Laptops: All for Gaming, work & watching a movie

Laptops: A detail on their specifications, features, and Price

A Laptop are devices that we can no longer function without. These devices every kid’s source of entertainment and every man’s means of winning bread. Laptops are being used not just in the spherical surface of earth but beyond the expanse of the skies too. From getting the basic math to designing structures that will revolutionize the way humans evolve, Laptops do it all. But why this long and explanatory detail? Read on and you might just know.

Types of Laptops:

Universally a laptop is a device that has a screen and a keyboard that has a trackpad integrated into it. Some use it for work, some use it for entertainment, some for movies, some for playing games, and some for mobility. The main reason why a laptop replaced conventional computers at home and work spaces is that they offered their users the mobility and portability while offering the same performance. The first laptop was invented was in 1981 and it weighed 12 Kilograms and came with a CRT monitor. The first laptop didn’t have a battery either. Later in 1982 Epson introduced a model that weighed 1.6 KG, it featured a compact LCD screen and a rechargeable battery too. Now that we’ve had that obligatory history portion on Laptops, let’s move on to the real deal. The types and why they are important.

Apart from the hardware configuration of the laptops the operating software on which it runs on also plays a vital role. While the majority of the world runs on Windows and Mac OS, there are other platforms that the world has to offer. They include Chrome OS, Linux, Ubuntu, and Android operating systems for PCs and laptops.

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Types of operating system in Laptops:

Linux OS
mac OS
Android OS

Windows OS:

Windows is the most widely used operating used in products from renowned Laptop manufacturers like HP, Dell, Apple, Lenovo, Toshiba, Samsung, and more. Windows has always evolved and come up with new features and specifications that offered its users an intuitive user experience and state of the art functions. Due to its vast user base, most of the applications and hardware units are built in ways that they are compatible with various versions of windows based operating systems. Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 are the most prominent versions of windows OS one gets to see in this year. If you are lucky you could find a windows XP or a windows Vista running on a few computers.

Linux OS:

Linux Operating systems are open source platforms that are used vastly on Laptops, Personal computers, Tablets, and mobile phones. Linux is the parent and runs on the Linux Kernel which is the core of its operations. People take the effort to learn a new environment where applications and its uses are so different just so that they are able to get a clutter free experience. Linux operating systems are one of the most reliable as they are not susceptible to crashes and malware. Just not that Linux Operating system are free and the cost for maintaining hundreds of Linux is at the least when compared to its rivals Windows and mac os.

Mac os:

Macintosh or Mac is a range of computers that are designed and sold by Apple International. Mac os has come a long way and the latest edition that was launched was the High Sierra in June 2017. Like its predecessors, this variant focuses on features and specifications than on user experience. The main reason why Apple users prefer this and Windows users envy this is the precision and the level of detail the UI has to offer users.

10 best laptops brands: 

Asus Laptops
HP Laptops
Apple laptops
Lenovo laptops
Dell laptops
Toshiba laptops
Samsung laptops
Acer laptops
Microsoft laptops

Asus Laptops:asus laptops

Asus Laptops are one of the most widely used laptops in India and around the world. These are generally used by gamers as their ability to process high definition graphics is meticulously greater than the rest of the brands. Laptops from Acer are preferred choice for those who are looking to buy the best gaming laptop.

HP Laptops:Hp laptops

HP laptops are one of the most widely used laptops those who are looking to get their first laptop and by working professionals too. Laptops from HP offer lasting life span, extended warranty, and value for money. The range of HP laptops starts as low as INR 18,000 in India.

Apple Laptops:apple laptops

Apple Laptops are commonly known as MacBooks. The most common variants that are seen are the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro. MacBooks are comparatively very expensive from compared to other brands. Yet, there is a large user base for this brand around the world and users eagerly await new updated and features launches every year. Apple’s retina display MacBooks are best for watching movies on-the-go. Thanks to the long battery life!

Lenovo laptops:lenovo laptops

Lenovo Laptops are prominently knowns for the range of laptops that they have introduced in the Yoga series. These display innovation with their 360-degree tiltable screens and detachable keyboards. Lenovo is also known for their range of Thinkpads. These are majorly used by working professionals as these are built to withstand long hours of strenuous computing on large applications.

Dell laptops:Dell Laptops

XPS, Alienware, and Inspiron are the major series of Dell laptops sold in India. Alienware is the most expensive of the lot. They offer impeccable computing and are by far the most expensive laptops in this list of best laptops in India. The XPS and Inspiron series are on the cheaper side and is targeted to that set of users who are looking for the best specifications the market has to offer at a very competitive price.

Toshiba laptops:toshiba laptops

Toshiba launched their range of laptops in the year 1985 and have come a long way ever since. As of 2010 Toshiba had already sold out 100 million laptops. The Satellite Pro, Tecra, and Protégé are the different series of laptops launched by Toshiba to cater to the need of its varied user base.

