Orkut is back, saying Hello from the other side!

Hello is here to take a chance against the likes of Facebook!


Hello! Before we go into the blog let’s take a throwback ride to Orkut. Kids use Facebook, men use Twitter, but legends are those who have used Orkut and got the most of it. While Orkut is not only nostalgic, it is the main root and cause for how big social media has evolved and entered into our daily lives today.


Well, of course, we will miss that scrapbooks, themes, rating our crushes and what not!


But guess what? Orkut. Is. Back.


Not in the way you would have guessed but in a different form. 


Orkut founder Orkut Büyükkökten is now back with another social media platform called ‘Hello’.


Hello is an app-only social network which connects people based on their interests. Sounds familiar? Yes, there are a lot of interest-based social platforms where people are going berserk more than they do on Facebook.


There’s a writer-turned-entrepreneur named Harsh Snehanshu, who, along with his college friends, came up with the similar idea, where people in the same area and with similar interests can interact. He even went ahead and promised that his app Whereabout will beat Facebook in social networking. But the whereabouts of that app is unknown now.



And with the conception around that these interest-based networks are the future, we will see more of these ambitious efforts by many other companies.


Coming back to Hello, it’s an app which lets you sign up where you can opt your interests, be it sports, food, travel, you name it.


After signing up, there are a lot more things you can do including interacting with people with same interests, meet them in person, write a post about your favorite niche, and posts photos among others.


When asked Büyükkökten whether Hello is same as Facebook, he said that it’s not at all. He said that Facebook acts as a digital directory where you can interact with your colleagues, old friends and new, neighbors and all those people whom you know. ‘But Hello aims to serve a different purpose. Our topology goes beyond the broadcast model and takes into account not just your friends and people you follow, but also your interests, location, and personality,’ added Büyükkökten.


In layman terms, Hello is more similar to MeetUp, but a lot more than that. In MeetUp, you only meet people with the same niche. Like meeting in the real world. But not one on one. Mostly it’s a group meeting, like a community.


But with Hello, you get to meet people, or a person, who shares your interests. Also, if you are not a fan of blind dates, you can chat with them and break the ice before you get to meet them directly. Yeah, even this sounds similar, doesn’t it? But that app is more of fire and dating where Hello is less complicated than that.


And if you wish to download the Hello app, it’s available (beta version for now) on PlayStore and AppStore. Ouch! Are you a Windows user? Look at the weather? Isn’t it pleasant today?


For people still expecting orkut to make a come back, well, the founder has already moved on! Which is why he is saying Hello from the other side.


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