The Year 2017 in a Glimpse! Let’s play the hits..

Here’s the year 2017 in a Nutshell

Almost half of the December of 2017 is finished and here we are thinking what is next to come in 2018. But before we move forward in time and life, we owe it to ourselves to visit the memories we built over the year. They will inspire us, humor us, and will probably make a better person out of us.

It’s that time of the year when you will see everyone talking (some even posting) about what they did in a year. December is the month of time that most of us like to spend with family and friends while keeping our work phone ringer silent.

We believe it’s a time you should be getting nostalgic about things that happened in the world around you!

Quickly gather your folks in a living room, cuz you’re about to read the highlights of 2017. This would surely spark some laughter and some debate at your house.

1) Viral Memes

In Meme-oriam to those bold, wonderful, and ultimate memes that went viral this year because you have shared them. Here’s are the most popular modern internet memes that went viral. Not cuz they’re funny, but because they were hilarious once they hit you hard.

Children Interrupt BBC News Interview

Professor Robert Kelly was live on a BBC News interview when his two young kids meandered into the camera frame. Particularly his daughter was in a mood to hang out. Cuz daddy, it’s a weekend today!

IT Movie Memes



What scares the shit out of you? Have you asked this in 2017? Well, if you have watched pennywise in the movie IT, then, you know what I’m talking about. Probably the only movie that scared the hell out of us without jump scare scenes. Damn, that joker wasn’t funny at all. But I’m sure you’d have a laugh seeing these memes.

Distracted Boyfriend



Our world is filled with the endless news cycle, fractured alliances, and wolfishness of men. All these things which rather needed great attention were short-lived. And one internet meme vastly sums that up. Captioned as Distracted Boyfriend, this will keep you laughing and wondering about distractions in your life.

Nagar Palika Bulao

This has gone to be the best meme with curse words that can be easily related to mishaps in one’s life. Instead of me explaining, it’s better if you watch it here.

2) Electric Cars

They are the future of transportation! With concerns of global warming, gasoline-fueled cars are considered to be dangerous for the environment. And there are several companies that are trying to change the scenario. But one stands among the small crowd is Tesla.

If you’re not aware of this company, then, you’re probably living under the rock! Further, if you don’t know who Elon Musk is, you’re probably out of this world. And you know what Elon Musk would love that, cuz he loves ‘em space puns, cuz he runs a space company. Please don’t get me started on his boring company.

Did you understand all of the above puns? If yes, then, welcome to the club, pal. You won our heart and Elon Musk’s, of course.

Now watch this video for you want to be amazed.

Talking about his great achievements, announcements, and fails of 2017, they can be summed up in these three points

– Tesla Semi Truck is official. It’s an electric semi-autonomous truck that can transport heavy stuff and will completely change the life of a truck driver. And of course, it’s electric! So, there’s that.

– Tesla Model 3 is still not here. There are very few things (more if you count SpaceX landings) that Elon Musk has failed to deliver and this affordable electric car was one of them. Even the Indians are exciting about this machine since many of them have Pre-booked it.

– Roadster 2.0. It may not be named that but it certainly is an upgrade from the original Roadster. It’s stunning, uber and a magnificent! Tesla is calling it the quickest car in the world with record-setting, acceleration, range, and performance.

3) Space

If space and travel is your thing, then, you’d love to know that you could soon travel anywhere on earth under an hour. The guy that brought you the successful electric sports car, sedan, and SUV, is promising a new way of transport.


Cuz who wouldn’t love to take a seat on a missile and travel on it! 😛

Ok, not everyone!

But if Elon Musk proves that its safe, then it would be your fastest means of transport on planet earth. Not to get confused with SpaceX’s plans to set up a colony on Mars.

Commercial Rocket travel anywhere on Earth under an hour! God, I love the sound of that.

4) Currency

December is ending, and you know who is having a blast this year?

Bitcoin owners.

Deal with it! You cashed out early, you were afraid.

Get ready for another laughter series, as we revisit some of the popular memes on this cryptocurrency.

This may not answer your queries like:

What is Bitcoin?
How to buy bitcoin in India?
How to mine bitcoin?

