Why did Xiaomi mock Apple at their Mi Mix 2 India launch?

With Mi Mix 2 in the market, smartphones will never be the same!

Xiaomi can be summed up as an aggressive smartphone brand who doesn’t wait for innovations to happen. They rather would create than wait for others to follow. That is what we love about this electronics startup firm hailing from China. Today, Xiaomi unveiled its Mi Mix 2 in India, the flagship bezel-less phone that it’s India fans have been eagerly waiting to own.

Over the last couple of years, Xiaomi has gained huge market in India, whether you call it their smart marketing, or trust built by creating a range of handsets that truly redefines smartphone affordability. India is a country where people buy products only if they feel it worthy. And Mi has given this country a VFM (Value for Money) range.

If you have every watched Xiaomi’s launch event you’d know they like to explain stuff in detail. Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 launch in India wasn’t different from their usual style. There is one thing they have been actively practicing at their events is to mock Apple. Well, who doesn’t like to mock iPhone!

Here are the top five Mi Mix 2 features that Xiaomi used to mock latest Apple iPhones:

Aspect Ratio Disrupter!


Aspect Ratio - Mi Mix 2


When you are almost a trillion dollar company, you can do anything and get away with it. That is Apple has been doing for ages! Xiaomi stepped in to play a disrupter in the industry and thus have redefined the way we all look and feel our smartphones. This started with the introduction of Mi Mix last year during the same time.

What started as a concept has grown into a concrete device that is gorgeous with 18:9 aspect ratio. This increases the display area by 12.5%, which makes a significant impact on navigation and thus offering great gaming experience as one of the luxuries to be enjoyed on a full-screen display.

Redefines Usable Safe Area!


Large Usable Safe Area - Mi Mix 2


Once Steve Jobs quoted, “Design is not what it looks like and feels like, Design is how it works”. It’s only natural that our eyes rest at the top of your phone. That is why Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 doesn’t have a notch on top, like iPhone X. One could easily say that Mix 2 offers better user experience for viewing content than iPhone X could ever with its top-notch reserved by Apple. The large usable safe area is the new standard, even recently approved by Google at their developer conference.

Tackling top bezel!


Mi Mix 2 - Hidden features


This has been the challenge for Xiaomi as they had to innovate on certain other technologies like an earpiece, proximity sensor, and a front camera. No one before the Xiaomi, not even the first smartphone creator Apple took it upon themselves to redefine the smartphone. The infrared Proximity sensor is replaced by an ultrasonic proximity sensor. Just like proximity sensor, the earpiece is also hidden and Xiaomi has replaced it with a new Guided earpiece design. For your surprise, the front camera is moved to the chin.

If only iPhone X didn’t have a top notch!

Shorter chin!


Mi Mix 2 - Chin


Adding an extra component makes bezels large, but Xiaomi has achieved shorter chin on their Mi Mix 2. A narrow chin means better handling experience and a wider reach when operating single-handedly. With front camera shifted to the chin, Xiaomi had to redesign the module as well. Therefore, they have introduced a custom front camera module that is quite tiny in size, but yet powerful for an impressive selfie experience. How does it compare to iPhone 8 Plus? Mi Mix 2 offers 41.2% smaller chin. Now you decide which is better!

Looks big, feels smaller in hand!


Mi Mix 2 - Full screen display


You don’t say NO to a device that is equal to traditional 5.5-inch in size but offers a viewing experience like a 5.99-inch device. Bezel-less experience truly changes the perspective, viewing is more immersive and broader. For example, iPhone 8 Plus sports a 5.5-inch display, this Apple device is larger in size and is heavy as well when compared to a 5.99-inch full-screen display enabled Mi Mix 2. New Mix 2 is quite incredible!

With Mi Mix 2 specifications & price, Xiaomi has closed the debate that which side (Art or Technology) should smartphone brands take when they are planning to introduce a flagship device. Of course, both are significant! Mi Mix 2 is the live example there shouldn’t be a compromise.

Where & when can I buy Mi Mix 2 in India?

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 would be available for a special preview sale with limited stocks on the auspicious day of dhanteras, i.e, October 17th. This sale would be on Mi.com & Flipkart. Later in November, Xiaomi would make its flagship available in India on Mi Home and other partnered offline stores as well.

What is the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 price in India?

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 is priced at Rs 35,999. This price point makes it a direct competitor to the brands like OnePlus, Nokia and Honor. Mi Mix 2 would be directly competing with models like OnePlus 5, Nokia 8 and Honor 8 Pro.

Are you planning to buy a Xiaomi Mi Mix 2? Let us know in the comments section below.

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