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In an ocean of power bank brands in India which one should you choose?

Buying accessories for your smartphone is one way is to give it a different look. So, that it can be distinguishable and protected from the falls and breaks. But when it comes to a power bank, the definition of an accessory completely changes as in a way it works as a partner of a smartphone.

A relationship between a powerbank and a smartphone is like the unconditional love that you give to your better half.

But this can be clubbed as a one-sided love for obvious reasons! 😛

Every smartphone user has to buy a powerbank these days, it’s like an unsaid mandatory thing. Whether they are looking for a startup pack just to prevent their device to run out of juice, or else for a daily usage, or for travel. There is a compulsory need of a portable charger in our lives. And with so many options to choose from it’s a chaos out there.

But…that’s going to change!

Today, we are making it easy for you to buy a power bank in India.

Embrace for some random classification of power banks! 😛

> What are the Primary Power Bank brands in India?

These portable charger brands in India are the preferred brands by many smartphone users. They are primarily into powerbanks business, and that’s why claim to offer high-quality products. Most of these preferred brands offer 12 months warranty on their products.

These brands tend to offer a versatile range when compared to secondary powerbank brands. If you are seeking a sturdy powerbank with high efficiency and other brilliant features, then, you should buy a power bank from these primary manufacturers.

  1. Ambrane Power Bank
  2. PNY Power Bank
  3. Anker Power Bank
  4. Syska Power Bank
  5. Mi Power Bank


Ambrane Power Bank (price in India) – Starts at Rs 349


Ambrane Power Bank


Most popular among smartphone users is the Ambrane power bank. They bring a versatile range of portable chargers to the industry. A brand that is just half a decade old has made its name by selling an affordable high-quality power bank online. Close to forty products available in the market, Ambrane portable chargers claim to offer best in class specification and price in India.

Their powerbanks capacity ranges from 1500 mAh, 3000, mAh, 6000 mAh, and 20000mAh. For a powerbank, safety is one of the concern, and Ambrane has taken that seriously as they offer nine layers of advanced protection including temperature resistance, overcharging, and even short circuit protection.


PNY Power Bank (price in India) – Starts at Rs 889


PNY Power Bank


PNY is a global leader in several consumer technologies and portable chargers are one of them. It is a brand that hails from the USA. PNY has emerged as an industry favorite, all thanks to their long history of manufacturing and existence, as the brand has been around for more than 30 years.

They offer a trendy, refined design with incredibly comfortable to carry ergonomic shape. PNY claims that their powerbanks have the best design in terms of safety as well as efficiency too. If you are someone who desires a stylish yet elegant powerbank, then, you can choose from the wide range of PNY power bank price list in India.


Anker Power Bank (price in India) – Starts at Rs 1399


Anker Power Bank


Founded by ex-Googlers, Anker is a young electronics accessories manufacturer hailing from California, USA. In the shortest span of time, this company has touched the lives of millions as they sell a range of accessories useful to many consumers. They claim to be the industry leader in a mobile charging space.

They claim to offer world’s most comprehensive charging and mobile accessories range in the world. Whether it’s a power brick, USB charging adapter, car charger or a data cable, Anker offers them all. Anker power banks have a product for every different requirement; pocket-size, ultra compact, high capacity, jump starter, power station and even battery cases.


Special Mentions: Cuz they offer Value for Money powerbanks!


Mi Power Bank (price in India) – Starts at Rs 899


Mi Power Bank


Xiaomi is the creator of Mi Power banks! And they are probably the most elegant power bricks you could see in the Indian market. Not just high on styling, but Mi powerbank claims to offer best in class power efficiency and features unlike most of the brands. Xiaomi started selling power banks in India way before anyone other brand was interested in even making one.

This Chinese smartphone brand deserves to be on this list despite it’s not a primary maker of power bricks. The reason behind it is simple; value for money powerbanks. Xiaomi is one of those few brands which offers limited models, but they put everything they can on those models. That is why Mi power bank 10000mAh and Mi power bank 20000mAh have set benchmark in the industry.

Syska Power Bank (price in India) – Starts at Rs 529


Syska Power Bank


Syska isn’t a primary powerbanks manufacturer, it was not until recently that they have started making portable chargers. They are primarily an LED lights manufacturer and a reason behind putting them on this list is simple. They deserve to be! The Pune-based portable charger maker has a wide range of power banks that offer a different design and style. Thus, addressing the requirements of a large type of users.


> What are the Secondary Power Bank brands in India?

These power bricks brands are not usually preferred by the smartphone users. But they are still widely popular among consumers in India. Cuz either these brands have a loyal consumer base for their primary products or else they are very well known names in the industry. So, users trust them because of their long existence as a manufacturer in the industry.

A downside to these brands is their 6 months warranty policy compared to the 12 months by primary makers. Further, you won’t get many options to choose from as their power banks price list is precise, but not versatile like primary brands.

We would recommend you buy a powerbank from the above brand’s list. But if you are still interested in buying a powerbank from brands like Asus, Samsung, Sony, Lenovo, OnePlus, Honor, or Intex, then, we have shared a price list of these brands. But you won’t find any descriptions about them, as we feel they don’t require one. Since you’d be interested in them for their brand names, but not for the features.


Here are those power banks brands in India :



This might not be ultimate power banks buying guide you’d want to read, but this is the one you should read.

What do you think of the power bank brands in India? Which powerbank are you currently using? If you think we have missed some brands, let us know in the comments section below.

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