Samsung laptops:samsung laptops

The Samsung Notebook 9 Pro is one of the latest additions to the catalogue of Samsung laptops. These series feature a state of the art equipment under the hood. The sleek design and perfect finish pushed this series on par with HP’s spectre and Apple’s MacBook Air.

Acer laptops:acer laptops

Acer is still one of the most top selling laptop manufacturers globally. Acer Aspire series is the preferred choice for laptops users in India. The laptops start at INR 10,000 and increase gradually with better specifications. One could easily get a well-configured laptop at a reasonable price from Acer.

Microsoft laptops:

Microsoft though primarily is a manufacturer of the software, has now stepped into manufacturing laptops too. The Surface and Surface Pro are few prominent models from this house. These laptops are premium and come with the premium laptops segment.

Refurbished laptops

Refurbished goods are best for those who are looking to buy products without burning a hole in their pocket. Refurbished laptops are laptops that have either been used or repaired after malfunctioning. These devices come up the warranty to cover their users and to provide value for money.
One could always purchase refurbished Laptops from physical stores or from e-retailers like Amazon or Flipkart.

Laptop accessories

Laptops need accessories too. From customizing the flipside of the screen to getting extra USB ports, there are laptop accessories for all. The most widely used accessories are wireless speakers, Docking station, auxiliary USB ports, and a few others.

Types of laptops :

When we say this we aren’t talking about those that can work even when submerged in an
• Gaming
• Work
• Screen size (info on variations on its screen size)

Gaming Laptops:

For every gamer inside us, we would want a laptop that is as good as it gets. These laptops should have the essentials and these are no way related to the aesthetic looks of it. A gaming laptop are built to perform, sometimes more than the conventional ones. These gaming laptops come with high-end NVidia or GeForce. High RAM, abundant storage capacity for storing large games and multiple cooling systems to keep the device cool even when it’s going through extreme computing. This is what a gamer looks for, and here we have a list of gaming laptops that could deliver all of these, without burning a hole in your pocket.

List of best gaming laptops that don’t burn a hole in your pocket:


Lenovo 310:lenovo 310

The Lenovo 310 is on the list of best gaming laptops under 50000. This features a massive 15.6-inch screen with 8GB RAM and an Intel i5 processor to support the heavy computing that the users expect of it. The battery backup is commendable as it lasts for a good 3-4 hours. There are no overheating issues reported, hence is a good buying option.

Dell Vostro 3000:dell vostro 3000

The Dell Vostro is another addition to this list that is also a perfect fit for the list of best gaming laptops under 50000. This features 8GB RAM, a 7th generation i5 processor, 2GB DDR3 graphics, 1TB storage space and a massive 15.6-inch screen.  The Dell Vostro comes pre-loaded with Ubuntu operating system and the user is free to install any other operating system, like the windows OS.

HP Core i5:hp core i5 6th generation

The HP Core i5 6th generation is another addition to the list of best gaming laptops under 50000. Priced at INR 43,990 this laptop features all the latest equipment like its competitors from the same segment.  The best of processing capabilities, graphics processors, RAM, and storage options make it one of the best options for you to choose from. The only downside to this is that the laptop’s screen is fragile. Hence a little caution while using the device is suggested.

Dell Inspiron Core i5:dell inspiron core i5

This one is from the same house that has introduced to the world the XPS and Alienware. The Inspiron Core i5 is priced at INR 50000 and is the last contestant in the list of best gaming laptops under 50000. The laptop features an impressive 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, DDR3 Graphics, Windows 10 preloaded and at 64 bits. The battery backup on this device is as long as 5 hours and the Nvidia Gt 920M makes up for the difference in price.

Lenovo Core i5 7th Gen:lenovo core i5 7th gen

Lenovo Core 15 7th generation laptop features a 64-bit system architecture along with 8GB RAM, DDR4 graphics processing unit. The 2.5GHz processor with turbo boost is the showstopper of this device. That’s not all it also features a battery that provides a backup of up to 5 hours on intense gaming.  The Intel i5 processor and N16S-GTR make this device apt for gaming and one of the best Lenovo gaming laptops that is available in the market.

Lenovo B50-70 Notebook:lenovo b50-70

Priced at INR 53,000 the Lenovo B50-7- Notebook is what the laptop manufacturing giant has to offer the market. This features a 15.6-inch screen that produces a display output of up to 6 hours. With an AMD Radeon R5 230 GPU, 8GB RAM, 4th Gen i5 processor, this device competes with the best gaming laptops from the house of Dell and HP.