But it will surely put a smile on your face. Cuz we ain’t here to educate you, we here to give you laughter medicine. Cuz that’s what you deserve after all the hard work you did in 2017.

When you don’t know what is going on in the world.

Are you?

I want in on this!

Financial advisors, right!


Oh, hi there, another cryptocurrency, whom nobody cares about:


5) Music

– Most popular music videos (Despacito, Shape of You)

Music is always on our minds, if not on our phones, or system, continuously playing! Today, the most popular music platform for us is not, Gaana, Saavn, Wynk, or any other music streaming service, but YouTube. Irrespective of the which part of the world you reside in, there is a YouTube access and you’re playing it repeatedly on it. Which is why musicians have taken it as a primary platform to release their latest songs. And here are the most popular music videos that got your grooving in 2017.

Here is the link where you can access all the YouTube Hits of 2017  but first enjoy this one.

– Which stars came to India? Ed Sheeran, Kygo, Marshmello,

India is not left behind when it comes to concerts and tours of International music stars. Whether you talk about everyone’s favorite Ed Sheeran, or Justin Bieber, who isn’t actually loved by his fans, but he dares have a huge fan following in India. They all have come to India.

Want to know whose concerts have you missed out in 2017, cuz probably you couldn’t afford it!

  1. Cold Play (oh its a good start)
  2. Ed Sheeran
  3. Kygo
  4. Marshmello
  5. Major Lazer
  6. Justin Bieber (that turned out to be exactly as expected)

These are just a few names that are popular enough to make to the list. There were many more international musicians that came to India.

Still waiting for Daddy Yankee and Luis Fonsi to come to India, well, better luck next year India.

– Watch YouTube Rewind

This is a must watch! Every year YouTube releases a video featuring all the popular YouTube stars from different community. They all come together and showcases what all happened in the world that got attention cuz they needed or demanded.

If you haven’t been following any YouTubers (which is what they’re called) in India, then, you must know that it was the first time that two YouTubers (Technical Guruji, BBK Vines) from India got featured in this year’s YouTube Rewind video. This seven-minute long video will take you for a spin ride.

6) GST

There are rarely any historic achievements that our government does and this is one of them. India introduced a new tax reform called GST!

So, if you have queries like:

What is GST?

How to file GST returns?

Then, we suggest you head over to this page to know more.

Fun facts about GST:

– India has introduced a new tax reform after 70 years. Up until now, the billion population plus country was functioning on a tax system that is old as a person gets in this country. Mean the life expectancy.

– It took 17 odd years for GST to get to the implementation stage. That is a long time to debate on something that will drive the growth of a country.

Here’s the image that sums up India’s GST Situation:

7) Some Miscellaneous (League se Hatke!)

– Asli Sharma Ji Ka Ladka

Rohit Sharma recently scored his third double century in an ODI (One-Day International) cricket. Where players have failed to score two double century, Ro-HIT has hit his third double hundred. This Sharma Ji Ka Ladka will take you down, brothers. You gotta do something!

Hey, cheer up for him, even if you hate cricket for some reason.

Are you not Indian? Just kidding!

– Fidget Spinner

When your bae wants to play with you, but you don’t want to, and then you discover something about them.

90’s kid had Beyblade, 21st-century kids have Fidget Spinner

This quietly sums up toys popular in this century. Cuz kids these days would rather be interested in an application that lets you catch a Pokemon than getting involved in sports activities.

8) India Shopped Quite Hard

The next big shopping destination! India could be given this title looking at the number of online/offline shopping festivals took place this year. Why go to international destination for shopping when you can get all those brands at the much lower cost in India. Whether you talk about Forever 21, H & M, Zara, or any other brand in any category, India has got everyone. This year was all about shopping online. Not just electronics, but fashion, accessories, and more.

What happened at Flipkart in 2017?

More than Big Billion Days and Great Indian Shopping festival, we saw Flipkart and Amazon conducting various sales days throughout years. All thanks to the huge funding Flipkart received earlier this year, whereas Amazon kept its promise to spend as much as possible to compete with its rival in India.

I think Amazon had an interesting year! See for yourself.

What did Amazon brought to the table in 2017 in India?

