Here are all the things you can do with the Google Lens!

Google Lens offers a future where you can learn the world through your camera!


Google Keynote is back with many surprises. Of all, the one we liked the most is Google Lens. Like an unofficial sequel of Google Glass, the Google Lens gives you an eye to see & learn the world in real time. And this time, that eye is nothing but your phone camera.


Owing to Google’s insufficient marketing and unconvincing tone, the company’s Google Glass was a miserable failure. As pundits say, you make your customer clear about what you are bringing out to them and how your product is going to solve their problem. Then the product will be a super hit. That’s what the Google Glass, which didn’t even have an official launch, lacked.


But now, at the latest I/O, Google announced its latest Augmented Reality product, the Google Lens. The company’s CEO Sundar Pichai explained the ‘use’ and ‘advantages’ of the Lens as clearly as he can be.


So what does Google Lens do?   


For a starter, it makes your life easy!


Adapting the full-length (well, boundaries are an illusion) Augmented Reality, Google comes with a technology where your camera identifies every object it sees and informs you everything about the object’s details.


For example, you are going through an unknown street and see a restaurant. You point your camera at the board of the restaurant and Google gives all information about the joint, reviews, and allows you to go through the menu!


Apart from that, there are so many other things you can do with Google Lens.


Check out the list we have formed after a session of brainstorming:


> You can sign into any Wi-Fi network if you have the barcodes of Network’s Name and Key.


> You point your camera at any object and can know its name. Every unknown animal, every unknown flower, every unknown dish. Wait? You obviously know the name of every dish? Then name this!


Google Lens


> Want to know a stranger’s name? It’s possible with Google Lens. (This is what Google Glass was capable of too! But the privacy issues made the Glass give up on that idea.) Now with Google Lens, you can pretty much do that. But at your own risk as pointing your camera at a stranger is really strange. We wouldn’t recommend that!


Google Lens


> If you like a dress in a store, you point out to the piece and you will get all the details about it. Well, most of the times it works except for any unpopular/local apparel.


Google Lens


> The object recognition feature allows you to identify almost everything that is out there. Only firms like Google can pull off such a feat, thanks to Google’s abundant database.


Google Lens


> Also, with Google Lens, you can translate boards, signs and almost every other foreign language on the go! You just have to point your camera!  


Google Lens


> And with Google Lens, you don’t need any guide now on a tour. You point out to any historic or famous building, you will get everything you have to know!


Google Lens


> And lastly, our personal favorite. You can point your camera at a movie poster and book the tickets to any show you want!


Google Lens


Sometimes people wonder where the technology has been taking us. And sometimes we get amused looking at the exponential boundaries it has been reaching. And we’re pretty sure Google is and always belongs to the latter category where it strives to bring the best for its users. Like an old saying, there’s always a better way of doing things! And Google, almost every time, gets it.



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