Is Nokia 6 the greatest comeback in the recent history?

Nokia 6 is coming to the market and we can’t get any more pumped!


Most of us know who Albus Dumbledore is. And, we know what’s his pet is. A bird called Phoenix. It’s a mythical creature which is known to rise from the ashes after death. And we don’t know whether it was intentional or not by JK Rowling, but Dumbledore too raises after his death to give Harry a lovely message in the last book/movie. We will talk about the message later, but now, the Phoenix is the topic. It has this capability of raising from death. And there are so many things in the real world, which have pulled off that magic. One is Nokia. And one of its latest inventions is the Nokia 6.


Almost from closing down their shutters, Nokia has reincarnated, thanks to HMD Global, and is now back with its series of Android smartphones. And today, we will talk about one of those, the most-awaited Nokia 6.


Let’s discuss about this mid range phone as Nokia 6 price in India is expected to be around INR 17,000. Will this economical express reach the masses? By what time? With good features? Let’s see!


So reportedly the Nokia 6, along with its brothers, Nokia 3 & Nokia 5, will be released on June 13th in India. Being already released in China, the phones are a big hit and can face the same fate here in India. On top of that, there is an emotional bonding for Indians with Nokia. Yes, it was ‘Connecting People’, but more than that, Nokia was an emotional ride to everyone in a nutshell.


Let’s go through a quick look at Nokia 6 features and specifications:


Nokia 6


> It comes with a 5.5-inch IPS LCD display with Full HD resolution and 401 PPI pixel density.


> 3GB RAM | Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 | Octa-core with 1.4GHz speed


> 16MP primary camera | 8MP selfie camera | Dual-color LED flash


> 32GB internal memory, expandable up to 128GB


> Android Nougat | Google Assistant


> 3000 mAh non-removable battery | Fingerprint sensor



A phone with these features reportedly come at a price of Rs 17,000. What do you think? Is it worth it? Yes, there are other mobiles like Redmi Note 4 and 3S Prime which can offer a better set of features at lower prices. But isn’t it all about brand value when you move your head a little right and see things differently?



With the expectations high, nostalgia in line, and fans waiting for the phone, how would Nokia be able to beat the expectations with its Nokia 6 and prove its real worth?


For a starter, it should take a leaf out of its own book of legacy and use those old, crowd-pulling marketing strategies.


And also, they should give out the phones for offline stores, which they are reportedly doing.



Talking of comebacks!


Some companies or people fail miserably and come back from the abyss to beat everything that is out there. Roger Federer for example, after facing a fall down (literally)

Roger Federer


in the holy center court of Wimbledon, took a 6-month break to come back and win an Australian Open and even beat his nemesis, Rafael Nadal, 3 times in a row.


Winning moment


This is one of the examples of the greatest comebacks in recent history.


On the other hand, we have Nokia 6. Will it be a game changer? Will it beat its nemesis’ Samsung Galaxy On Nxt, single handedly with the Nokia 6?


Honestly, we would say it’s not possible. At least for now. Yes, Nokia is back for all good. But instead of naming it a revolution/game changer, we would prefer to call Nokia 6 a good start in the process of coming back into the market.


And sometimes, that’s just enough.


We all did pity when Nokia went into ruins and when its CEO had to face the press crying with an apology for failing at what they do.


But now, they’re back! (Nokia 6 release date is expected to be on June 13th). And it’s time to cheer up and give the love back. At least, unlike other companies which are commercial and mechanical at their best, Nokia is one of the very few companies with whom we had that emotional bond.


And coming back to the message that Dumbledore had given to Harry Potter,


Harry potter

           “Do not pity the dead. Pity the living, and above all, those who live without love.”




So, all in all, what do you think? Will Nokia beat Federer and everything else to become the biggest comeback? Let us know your views. And also, let us know would you buy a Nokia 6!

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