iPhone 8 Vs iPhone 7 – Which device gives me more value for money?

Why should I spend Rs 15000 extra on an iPhone 8 instead of getting an iPhone 7?

Apple has done it again! They have introduced a new iteration of iPhone and made it look like the best smartphone ever released. Yesterday night Apple held its annual event at their new Headquarters in Cupertino. Where the company introduced a special tenth-anniversary edition iPhone X, as well as new generation iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus phones.

There are two types of people in this world, one who always upgrade to new iPhone, other who don’t give a shit about iPhones but still likes to read what Apple has to offer, just to mock them annually during this time of period. You can guess who is who easily!


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Let’s have some claps for Apple fanatics!

Hey, you fanboy? Yes, you right there!

If you have been searching for reasons to buy new iPhone 8, then you’re at the right place. Yes, we will mock you, but we are one of few whose article would help you make the correct decision. They say tough love is the best love!


What spending Rs 15,000 for iPhone 8 in India would get you?

iPhone 8 Wireless Charging


> More powerful chipset!

Every year Apple starts its presentation by announcing latest chipset that would be powering the new generation of iPhones. Apple’s new A11 bionic chipset brings a set of features that were not available on previous iPhones. New processor brings six -cores powered CPU that is the first time for an iPhone. It brings a dedicated GPU core functionality. It means that gaming would be pretty amazing on this new iPhone, while it is also believed that it will further open doors for Augmented Reality apps.


> Bigger Storage!

Apple is not known for its mercy when it comes to a storage space. For a long time, 16GB storage was a standard variant on iPhone every year. That changed last year with iPhone 7, which saw 32GB as standard storage. This year company is stepping up its game by introducing a 64GB storage on a standard model. Since Apple doesn’t believe in the external storage expansion, this increase in storage on a standard model is a lovely addition for media consumers.


> Wireless charging is the future!

Thank god! Apple has finally realized what they have been missing out on this feature all these years.

Oh, wait, no. Are they teasing it as a first time ever on a smartphone?

No actually! Instead, they are going with a most revolutionary feature on an iPhone.

Apple iPhones can now be charged wirelessly. The new iPhone 8 along with a Plus and X models are also equipped with wireless charging support. Apple AirPower was showcased as a wireless charging pad for almost all Apple devices including iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods. Unfortunately, Apple didn’t reveal any plans on when they are going to release it and for how much. All you should know is that AirPower will support fast charging and incorporate Qi standard into it. So, this means that new iPhones come with a fast wireless charging and Qi standard support.


> Bluetooth 5.0 has arrived!

In the moment of Apple orgasm at yesterday’s event, iPhone users would have probably ignored this detail buried in the iPhone 8 specification sheet. The new iPhone comes equipped with a Bluetooth 5.0 support, which is the latest standard in Bluetooth wireless technology. This iPhone 8 feature brings a range of offerings starting with double transfer speed, improved audio experience, and longer range. You won’t believe that 5.0 is compatible to maintain a connection with devices up to 800 feet (240 meters). That is four times the range of Bluetooth 4.2 on an iPhone 7. This could open new doors for connectivity between Apple devices.


Do we think new iPhone 8 features justifies paying Rs 15,000 extra?


> Absolutely, No!

If you are not looking to extend your budget, then, we believe iPhone 7 is as good as an experience you can get. Spending Rs 15K extra for features like mentioned above is not a necessary feature. Without them, you could easily enjoy an iPhone experience.


> Absolutely, Yes!

Budget is not a big constraint for you, then, why do you even ask. Just go get your new iPhone 8 when it’s launched in India on September 29.


But do remember Apple will launch new iPhones in 2018, then, you’d probably have to shell out more money then. If you’re not due for an upgrade, then, it’s safe to stay away from an Apple device, because they don’t evolve as much as phones from Samsung, LG and HTC does.

When you’re out purchasing an Apple device, and you are a fanboy, you can’t argue about the value for money! You just have to buy upgrade it! 😛

What do you think of the iPhone 8 specification or iPhone 8 price in India? Will you buy it for the price it comes? Or will you wait for a price cut next year, when Apple announces iPhone 9 and iPhone 9 Plus if that’s what they would be calling them? Let us know in the comments section below.

Does this provide value for money? It definitely gives the feels


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