OPPO mobile might just introduce a dual rear camera phone later this year!

Do you like OPPO mobile phones? Are you a proud owner of one? Then, we have something to show you. Read on.

Smartphone users in India have a short attention span, they often change their interests and thus devices. Which is why you can see smartphone brands introducing new iterations to keep up with user’s interests. Recently, many smartphone brands like Apple, Samsung, and Vivo have released their next generation flagship phones. It’s time OPPO Mobile does that too.

Let’s dive into this in a flow of events. The first talk about current flagship phones, then, talk about next flagship iterations, and affordable selfie phones. And what is this fuss about an OPPO F3 Diwali Edition smartphone!


What are the current OPPO flagship smartphones available in India?

Interesting fact about these flagship devices: Oppo mobile price in India usually starts at Rs 17,990 and goes up to Rs 29,990. Thus, it means you can purchase an OPPO mobile flagship phone if you have a budget between Rs 20K-30K. That is considerably not a huge amount to shell out for flagship premium phones. Don’t you think!

OPPO F3 Plus – March 2017



OPPO Mobile


This OPPO Mobile phone was introduced as the iteration to OPPO F1 Plus earlier this year. It packs pretty impressive specification for a selfie expert. Sporting a 6.0-inch full HD resolution display, which is protected by a Corning Gorilla Glass 5, F3 Plus is a smartphone for entertainment consumption. On this massive screen, you could enjoy streaming Netflix or play games. The choice is yours!

Powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 653 processor, which is an Octa-core chipset, this SoC clocks at 1.95 GHz. Accompanying is a 4GB RAM, and 64GB internal storage, which can be expanded up to 256 GB via microSD card. Now let’s talk about the optics department, which is the highlight of this handset. The front setup is far interesting that rear, which makes it a selfie expert.

On the front, you can see a dual camera, where primary sensor comes with a 16 MegaPixel resolution and secondary sensor with an 8 MegaPixel resolution. On the rear, there is a 16 MegaPixel sensor with f/1.7 aperture, which means this sensor is capable of taking detailed and less noisy captures in a low light condition. Other camera features like phase detection autofocus, OIS, HDR, and dual-tone flash helps in bringing out the best camera output.


OPPO F3 – May 2017


OPPO Mobile


When OPPO releases a premium device, they always try to make one variant that offers the USP of the premium priced handset, but at the lower cost. OPPO F3 is that handset. Sporting the similar dual front-facing camera, where one comes with a 16 MegaPixel resolution and an 8 MegaPixel resolution. These two sensors work magic for portrait shots as they mimic the bokeh effects using depth of field. The rear shooter comes with a 13 MegaPixel sensor, but it has a f/2.2 aperture, which isn’t quite good for a low light photography.

There is a MediaTek processor involved in powering up this OPPO mobile instead of a Qualcomm processor, which you saw on the bigger sibling. An Octa-core processor with a clock speed of 1.5 GHz runs the OPPO F3.The 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage add to its performance. Talking about the display, it sports a 5.5-inch full HD resolution display and has a support from Corning Gorilla Glass 5. All this is powered by a 3200 mAh capacity battery.


Will OPPO introduce OPPO F4 and F4 Plus?

> That is probably not going to happen at all. The reason behind this is pretty simple. OPPO is a Chinese smartphone maker and there is a belief in their homeland that number 4 brings bad luck. And that is why they won’t introduce F4 and F4 Plus, which should be the technical iteration of F3 and F3 Plus OPPO mobile phones.


This belief is largely practiced by almost all Chinese smartphone maker, except few. Know who’s who!


Who other practices?

Vivo, OnePlus, and Gionee are some of the popular names.


Who doesn’t practices?

Xiaomi ! Whether they believe it or not, Xiaomi has never feared away from introducing a model with number 4 on it. Take their Mi 4, Redmi Note 4, and Redmi. In fact, these are some of the most popular handsets produced by Xiaomi. And yes, they are a Chinese company too.

Maybe it’s all in their mind. Just Maybe!


What is next for OPPO?

Skipping the F4 and F4 Plus, we may see OPPO mobile introduce an F5 and F5 Plus iterations.


When should you expect them to be announced?

As soon as late 2017 and as late as early 2018.

But wait, there aren’t any rumors about such devices from OPPO. So, should you really wait for them? Well, nothing concrete can’t be said for the brands that have such beliefs. All we can say is that OPPO must introduce new flagship phones as F3 and F3 Plus OPPO mobiles have got old for a current market scene.


SWITCH! Why not introduce dual rear camera phones for a change?


OPPO Mobile


It is about time for OPPO to step into dual rear camera phones in India. Many high-end smartphone brands like Apple, Samsung, and LG have taken that road already. Furthermore, many affordable brands like Motorola, Lenovo, Xiaomi, Panasonic, Micromax, and more have jumped on this dual rear camera bandwagon in India. Of course, India is obsessed with Selfie experience, but they are obsessed with a good smartphone camera photography as well. Always seeking a better handset to fulfill their wildest photography dreams.

Interestingly, OPPO already has two mobile phones that come with the dual rear camera. They are OPPO R11 and OPPO R11 Plus. These R series handsets were introduced in China, Singapore, Philippines, Australia, and many more countries.


Want to know OPPO R11 and R11 Plus specifications?

Both of these OPPO mobile phones are powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processors. And they pack a Dual rear camera with one having a 20 MP resolution and other a 16 MP resolution. A wide angle and a high aperture sensor combination, which is probably a killer combo. On the front, they both come with a 20 MP resolution sensor sporting a f/2.0 aperture.

Now talking about the differences, they sport different screen sizes. OPPO R11 comes with a 5.5-inches 1080p AMOLED display, whereas OPPO R11 Plus comes with a 6.0-inch LCD display. The RAM is quite high at 6GB on R11 Plus, but it’s at 4GB on R11. A large 4000 mAh capacity powers the bigger sibling, whereas smaller sibling has a 3000 mAh battery for consumption.


What is this OPPO F3 Diwali Edition smartphone?


OPPO Mobile


> It is an upcoming OPPO Mobile phone that is scheduled for launch on September 26th, 2017. Starting last year OPPO mobile has started to released a Diwali Edition smartphone as they launched OPPO F1s with festive branding. This year OPPO F3 is getting that treatment as it’s their flagship device of 2017.


Are you interested in buying a Diwali Edition of OPPO F3?

Well, then, you can keep updated about the OPPO F3 Diwali Edition price in India as the launch happens on September 26th.

What do you think of the new and upcoming OPPO Mobile phones in India? Are you waiting for a new flagship from the house of OPPO that’s coming later this year? Let us know in the comments section below.

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