet, but there is an inclination to believe that Qualcomm might be the OEM for this. The phone is speculated to be featuring a Firefox OS. That said, the Firefox OS is not as fancy as it sounds. This has been implemented by makers like Intex, Spice, Zen, and more. That said, the Reliance Jio feature phone will be getting to the table 512MB of RAM, 4GB internal memory, supports expandable memory, 4G and VoltE, Bluetooth connectivity, 1.2Ghz Dual-core processor and a 2.5-inch TFT screen.


Why the feature phone segment:

Reliance has always been a revolutionary in terms of communication in India. Back in the day when users were charged for taking incoming calls, Reliance made incoming calls free and to face that competition, other service providers had to make incoming calls free too. Later, Reliance observed that the nation is hooked on to the internet and service providers charge for little amounts of data. To beat that Reliance launched Jio, a service which offers the fastest connectivity at no charge. That’s not all, Reliance Jio completely waived off charges on Outgoing and Data too. This revolutionary wave in India happened in 2016 and in the third quarter of 2017, Reliance Jio has come up with a Reliance Jio feature phone that supports 4G at a price as low as INR 500.

After the launch of Reliance Jio and LYF mobiles, only smartphone users were able to reap the benefits of Jio and the whole lot of users who use feature phones were left out of the digitalization of India. To bridge the gap and cater to the needs of 50 crore feature phone users, Reliance has launched the new 4G Reliance Jio feature phone.


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Reliance had launched the LYF range of smartphones during the launch of Reliance Jio to get the users the real 4G experience at a pocket-friendly price. Now to ensure that the feature phone users are introduced to the Jio family, they have introduced a phone that supports 4G connectivity and join the digital revolution in India. There are a lot of mobiles in the LYF Earth, Water, and Fire series of smartphones. This list just gets better with the addition of this feature phone.


How to Register/Book for the Reliance Jio Phone:

It’s open for booking! Reliance Jio has started taking online booking for their Jio feature phone. If you are looking to book a Jio Phone for yourself or others, then, it’s pretty simple. We will guide you through simple instructions on how to book a Jio Phone easily. Below you can see the step by step guide.
Note: We recommend you follow this procedure on a system/laptop instead of a mobile.
1. First, launch the on your web browser.
Jio Phone 
2. Now you have to locate the “Jio Phone” banner.
3. Click on the “Keep me posted” button it will take you to a form.
4. You have to fill up this form with all the required details. And then click on “Submit” button.
5. Jio will send an instant confirmation text on the registered mobile number.  
Done with registration
That’s it. Congratulations, now you are registered for the India Ka Smartphone, Jio Phone. Stay tuned for more updates on this.
Special Mention:
Reliance Jio Phone is a Made in India mobile phone. If you are looking to purchase any other Made in India phones in India, then, we have created an ultimate list of such mobile. Please head over to this link here.


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