Can Galaxy S8 battery bury the hatchet of Note 7’s past?

Galaxy S8 Battery – Good, Bad, or Ugly?

No matter how good your phone is, how high-end, how rich with features or how effective in performance, if it lacks a good battery, it’s a waste piece. Any other bland feature can possibly be forgiven and be adjusted to. But battery, it’s like the heart of a phone. And Samsung, after a bitter experience with its Note 7 battery, is back with its flagship phone, Galaxy S8. So, let’s discuss how the Galaxy S8 battery is performing…

A 3000 mAh. That’s what a Samsung Galaxy S8 battery is capable of. And can this battery go through every high-tech feature S8 offers like facial recognition, Smart assistant, and 4K display, and still withstand? Well, it’s not always the same way. Battery life of a smartphone depends on the way you use your phone, but not how much time you used it.

Adaptive Charging


So, after the Note 7 rant, Samsung has become a little conservative about its battery as its reduced to 3000 mAh. Also, it has introduced a new proprietary feature called Adaptive Charging. This Adaptive Charging feature is reportedly faster than Qualcomm Fast Charging and also knows when to stop the charging. With a mere hint of phone starting to get hot, this feature stops charging the phone.

On paper, the S8 has the same battery as S7. But what makes Galaxy S8 battery stands out from all other Galaxy phones, and even iPhone 7, is its Adaptive Charging technology, and few other fixes Samsung has done to its battery.



Let’s compare all other flagship phones from top brands and how their batteries are doing when compared to the S8:

The OnePlus 3T, another latest sensation in the market, can only pull off a 5-6 hours battery life when used at high-functioning mode.

Whereas, Google Pixel, Huawei PT, and iPhone 7 128GB have an almost similar lifetime, which is 7 hours.


And the three mobiles which stand out are iPhone 7 Plus 256GB, Samsung Galaxy S8, and S8 Plus. iPhone 7 Plus can brew a complete 9 hours of lifetime whereas the S8 and S8 Plus can pull an 8 hour treat on vigorous usage.




Samsung claims that from 0 to 100%, it takes only 1 hour 40 minutes for a Samsung Galaxy S8 battery to charge. It’s unbeatable number (As of now!). Also, with abilities like switching the display quality from 2K to 1080p, and Adaptive Charging, these phones can give out a total 11-12 hours of browsing time one a single charging. And a R&D head of Samsung said that the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip consumes 25% less power than its previous version. All thanks to the 10nm processor technology.

Also, the Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with Wireless Charging mechanism, which can reportedly give up to 2-3 hours of usage time with just 10 minutes of charging. Unlike its previous Wireless Charging platforms, this new one that comes with the S8 look a bit different and with leathery surface.

When it comes to the downsides of Galaxy S8 battery, well there are only a couple. One, it’s a non-removable battery. And two, it’s only 3000 mAh which can be unpromising, considering running the phone’s Super AMOLED display.

Samsung’s primary purpose towards introducing a Galaxy S8, is to bury the hatchet of its past ghost.

All in all, we found this power brick to be good enough to last a day with more than average usage. And if you are a clever head who do such things like adjusting the display when watching a video, this battery can work fantastically for you. So, it’s looking good in our house. What about you? Is it good, bad, or ugly?! Let us know in the comments!

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