Nokia 6 2018: Could this be the best smartphone under 15,000?

Nokia 6 2018: More power to the core!

Nokia couldn’t have asked for a better resurrection to what it saw last year when the brand debuted its new Android-powered smartphones. Last year the Finnish brand introduced a couple of handsets including the Nokia 2, Nokia 3, Nokia 5, Nokia 6, Nokia 7, and Nokia 8. This year the brand is taking their smartphones range to the next level. The first handset getting a makeover is Nokia 6, which is now called as Nokia 6 2018 Aka Nokia 6 Second Generation.  

Let’s talk about the Nokia 6 2018 specifications and price, below. 

Why should I wait for Nokia 6 Second Generation and not buy original Nokia 6?

Cuz you are someone who likes to get their hands on the latest devices and keep away from the oldies. Though, Nokia 6 isn’t old enough to get called an oldie. But it certainly requires upgrades, which can be seen on the Nokia second generation. You should wait for Nokia 6 2018 to release in India if you don’t have immediate smartphone upgrade requirements.   

What are the highlights of the Nokia 6 2018 specifications?

Can share the design changes, please? Yes, here they are:

> Design shift acknowledged! Nokia finally acknowledges the fact that a rear-fingerprint sensor makes more sense than the front-fingerprint sensor. I know we could have a debate on this topic, but let’s do it some other time.  

> More durable than ever! Nokia 6 2nd generation body material is manufactured using Aluminum 6000 series, which is considered one of the most durable metals for smartphones. That’s called evolution!

> Appealing look and feel! The first generation Nokia 6 had a brilliant finish, but this new two-color design, one across the body, and another across edges make it a beautiful smartphone to look at.
Nokia 6 2018

Is there any improvement in hardware or software features?

> Major improvement in terms of performance! You will see a Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 Octa-core processor. The previous model had a Snapdragon 430 Octa-core processor. There is a major difference in terms of performance between these chipsets. The new 600 series processor has higher clock speed than 400 series.

> Introduction of Type-C port! Nokia has finally acknowledged the era of Type-C. This also means the fast charging capability is introduced in the Nokia 6 2018.

When is Nokia 6 2018 coming to India?

There is no concrete information available on when this device is coming to India. China saw the Nokia 6 2018 release on January 7 this year. It can be estimated that Nokia would release the second generation Nokia 6 sooner than expected. A Q2 launch can be expected from the Finnish smartphone brand.

What is the expected Nokia 6 2018 price in India?

Nokia has been aggressive with their price range last year, but the budget and mid-segment handsets were priced higher than competition considering the specs they came with. But it looks like a price tag around Rs 15,000 should be good for Nokia 6 2018. So, would you be going for Nokia 6 2018 or not? Well, take your time, it’s probably long way before Nokia India realizes it too late. 

It’s about time Nokia should introduce the Nokia 7 under 20,000 price tag. Then, only it would get the traction in the sale that they expect from India. The Indian smartphone market is ever growing and is probably most competitive mobile market in the world.

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