– Amazon Prime: Released in December 2016, this year Amazon India took its priority subscription service to next level as they opened several fulfillment centers across India to cater Prime subscription needs. Hyderabad saw the opening of Amazon India’s largest warehouse in the country.

– Amazon Echo Range: For whoever familiar with smart speakers with AI capabilities, they would know that Amazon Echo powered by Alexa is a future of Smart Homes. This year Amazon released its smart speaker line up that includes Echo Dot, Echo and Echo Plus. Cross promoting its products, Amazon Echo owners in India would receive one-year prime membership subscription. Even if you already have one, it would be extended to one year from the date your existing membership ends.

– Amazon Fire TV Stick: Since we are talking about the Amazon devices now might as well talk about future of video streaming in India. There’s Netflix, Hotstar, Voot, Eros Now, Ditto, Spuul, and god know how many on-demand streaming services in India now. But there wasn’t one thing where you could easily access all these apps on your TV. Which is why Amazon introduced Fire TV Stick! It is possibly the best thing happened after DTH revolution in India. Now it’s time to cut the cord and stream HD content on-demand with this Fire TV stick.

– Prime Video: Amazon is heavily spending heavily not just for its e-commerce platform, but to produce original video content in India. Titles like Inside Edge, Laakhon Mein Ek, and comedy specials with Zakir Khan, Kenny Sebastian, and much more have been produced by Amazon India’s entertainment arm. And guess what they all are available to watch under their Prime Video service. Apart from original content, Amazon Prime Video offers thousands of movie and TV show titles. And its ever-growing, new and old titles are added to the catalog almost every other week.

9)Top TV Shows

Does your life revolve around these words? Netflix, CW, FX, NBC, Prime Video, and Hotstar. Then, you’re a true TV show junkie, who can’t live without binge-watching a TV show on weekends. Sometimes on weekdays also (ssh that’s a secret). Well, all have been there at some point in life when a TV show is what seems to be relatable to life. If you had those nights in 2017 when you just curled up in your pajamas and binge-watched trending TV show. Then, my friend, you’re not alone. Here’s a list to prove it.

Stranger Things – Have seen what these boys were up to in Season 2?

The Punisher – Oh boy! This is some intense TV drama. Or more like a gun control gone wrong!

The Flash – Well, that sums up the season 4!

Mindhunter – And here you thought this meme had its time.

Rick and Morty – Pennywise is back!

10)Top Movies

Hey, you watch movies?

Damn, we do too!

Let’s see if you have watched them all or not.


– Top 10 Most popular Hollywood movies of 2017

Dunkirk – Planes, Planes, Planes!

Logan – Kickass Daughter of Wolverine!

Wonder Woman – This one did put some hopes back into DC movies.

Thor Ragnarok – When you see a friend from work on another planet of course!

Justice League – Childhood ruined? Maybe!

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales – Looky looky, see who’s back!

SpiderMan: Homecoming – This beats Amazing Spiderman, any day!

Kingsman: The Golden Circle – Oh Harry! What happened to you?

IT – This did put my faith back in Horror movies. Scary stuff!

Baby Driver – Nobody drives like Baby!

Blade Runner 2049 – I love me some Poetic science fiction!

– Top 5 underrated Hollywood movies of 2017

Hacksaw Ridge – Not everyone picks an arm to protect generation!

Valerian and the City of Thousand Planets – Most stunning visuals!

The Foreigner – Jackie Chan is fighting James Bond in this one.

Atomic Blonde – Charlize Theron can still kick some ass.

American Made – He’s still living his Top Gun days.


– Most popular Bollywood Movies of 2017

Baahubali 2: The Conclusion – Justice is done on this one.

Badrinath ki Dulhania – Typical Bollywood masala.

Raees – True Story, great acting (not by SRK) keeps this one alive!

Jolly LLB 2 – Akshay Kumar at its best!

Toilet EK Prem Katha – Akshay Kumar does it again!

– Underrated Bollywood Movies of 2017

Newton – There’s a new face in B-town!

Kaabil – Probably the first Hrithik Movie in years that critics loved!

Hindi Medium – Story is the real hero here. And Irrfan Khan, of course.

Shubh Mangal Saavdhan – Ayushmann Khurrana & Bhumi Pednakar do it again!

