Here’s why Galaxy S8 design is the most beautiful thing we’ve ever seen!

Few things you should know about the Samsung Galaxy S8 design, which is winning the world!


Samsung, the frontrunner of the mobile industry has released its new, and the best-to-date mobile, Galaxy S8 and we can’t get our eyes off it. Thanks to its never-before design which broke barriers, literally. Let’s talk about this Galaxy S8 design, which in other words, is an ingenious manufacturing. 


Moving on from those memories of ill-fated Galaxy Note 7, Samsung has come out with an evolution of mobile designing, that is Galaxy S8. This new phone, which the company claims to be coming with Infinite Display, has hardly any bezels. The 5.8-inch Galaxy 8 looks like a magical pebble with light in weight and curved edges.


Talking about breaking barriers, Samsung came up with a tagline ‘Unbox your phone’, where it shows people kicking out the side, top and bottom bezels with a little swag.


Samsung Galaxy S8



And finally, give us this…


Samsung Galaxy S8


Although the view is grander and bigger, Samsung claims that the phone will feel smaller in hand, thanks to its 18:9 screen aspect ration. While it is good as you get more screen space, there are a few downsides too, which we’ll talk in the later part of this blog.


So when talking about a company’s flagship mobile, there are a lot of things to talk about. Let’s dissect each one separately, where we provide a clear view of the so-called magical designing of Samsung Galaxy S8.


Interactive Buttons:


This time, Samsung has given up their interactive buttons/navigation keys which are placed right under the display. The makers have made its touchscreen more interactive, instead of sculpturing the same old home buttons. With the down bezel almost not there, the three interactive buttons will appear when you touch the screen on where these buttons would’ve been otherwise. Well, Samsung is determined with bringing out the biggest display possible. What can we do?


Fingerprint sensor:


Where’s Robin without Batman? And who’s Batman without Nolan? Same goes for a fingerprint sensor and a bezel! Isn’t it? Without a down bezel and a home button, the fingerprint sensor of Galaxy S8 became a refugee and found its asylum on the back side, right beside the camera! But it is a right placement? We would say no! With a 5.8-inch screen and a tall body, you really need an index finger twice the length! These are a few downsides of having a phone with tall build and 18:9 aspect ratio. But when it comes to the performance of this scanner, it works top notch with reaction time less than 1/10th of a second. Critics say that it beats the fingerprint scanners of all other high-end competitors like Google Pixel and iPhone 7.


Also, you can lock/unlock your phone with an Iris scanner, which is placed on top bezel, or a Face detection scanner.


Buttons and Depressions!


And lastly, about the few physical buttons, the Samsung Galaxy S8 possesses. It comes with dual stereo speakers, one on the top and one on the bottom, 3.5mm jack, and USB Type-C port. Along with the jack and USB port, there’s a mic placed on the bottom side. On the right side, there’s power button. On the left, there’s volume rocker, and a dedicated button for Bixby, Samsung’s own personal assistant. And on top, there’s a SIM card tray and a dedicated microSD card tray.


And the backside has a camera, with the fingerprint scanner on the right side and dual color LED flash on the left. This new sensation was built with shock and water resistant body with an IP68 certificate. Also, people who got their hands on this device so far are all praising the S8 like…



So, yes. It’s a beautiful thing for sure. But more than that, we would like to say that it’s the best-designed phone ever, since Adam & Eve! Have you seen a Samsung Galaxy S8 live in front of you? You must, it’s an experience you won’t regret at all. 


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