HP Pavilion Core i5 6th Gen:HP pavilion i5 6th gen

HP Pavilion Core adds a premium finish to this contestant in the list of best gaming laptops. The backlit shouts finesse. Featuring a 15.6-inch screen, 8GB DDR4 RAM, 2GB NVidia Geforce graphics processing unit and 64bit architecture paired with a Windows 10 operating system. If you’re looking for a gaming laptop that also has a finesse of a looker, then the HP Pavilion Core i5 6th generation is the one for you.

Dell Inspiron core 5000:

Dell Inspiron Core 5000 is another addition to the list of best gaming laptops from Dell. This device is priced at INR 57000. This features a stunning 8GB RAM, AMD Radeon R5 M335 graphics processing unit for dedicated use. The 15.6-inch screen offers its users high display and picturesque image clarity. This comes pre-loaded with Office 2016.

HP Core i5 7th Gen:hp pavilion i5 7th gen

HP Core 7th generation laptop take the gaming experience to another level. The salient features of these laptops are the presence of an i5 processor, 8GB RAM, Backlit keyboard, large screen. This device offers a 4-cell structure in its battery and thus gives a backup of up to 9 hours. The presence of the NVIDIA GeForce 940MX makes this one the best of the lot in the list of best gaming laptops in India. The HP Pavilion Core 7th generation laptop is priced at INR 59,899.

Lenovo Ideapad 5000: lenovo-laptop-ideapad-500

The Lenovo Ideapad 5000 is the most expensive laptop in this list of best gaming laptops. Priced at INR 62,000, the laptop offers unmatched computing. While features like RAM, storage space and processor strength remains the same as the others in the list. The dedicated memory is significantly higher at 4GB.  The AMD Meso Xt Ddr3L 4G makes all the difference there needs to be.

Types of Processors

  • Intel processors
  • AMD processors

Intel Processors:intel

Intel has been around on the market for more than 2 decades now and has been introducing its users with updates and upgrades frequently. The processors from Intel had its prime when they first launched the Dual-core processors and have been their prime ever since. The current processors rolling out from the house of Intel are i3, i5, and i7 processors.

AMD processors:amd

AMD is prominently known in the gaming laptop segment for their contribution in the processor’s sector and the graphics card segment. The processors start at A8 and go up to A12. The only negative feedback that AMD has received from its users is that they tend to get heated up quickly. This feedback was acknowledged and rectified upon by AMD.

Best Laptops under 30000:

Laptops under 30000 are something everyone tries to get. This category caters to the need of not just students, but also to the need of working professionals who are looking to get their professional work done. This is a niche that suits many of the processor capabilities and storage specifications are just right. From running Javascript and other applications to playing mid-level games to screening movies, these devices get the work done.

Here is the list of best laptops under 30000:

  • Lenovo Ideapad 110
  • Fujitsu Lifebook A555
  • Lenovo Ideapad 100
  • Acer Aspire E5-573
  • Dell Inspiron 3565

Lenovo Ideapad 110:
The Lenovo Ideapad 110 is definitely among the best laptops under 30000. This features a 15.6-inch screen, 8GB RAM, 1TB storage capacity, an AMD APU Dual-core A9 processor along with AMD Radeon integrated graphics. The best part of this one is that it is priced at INR 25,999 and at this price tag the value for money quotient goes up by a notch.

Fujitsu Lifebook A55:
The Fujitsu Lifebook A55 is another addition to the list of best laptops under 30000 not only comes with a spectacularly looking body but also has the configuration that’s required under the hood. Featuring 8GB RAM, a64-bit processor, 1TB storage capacity, and an Integrated Intel HD graphics, the Lifebook A55 has the battery that can support the configuration for long hours. The battery is capable of holding the charge for up to 3.5 hours.

Lenovo Ideapad 100:
Another contender from the house of Lenovo in the best laptops under 30000 list. This one is the predecessor of the Lenovo Ideapad 110 and it features a 2.2GHz AMD APU A8 processor, 8GB RAM, AMD Radeon Graphics processing unit, a 15.6-inch screen and 1TB storage capacity. This is definitely one of the best laptops that a working professional or a student could go for.

Acer Aspire E5-573:
Acer laptops have been reviewed positively and this one is one such laptop that features 8GB RAM, 1TB storage, Linux OS, and a 15.6-inch screen. The laptop also features integrated Intel graphics along with a 2GHz processor. Priced at INR 28,999 this is another device that adds to our list of best laptops under 30000.

Dell Inspiron 3565:
Dell Inspiron range of laptops have forever been around and the Inspiron 3565 is one such device. The Inspiron is a perfect choice for gamers looking for an entry level gaming device or for those coders who are looking to get their work done. This laptop features 6GB RAM, 1TB storage capacity, gets Windows 10 pre-installed. Priced at INR 30000 this is the most expensive laptop in the list of best laptops under 30000.

So, here was our list of best gaming laptop which also included a few mentions to the list of best gaming laptop under 50000. If you think we’ve missed something out. Do let us know in the comments below. Until then, Bob Lee Swagger.

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