Secret Superstar – The Beautiful one!

11) Smartphones

We significantly spend a lot of time on our mobile phones! That is not a sentence to argue with, it’s a fact for everyone who ever owned/ owns a smartphone. Which is why smartphone brands looking out different ways to engage their consumers with unique features on their phones. Let’s see what are the trends smartphone industry followed in 2017.

– 18:9 Aspect Ratio Phones – Samsung Galaxy S8, iPhone X, Mi mix 2


Galaxy Note 8

Whether its Samsung, Apple, or Micromax, they have one thing in common – they all have introduced an 18:9 Aspect ratio phone. Well, is that too technical for you! Let us dumb down for you.

18:9 aspect ratio phones are those which comes with (supposedly) no bezels display. Different brands have given it different names like FullVision, Infinity Display, Optic Display, and more.

– Dual Rear Camera Phones – Note 8, iPhone 8, OPPO F5

Nokia 8 - Camera

Oh, boy! Oh boy! You’ll love this one, even if you don’t brag about how good of a photographer you’re to your peers in a company outing. Samsung isn’t a first one to reach here, but it sure is last. Huawei started it, LG believed in it and HTC is still running away from it. We are talking about the dual rear camera phenomenon, which has made every other brand in India introduce a dual-rear camera phone, even if they didn’t really want to. Cuz, if there’s a demand, you have to supply. Nowadays you can see such phones flood the market even in price points below 10,000. So, have you jumped this bandwagon yet? If not, maybe you’d like to reconsider before the year ends.

– Feature Phones

Nokia 3310 release date

Well, well, well! Who have we got here?

Say Hi, to Feature Phones!

Yes, they are back in town! This time with better configuration and design. Nokia 3310 was relaunched with a modern look and that could be said as the first feature phone launch of 2017, which was significant to the rise of this mobile type. Now brands like Lava, Celkon, and Intex have taken upon themselves to bring features phones that can support a modern lifestyle. There’s a decent camera, high-speed internet connectivity, and a set of social and entertainment apps that makes ’em feature phones relevant in 2017.

Oh, don’t forget, Jio Phone!

– Jio Network

reliance jio feature phones

reliance jio feature phones

Arguably the largest 4G VoLTE mobile network in the world by infrastructure, Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, was one of the talked about topic of 2017. With Jio Prime membership kicking in, Jio took the excitement to another level with special Dhan Dhana Dhan package. It included special prime benefits, which gave high-speed internet access at dirt cheap price.

Due to Jio’s aggressive mobile plans that was focused on internet services including Jio Suite of apps. It was obvious conclusion that mobile network industry would see a drastic change in mobile plans. This proved to be quite beneficial for consumers, but not so much for other incumbent players in the industry.

They had to burn tons of cash to run promotional offer every other week, just so they can stay on top. Whether you talk about Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, or any other small players, they all had their run for subscriber situation as most of their users were seen porting to Jio. Let’s just say they would have received the highest number of MNP request this year compared to any other years since MNP came into inception.

Well, there is a long road ahead for Jio and other players in the market, because more than half of the Indian population is still not connected to the mobile internet.

Made in India mobile phones

This year foreign and Indian smartphone brands developed a new conscience to produce their smartphone range in India. All the Chinese smartphone brands like Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo, Gionee, Huawei, and a couple more announced their plans to promote the Made in India campaign started by PM Narendra Modi.

It’s fascinating how this decision to produce mobile phones in India has fueled the sale of mobile phones in India. It has put India on the International map. Apple was among one of the brands that have set up manufacturing units in partnership with Foxconn.

– Most Popular Phones of 2017

Are you looking up for the most popular smartphones list of 2017? Well, you got it here. These are the smartphones that you should be looking at before 2017 ends.

Some of them would make sense to even buy in 2018 if you’re wondering!

  1. OnePlus 5T
  2. Nokia 6
  3. Apple iPhone X
  4. Apple iPhone 8
  5. Samsung Galaxy S8
  6. OPPO F5
  7. Nokia 3310
  8. Razer Phone

Hope you had fun revisiting the memories of 2017. Cuz we sure had fun putting together this for you guys to see. See you next year!

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