OnePlus 6: Future is around the corner! Should you wait for it?

OnePlus 6 is looking for your attention.

Update, April 16, 2018: OnePlus 6 is all set to rock 2018 and its users couldn’t be happier than this. In a recent news piece, Pete Lau, CEO of OnePlus confirmed various speculations regarding the OnePlus 6 specifications and price. Before we shed light on OnePlus 6, let’s talk about OnePlus as a company.  

If not a cult, OnePlus has created a fan base that will show up for their events, even if they have to shell out a heavy amount of cash. Because they feel it’s worth it. In short span of fewer than five years, this Chinese mobile startup has gained unbelievable follower-ship. Which is the result of them recently crossing revenue of $1 billion, it is double the revenue of that of 2016.   

Here are 6 reasons why OnePlus 6 deserves your attention:

#1 Significant Design Shift:

OnePlus has been introducing two devices a year since they first released OnePlus 3, which was followed by OnePlus 3T. Next came OnePlus 5, and then OnePlus 5T. There was not much of a design shift between regular and ‘T’ variant. OnePlus is following Apple’s ‘S’ upgrade system, but much like them, they are not waiting for a year to do so.

The regular OnePlus models have been introduced as the preliminary models. But that might change with OnePlus 6 introduction as the major design shift is scheduled to happen on the fifth generation OnePlus phone. We might see a glass body on the OnePlus smartphone, which would introduce wireless charging.    

OnePlus 6 - Design

#2 New Benchmark Performance:

OnePlus is always ahead in the competition in terms of SoC & adopting the high amount of RAM. This year they won’t go beyond 8GB RAM, but they might introduce a 256GB storage variant and standardize the 128GB storage for a regular 6GB model. The biggest takeaway in terms of performance on the OnePlus 6 would be the introduction of Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. It was confirmed by the OnePlus founder that their new flagship killer phone would be sporting SD845 SoC.    

#3 Water Resistance:

OnePlus praises its #NeverSettle mantra, but have failed to introduce a phone with IP rating. There is no kind of water resistance available on a OnePlus smartphone. It is about time they introduce water resistance. The times have changed when smartphone brands use to give excuses that it’s impossible to make a phone waterproof and get away with a sleek design, or reducing the cooling capacity. Many 2017 flagships came out with waterproof phones and they weren’t bulky at all or had complaints regarding thermal dissipation.

#4 Brilliant Camera Gear:

Camera department has become the most significant part of a smartphone purchase. If you are spending around Rs 40,000 on a phone, of course, you’d want it to be best in class. OnePlus 5T has been known for its dual-rear camera lens, which is teased to offer incredible bokeh effect shots. Primarily introduced for portrait photography. But many experts would argue that a better single lens camera with OIS can do a better job than OnePlus 5T’s dual-lens combination. Which is why OnePlus 6 camera expectations are much higher. And it can only be fulfilled if OnePlus takes steps in the right direction.   

OnePlus 6 - Rear

#5 Fingerprint Scanner Inside Display:

Vivo, the sibling company of OnePlus recently unveiled a fingerprint sensor that is fitted right inside the touchscreen display. For OnePlus 6, it is believed that the company might introduce world’s first commercial phone with an under-the-display fingerprint sensor. Of course, OnePlus could completely remove the fingerprint sensor and go mainstream with Face Unlock ID feature with a dedicated hardware. But with an existing technology at their disposal via Vivo, why would OnePlus invest the time and money in introducing something like Apple ID. They shouldn’t.  

#6 Stereo Speakers:

Have you been expecting a stereo speaker on a OnePlus 6? Well, that could just come out to be true. Most brands these days including Apple, HTC, and Google have introduced a stereo speaker arrangement on their respective flagship phones. It is about time the OnePlus introduces one as well. OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T offers fairly loud speaker at the bottom, but they fail to amaze. Because it’s not about loudness, but it’s about having a set of speaker that offers you cool effect when the phone is facing you sideways.

These are the rumours that have been taking round in the industry about OnePlus 6 specification. What do you feel about the OnePlus 6 price? Well, it should be somewhere around the price point of OnePlus 5T. Stay tuned for updates on OnePlus 6 release date in India, as well as OnePlus 6 price in India.

What’s the update on OnePlus 6 release date in India?

> April 30th might be when the new OnePlus flagship killer would be revealed by the brand.

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