Brace yourself! Lenovo K9 Note is coming.

The Chinese smartphone maker Lenovo is favorite among budget and mid range smartphone consumers in India. Their Killer K Note series has been received quite well by the consumers in the country. While it was recent that company has released their K8 Note in India, the rumors are going on in the industry that Lenovo K9 Note is planned for the release. And we have got the exclusive scoop on this one.


Why should you look forward to K9 Note? We list out five reasons. Check them out.

Design Overhaul is due!

A striking beauty is expected from the Chinese smartphone giant. While the Lenovo K Note series has given us the best iterations in terms of configurations for the price they were launched. It is about time that company starts focusing on the design of their handsets. With Lenovo K9 Note company has an opportunity to create an inspirational product to redefine how mid-segment devices look. Of course, once you increase the quality and looks of your product, you expect higher pricing. But that shouldn’t be a problem with an Indian audience as Lenovo has gained the trust of them as a reliable smartphone provider. Now it’s time for the company to give it back to their users a device they deserve to flaunt.

Could see an unbelievable display!

Nothing is unbelievable these days, but Lenovo coming up with a bezel-less display would be surprising for sure. There are rumors going around in the industry that Lenovo is looking to release a device with a bezel-less display in mid-segment. We couldn’t resist but notice that it might be Lenovo K9 Note. Other than its K Note series, the brand doesn’t have any iconic series that is expected to announce. This one’s the obvious upgrade we may be getting. A bezel-less display would be a welcome addition to the Lenovo K9 Note features.

Dual Camera on Rear is not enough!

When have we limited our requirements in life? Never! Therefore, in our smartphones, we have not stopped at dual rear cameras but explored how dual front camera experience would feel. And it feels fantastic! Ask those who owns Vivo V5 Plus and OPPO F3 Plus. The bokeh effect is something that makes your portrait photos looks good. So, now imagine a selfie camera with such abilities. Our selfie obsessed nation would love it. Lenovo’s K Note series is known for packing high-end features at not so expensive pricing. Thus, it is believed that company is going to offer a dual-selfie camera as an incremental upgrade to the successor, Lenovo K9 Note.


The processor you deserve!

Qualcomm high-powered processor is what you deserve on a smartphone priced in sub-15K. It should be a standard practice by smartphone brands. But over the years, Lenovo hasn’t used a Qualcomm chipset on their handset up until. And that is going to change with Lenovo K9 Note. As the rumored device is slated to be equipped with one of the most powerful mid range chipsets from Qualcomm. The rumor round ups state that a Snapdragon 653 processor would be coming on the next generation of K Note handset. It is a big deal for consumers in India as they have been demanding it since quite a time now. Rejoice Lenovo fans!


Battery life that lasts forever!

The fact is that battery life is as good as a processor can showcase efficiency in handling the power. The power management is a most important factor, even if the device has a large battery capacity, and not a great power management, then, the device could end up giving poor battery life. Thus, a Qualcomm processor will only improve the battery life on the Lenovo K9 Note. There are no rumors nor it makes sense to go beyond 4100 mAh capacity on a smartphone. Other significant features that would matter for a battery life include fast charging support, which is offered on the K8 Note and that should be carried on the K9 Note as well.

The predecessor has just been lauched and the expectations on the Lenovo K9 Note has just increased. Will the time gap between the release be put to use efficiently or will the makers keep the specifications of the phone unaltered?

What do you think of the Lenovo K9 Note specifications? Do you think it would be a hit once it gets launched in India? If you are wondering about the Lenovo K9 Note price in India, then, there’s nothing concrete that can be said. But expect it to be somewhere in the lines of K8 Note in sub-15K.