OPPO R15 Plus – Is this the new King of the Selfie nation?

OPPO R15 Plus – The trendiest smartphone in town!

OPPO hits the ground with its all-new OPPO R15 Plus in China, and it might be coming to India pretty soon. The smartphone brand that is popular among millennials in India is trying to cash in the iPhone X design trend. In doing so, they might have introduced the most versatile Android smartphone till date. But is it really worth investing? We find out in this article below.

Stick around to learn whether OPPO R15 Plus would be a sensible purchase or not.

What are the best parts of OPPO R15 Plus specifications?

1. Design – Crafted for Perfection!

OPPO R15 Plus is a designer’s dream! Sliced it different colours and melted between a double-glass frame, this OPPO mobile is crafted for attraction. The 3D four curved cornered ceramic body not only looks brilliant but also offers a sturdy build quality. Further, the comfort-level and premium finish are of the highest standards.

2.Display – Ultra-wide viewing experience!

They couldn’t have made a better display than this in this price range! Sporting a unique 19:9 aspect ratio, it gives the screen a much wider viewpoint. Not only that, the company has designed a new gesture to tackle the UX experience on the all-new display. OPPO claims better utilization of the extended display is done. Here, we would have to take their word for it. But one thing is for sure, this 6.2-inches 1080p AMOLED display looks brilliant.

OPPO R15 Plus - Front Back Panels

3.Performance – Better than the best!

This time OPPO has taken initiative to introduce a global launch of a Snapdragon processor. The OPPO R15 Plus will introduce a Snapdragon 670 processor, which is teased to be the most powerful mid-range processor offering a high-end performance. With a support of massive 6GB RAM and 64GB internal storage, it surely is a powerhouse.

4.Camera – The Selfie AI Era has arrived!

Showering its smartphone with a series of mind-blowing camera features, the OPPO R15 Plus truly redefines camera photography, not just for the selfie-portrait, but more. Both cameras, the dual rear camera and the high-resolution front camera are enabled with Artificial Intelligence. On top of such intelligent assistance, it also offers bokeh effects, 3D portrait mode, and various movie-making modes.

What are the bad parts of OPPO R15 Plus specifications?

There are essentially no bad parts here! Which is good and all for the OPPO. But the fact that they have not launched the previous R Series in India is bad for the Indian audience. Cuz, then it means we might not be able to get our hands-on with this bad boy. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that for the new OPPO R Series.

What’s the summary of this OPPO smartphone?

Well, it indeed is the best smartphone OPPO has put out so far this year. It has so much to offer more than just good selfie portraits. You get a phone with high-end performance, and when a display is this wide, who wouldn’t like to play games on it. Most of all, it looks fantastic, all you’d want to do with this one is flaunt.

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