Nokia 6 comeback. Is the Comeback good enough? Price, specs & more


Nokia 6 is the new toy everyone wants, Can you wait forever without a hint on the release date?

So, everything we know so far seems inadequate on the Nokia 6 Price, specifications, and features. Agreed. But that’s what a few trusted sources have revealed and for obvious reasons, we can’t name ‘em. That said, let us summarize.


Things we know about Nokia 6 –  So far!

  • Comes at a price of 16,999/-

     This is self-explanatory. The Nokia 6 price in India upon launch is speculated to be around 16,999 and at this price range, the Nokia 6 faces an army of mobiles cutting each other’s throat to be the best. The Vivo V5s, OPPO F1s, Lenovo Z2 Plus, and the Honor 8 Lite. Beating the odds of these requires innovation and does the Nokia 6 have what it takes to beat them?

  • Snapdragon 430 processor:

    Millions around the world are glad are glad that the brand that once ruled the mobile space is coming back to stand its ground after more than a decade. And, Nokia 6 is one in the line-up of its new Android Products. This android phone was expected to stir a revolution and with a Snapdragon 430 processor, one is left unsure.


  • Release date unknown:

     The phone has been awaited for a while now, and yet it never came. People moved on to the Vivo V5s, Honor 8 Lite and a few other champs in the same price range. With no news on the Nokia 6 release date, it makes things difficult for Nokia fans to hold on. There are a lot of speculative rumors and the latest one is that it shall be released on June 13, 2017.

    So, Nokia, if you’re listening. An official statement on the date of release of the Nokia 6  will go a long way.

  • No fancy specs:

    It’s true, the Nokia 6 doesn’t stuff under its hood that will make you do a handstand or a backflip. It’s nothing out of the box or close to what its competition has to offer. But still doesn’t look under delivering. So as long as the current specs it comes with delivers flawlessly, Nokia is looking at some bad reviews and publicity. Hope that doesn’t happen.



  • Brand value is their USP:

    So this has come to call a spade a spade. Nokia 6 is clearly sailing on the emotional connect and brand value they were able to make a decade ago. That’s good, cuz they didn’t have a strong competitor base then, but now, things have changed and the emotional connect alone will not sell phones. Hopes are high that HMD global is able to keep that emotional bond strong and as is by providing something that sticks.


So, here’s our ruthless and much-needed article on the Nokia 6 price, specifications, and release date. Stay tuned folks. June 13th might be a big day.



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