LG Q6 misses out the essential feature of 2017

LG Q6 is a phone to look out for in the mid-range!

LG has done the unthinkable, they have launched a Bezel-Less smartphone. Not in high-end, but in a mid segment. This LG Q6, dubbed as the mini LG G6 was released in India yesterday on Amazon India’s website for Rs 14,990. What’s unbelievable is not the LG Q6 price in India, but their confidence in Indian consumers that they’ll go for this handset.

This should be an official statement that Indian consumers don’t usually take a leap of faith just for an experience. They are one of the most practical consumers in the world if not the most practical. So, when a company launches a handset with a focus on one part of the product and completely ignoring the other essential part, then, it’s not practical.

If you are up for an upgrade and looking for a mid-range handset in the sub-15K price range, then, we have some pointers for you why you should and shouldn’t purchase the LG Q6.


Why should you buy LG Q6?


A design-first approach!




LG has made a phone so much durable that you won’t worry if it ever accidentally falls from a shoulder height. Using a 7000 series aluminum on LG Q6, the South Korean giant has ensured that your device is strong to be called most durable phone. The lightweight “H Bream” frame made from strong aluminum helps it endure the impact from any direction.


Break Boundaries!




Bringing in a whole lot of screen in your palm, the LG Q6 opens up the new dimensional experience for its users. The 18:9 aspect ratio means you get a bigger immersive view on your mobile screen. Gaming experience won’t be same again once you get your hands on this device. No bezels mean easy one handed operation as the wide of the screen become less. Reducing accidental touches on wrong points, the FullVision 5.5-inch display on LG Q6 is a delight on your eyes and palm as well.


Android Nougat Experience!




LG might have made the best decision by implementing the latest Android experience on their new mid segment entrant. The Android 7.1.1 Nougat is latest stable release, which offers a swell of features like split screen, improved RAM management and Google Assistant at your service. LG has made its best software experience yet on their mid-range phone.


Why should you not buy LG Q6?


No Fingerprint Sensor!

When a brand runs towards innovation on one significant aspect of a phone and ignores another one doing so. It’s called a blunder mistake! When brands are offering fingerprint sensor on even budget phones like Redmi 4, it is really careless to think that consumers in India would also ignore it and buy their handset.


Not the best rear camera!

We have started to replace our digital cameras with the smartphone cameras. This generation is all about sharing Instagram stories, checking in on Facebook and posting those crispy scenic beauties you captured during your road trip on Flickr. For all this one needs the rear camera on their smartphone to sport faster focusing and low-light capable sensor, which is clearly absent from LG Q6.


Probably not a great battery life!

In the smartphone era when companies are launching their devices with at least 4000 mAh capacity battery, LG Q6 is stuck with a 3000 mAh. If the display wasn’t full HD and a 5.5-inch size, it would have been understandable to some extent. But that’s not the case and it hurts to see a company like LG compromise on battery life.


What’s the Verdict on LG Q6?

LG has made a phone that’s as good as it is bad. We don’t know how did this South Korean giant has managed to do that, but it has apparently done. It misses out on some certain important aspects. We would recommend if you are someone who likes to experience new handsets, then, you should welcome LG Q6 for its stunning display and beautiful design. If that’s not the case with you, then you should look the other side to seek your practical experience.

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